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I myself have be come very sick of the Kane vs Shane storyline, i'm not sure bout everyone else but i hope that this is the last match of there's. I rekon that Nash should return and interfer in that match and help shane o mac win. Then later in the evening Kane comes back in the ambulance and attacks Nash. Kane dominates Nash cause he caught him off guard but Nash then gains the upper hand and hit kane round the head with an iron pole and jacknifes him on to some wood blocks. He then gets kane set up next to a truck and runs back to the ambulance camera follows him(kane is out of the view) the ambulance speeds round the corner but kane has disappeared. Later on during the buried alive match Kane comes out and helps Vince McMahon win agaisnt Taker. Nash comes out with the ambulance and trys to run over Kane but Kane jumps out of the way and beats up Nash and hit him with a shovel and tombstones him on to a chair. Kane leaves thinking he's done enough but Just like Kane normally does Nash gets up again within a few minutes and chases Kane out of the arena.

Next day on Raw Kane has a rematch with shane because of Bishoff Kevin Nash is barred from ringside otherwise he will be suspended for six months. Shane comes down to the ring with an injury that he sustain like busted ribs and JR goes this is gonna be a slaugter in that voice he does went he thinks someones about to die.
Kane's pyro and music goes but he never appears. A camera is backstage showing Nash beating up Kane with a steel pole. Nash brings Kane to the ring where both Nash and shane start kicking kane. Bishoff comes out just after shane has done the turnbucle to turnbuckle dropkick. He says that Nash is suspended. Nash picks up kane and points at bishoff and powerbombs Kane. Nash gets out the ring and walks towards bishoff. Austin comes out and says that the match never offically started and then tells them to ring the bell Shane pins Kane 1-2-3. KAne gets up seconds later and chokeslams shane. Nash comes in and ducks a closeline and trys to powerbomb Kane but kane reverses in to a backdrop and chokeslams Nash he then gets the steel steps. Hits nash and shane round the head with them. then he tombstones nash and puts a chair on him and chokeslams shane on to him. this starts a whole storyline with nash and kane.

I think that would be cool!
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