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SEA: The Next Generation of Sports Entertainment

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This Federation is based on an original idea of mine (at least I think it is). Here is the rundown:

The SEA (or Sports Entertainment Association) was born when a muti-billionaire tycoon, named Nicholas Price, bought out both Vince McMahon and Jerry Jarrett (or whoever is/was in ownership of TNA right now) and decided to put forth the ultimate wrestling showcase, talent, speed, excitement, and storylines, all in one federation.

Here now is the S.E.A's roster as it stands:

Main Eventers:

AJ Styles
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
The Rock
Rob Van Dam
Eddie Guerrerro
Kurt Angle
"The Alpha Male" Monty Brown


Booker T
John Cena
Big Show
John Bradshaw Layfield
Chris Sabin
Matt Hardy
Shaen Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Ron Killings
Jeff Jarrett
Christopher Daniels
Michael Shane

Tag Teams:

The Naturals
Dudley Boys
La Resistance
Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Eric Young)
Basham Brothers
3 Live Kru (BG James and Konnan)
The SuperHeroes (Rosey and Hurricane)
Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff)


Ultimo Dragon
Frankie Kazarian
Rey Mysterio Jr.
Petey Williams
Paul London
Spike Dudley
Chavo Guerrerro
"PrimeTime" Elix Skipper

Female Wrestlers:

Alexis Laree


Monday Mayhem and Thursday Night Turmoil hosted by Jim Ross and Jessy Ventura


Against All Odds (February)
Breakin' The Rules (April)
SuperClash (June)
HeatWave (August)
Halloween Havoc (October)
The Big Chill (Early December)

The next post begins the show...
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Monday Night Mayhem Preview:

Nicholas Price has purchased the rights to the whole shooting match! Without an ounce of competition, what will happen on Mayhem? Also, the SEA Heavyweight Championship (currently vacant) will be discussed, and Nicholas Price promises a decision concerning it that will rock the federation to its knees!

Also, several other titles (namely the SEA International Championship, SEA Television Championship, etc.) will also be dicsussed in conjunction with the first ever S.E.A. Pay-Per-View, Against All Odds!

Finally, Nicholas Price has decided to announce a Main Event for Mayhem that will shock the wrestling world! Who will be a part of it and what will that match be?

Tune in to find out, Next!

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Monday Night Mayhem

The pyrotechnics explode all over the stage, as the show kicks off. The camera pans around as the fans wave the signs and attempt to get the cameraman's attention. Jim Ross walks out, takes his seat to the left of the stage, and then dons his headset...

Jim Ross: Good Evening, Everybody! We are live from the Rosemount Civic Center, I am Jim Ross and I welcome you to Mayhem! Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time, I'd like to introduce my colleague, Jessy "The Body" Ventura!"

The fans roar with cheers and applause as Jessy walks out, waves to the cheering crowd, then walks over to J.R. and sits down beside him...

Jessy Ventura: "Jim Ross, I am so pumped to be here, I can't even hear myself think!" (The fans begin chanting "Jessy, Jessy!" and he acknowledges them with a fist thrust upward into the air, and the fans chant even more. Eventually it dies down, and then Jessy re-takes his seat.) "What's gonna happen with the SEA Heavyweight Championship, J.R.?"

Jim Ross: "I haven't got a damned clue, Jessy, but wait, here comes our esteemed president now!"


In Ring Segment:

"Money, Money, Money" hits and out walks Nicholas Price, adorned in a three piece suit. He walks to the ring, enters, and grabs a microphon to address the crowd, who is unsure of what to make of this well dressed man.

Price: "I know what you're all thinking: Who is this man, and what's he doing here? Well, I am Nicholas Price and as Jim Ross so elloquently put it, I am the president of this federation! As the man who runs things around here, I decided to come out here tonight and talk about the most coveted title in wrestling history: The SEA Heavyweight Championship!

This prestigious title is vacant at the moment, but not for long. There will be a Tournament for this title, and the stipulations for this tournament will be stringent and will test every superstar's intestinal fortitude. Here's how it will go:

1st Round (Tag Team Tournament)
All members of the SEA will form Tag Teams. These tag teams will be randomly created by me. I will place everyone's name in a bingo-type drum and then select those names, two at a time. The first four names I draw will represent the first two teams to face each other. I will continue this until I have drawn sixteen teams. The teams who win, and only the teams who win will then continue in the tournament for the championship. So, guys, if you want that title badly enough, you'll have to get along with your partner, no matter what!

2nd round (4-Four Way Elimination Matches)
This round will have four matches (16 competitors total) take place, consecutively. Four-Four Way Elimination Matches will commence, and the pairings will again be randomly drawn. The four men who survive this encounter will then arrive at the finals!

Final Round (For the Championship) (Four Way Iron Man Match)
For the first time in wrestling history, a four way Iron Man Match will decide who becomes the World Champion! Now, the way I conduct Iron Man Matches, however, is a little bit different. The first man to five falls is the frontrunner, and all in-ring action ceases. The lone wrestler with the least falls at that monent is then eliminated. The match continues until someone else reaches five falls. If the front runner manages to reach ten falls, he is given the opportunity to select who is eliminated next. The match will then come down to two men, and with an additional 45 minutes added to the clock, the winner is the lone wrestler with the most overall falls at the end of the match!

Now, I am not only here to discuss the World's Title, I am here to discuss much more---"

Before Price can continue, HHH's music hits and out walks The Game! The fans shower him with boos and catcalls, as he walks to the ring, enters, gets a mic of his own, and addresses the boss...

