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Seller Offers Gun Range Targets Meant to Resemble Trayvon Martin

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This is sure to cause outrage with a lot of people! Others will love it.

A Florida entrepreneur said he had sold out of gun range targets depicting a faceless, hood-clad figure holding an iced tea and a bag of Skittles meant to look like Trayvon Martin.

"The response is overwhelming," the seller told Orlando's WKMG news team over e-mail. "I sold out in two days." The station did not identify the seller, and said it found the ad on a popular firearms auctioning website.

According to WKMG, the seller said that that the "main motivation was to make money off the controversy." The seller said that he was a supporter of Zimmerman who thinks "he is innocent and that he shot a thug."

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There's that catch word again - "outrage". Everyone is "outraged" about everything these days. I'm just waiting for someone to find out who the maker of the targets is, and sue him for all the he made off of it due to their "pain and suffering."
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