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Sheamus (Right Now)

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Hey guys, right now i'd like to post a little bit about the WHC Sheamus. Well I'm starting to at least tolerate him as a face, (he's much better as a heel though), and I see some promising attributes. He is really intense, and gets me interested, it's fun to see him get beat down by ADR and Ricardo, and I do like his finishers, they are high impact.

The thing that stops me from putting Sheamus in my Fave 5, and what has propelled ADR above and beyond him, is that he is boring to watch for 90 percent of the match. I just can't watch his matches. His bruiser style does not make for entertaining TV because he never changes it up, his mobility has decreased by a ton, and he seems to just fucking kick and slam people now, I want to see more variety.

Well that's all, leave a vote if you agree or disagree, and please leave a comment below.
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While he needs a little work on the promo side of things, I quite like his brawling style and he absolutely has a fantastic look. On looks alone, he's a credible WHC and his in-ring skills add credence to that imo. Tweak his promos a little and he could be another face of the company.

I say 'another', because we can't just have one if WWE wants to be a success again. In the AE, we had SCSA, Rock, Taker, HHH, Vince himself, and PLENTY of credible midcarders.

Now we only have Cena, Orton and Punk (Sheamus nearly there) with a few decent midcarders.
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