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She's Got Legs!

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New set. Extremely happy with this.

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We know she has legs, yet you don't show them off? :) 2px border looks good, it sorta contains what's inside and draws your eye in. Don't like how you've cut the chin off in the av. And the middle cut is different to the other two, her eyes are made up darker in the other two. Perhaps you could duplicate the layer and select around her eyes and set the blend mode to darken? She has this smoldering look going on and it looks good.

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Rate properly. ^
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Anyway, this looks pretty good.
The only part I don't like is where the background meets her face. The white on the first cut kind of makes here eye look weird, i'd suggest trying to tone it down in that area, but that is just my opinion.
Text is alright, though the gradient/pattern seems to change to drastically. Maybe you should try changing the colour to silver and finding a bolder font?

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