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Sheamus vs DB?

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after yesterday backstage segment between the two, do you think a fued could happen between the 2, ending at mania? i mean sheamus is getting jobbed out since winning the kotr, and DB hasnt done anything good or worth while since his series with dolph ziggler, so it could be refreshing. with the US championship involved it could be a good fued between the 2, but yeah anyone think these 2 will start a fued for wrestlemania?
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i would actually quite like to see this feud... i would love the added factor to be...

Sheamus completely dissing the US title and how its worthless all the while dissing the USA too, and Bryan being on the other side saying how much he loves wearing the strap and is very patriotic about it,....

you could really get the US crowds going with that too like Bret did in the late 90's.
They probs will partner them for a Mania match but I don't see anything exciting coming from it...

It will be...
several weeks of Sheamus squashing Bryan (with Cole smarking in the background)
and then Mania comes and Bryan makes him tap out
then probably a few more weeks of Sheamus/Bryan feuding with the "You Tapped Out" chants making a special guest apperance before Sheamus finally wins and Bryan fades into the darkness
Bryan/Sheamus would almost make me buy Mania, but then again, it would be something like 5-7 minutes long, so I have no faith in WWE to put them in something significant right now.
It would be a great match and I cross my fingers it happens, but as said above it'll probably be a 5min fight and then quickly forgotten...
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I'm fearful because last I remember them getting in the ring together Sheamus killed him... but hey at the rate Sheamus is jobbing, Daniel Bryan might have a shot at winning. :D
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