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Shark Boy leaves TNA

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After a long period of being off screen, making a surprising appearance at the Shark Cage match and working as a referee at house shows, Shark Boy has announced on his Facebook page that he is done with TNA.

Credit: TNAInsider
I have officially requested and been granted my release from TNA Wrestling. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at TNA for giving me the opportunity to perform in front of their audience since the very early days of the company. Thanks especially to the great TNA fans who have given me their support throughout the past eight years... Now on to the next chapter!
PWInsider is also reporting his release, linking to his website instead.

One person is gone from TNA and it's worth noting that when they ask for their releases, they usually get it, since Dixie Carter doesn't want to fire people herself, but it's okay if they want it done.
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Not surprising considering any time he showed up on TNA camera the past few months, he bitches about his screen time. That's just basically saying "fire me already."

Shame. I thought he could've been a big draw for the kids one day.
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