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Sheamus vs Albert Del Rio

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:cuss: Why are they trying to keep this boring feud going. I am starting to think Vince is literally in love with ADR or something because after 2 years forced into the ME he still draws crickets 90% of the time.
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Man, the ending of the match at Summerslam was really well orchestrated. They had Ricardo throwing his shoe, Del Rio fumbling it in his fingers and then Sheamus catching it, performed really fluidly. Obviously this feud is beng heightened so that Ziggler has an opportunity to cash it in. I see the feud leading to a Last Man Standing at Night of Champions; even when Sheamus wins, he'll be so battered and bloody that Ziggler can just waltz out and pin him.

He's the type of gimmick that needs to be flashy with a beautiful woman on his arm, are there any latino divas on the roster?
Vickie Guerrero? Hahaha.
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