The Game: "What the hell are you doing, man? There is only one thing you need to do with that title, and that is to put it around my waist! So, wise up, cut out this tournament crap and do the right thing: Give me the damned title!"

The fans boo this idea, but Triple H stands his ground. Price glares at the superstar athlete, but says nothing. Price then slowly and methodically puts the mic to his lips and speaks...

Price: "HHH, I understand that you want this title, but if you want it so bad, enter the tournament like everyone else! Then, if you go through 32 other guys, you can say you earned it. Now, if you ever interrupt me when I am speaking again, I will fire your ass!"

Price drops the mic and exits the ring, as the fans roar with cheers and laughter. Triple H is left fuming in the ring, as the SEA President heads backstage..

Jim Ross: "Hell yeah! That's more like it! Put that arrogant S.O.B. in his place, damn it!"
Jessy Ventura:"Whoa there, Jimbo! HHH was doing what was best for the company and the owner pissed all over it. Shame on you, Nihcolas!"
Jim Ross: "Well, at any rate, ladies and gentlemen, we need to take this short commercial time out, we'll be right back!"

commercial break

The show returns from the break, and the first match is about to get underway...

1st Match: Traci vs Victoria

Traci comes to the ring first, and recieves a mixed response to her arrival. Moments later, Victoria walks to the ring amidst a huge ovation from the fans. Victoria enters the ring, and immediately attacks Traci. Traci tries to recover from the attack, but Victoria is relentless. She whips Traci into the ropes and stuns her with a clothesline. Victoria scoops up Traci and plants her with her "Tilt-a-Whirl" type slam. Traci barely manages to kick out at two. Victoria argues with the ref about the count and this allows Traci to roll her up for a two count. Victoria snaps and begins levelling Traci with boots to the midsection and head. Victoria tosses Traci to the floor, and the fans begin to boo Victoria a bit. Victoria goes after Traci, tries to whip her into the steel post, but Traci somehow manages to reverse the move! Traci rolls into the ring, and then rolls back out. Traci tries to slam Victoria, but Victoria reverses it into a reverse DDT. Victoria grabs Traci by the waist and drives her back first into the apron. Traci sinks to the floor in pain as Victoria smiles evily at her. Victoria grabs Traci and throws her back into the ring, and then re-enters herself. Victoria slams Traci and then does a standing moonsault leap onto Traci. Traci again manages to somehow kick out before three. Victoria slams Traci and mounts the top rope. Victoria tries for a leaping splash, but Traci moves and Victoria catches nothing but canvas! Traci scoops up Victoria and tries for a suplex, but Victoria wriggles free of the move, reverses it, and nails a devastating Widow's Peak! The ref counts to three and Victoria wins the match!

Winner: Victoria

Post Match: Victoria snaps and assaults Traci even further, which brings out Lita! Lita rushes the ring and drills Victoria with a dropkick! Trish rushes out and nails Lita with a high heel kick to the face! Victoria slowly gets to her feet, smiles at Trish, walks over and shakes her hand! Victoria then turns around and blasts Trish with a forearm shot to the head! Victoria sets Trish up and nails her with another Widow's Peak! Victoria leaves the ring alone, to a mixture of cheers and boos.

Backstage Segment #1:

Y2J is backstage in his locker room, preparing for his match later on with an as-of-yet-unnamed opponent, when Nicholas Price enters. He calls Y2J over and they begin talking...

Nicholas Price: "Chris, I was looking for you. I wanted to let you know something about your match tonight. You are going to face The Game, HHH!(The crowd boos loudly at the mention of HHH's name, and Jericho's face registers a reaction of anger and disgust. Price continues speaking, as Jericho listens on..) Chris, I know you're not thrilled about facing the guy, but there's a big incentive in winning this match tonight. You see, Chris, whoever wins your match tonight gets to pick their tag team partner for the first leg of that tournament! Think about it, Chris, you win tonight and you can select someone you really trust, and that'll bring you that much closer to the SEA Championship! So, what do you say, Chris?"

Y2J: "I say bring on Mr. Hunter "The Jackass" Helmsley and watch Y2J, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, make him regret ever setting foot in the ring with me! HHH get ready for the beating of a lifetime, a beating you will never, eeevvveerr forget again!"

Price smiles at Chris, shakes his hand, and then exits the locker room. As soon as Price is gone, Chris becomes absolutely livid, throwing things around the room. After a few moments, Chris calms down, and exits the locker room...

Match #2: Battle Royale for the vacant SEA International Championship

When the show returns from another break, the ring is full of superstars. The bell rings and the battle royale begins! Bodies fly out of the ring left and right, until six men are left: Eddie Guerrerro, Big Show, AJ Styles, Ron Killings, Jeff Jarrett, and Chris Benoit. Jarrett goes after Benoit, but gets quickly surprised with three German suplexes! Eddie tries to drop BS with a series of high flying moves, but is unsuccessful at getting the big man off his feet. Eddie suddenly yells at the other wrestlers, and soon they all team up against The Big Show! Eventually, they manage to hoist the big man over the top rope and to the concrete floor! Big Show is eliminated! Ron Killings floors Benoit with a huge clothesline, but gets clipped himself by a dropkick from AJ Styles! AJ and Eddie surprisingly team up and send Killings over the rop to the floor with a double dropkick! Jarrett grabs AJ and plants him with The Stroke! Benoit hammers on Jarrett, and together, Benoit and Eddie eliminate Jarrett with a double clothesline! Eddie tells Benoit to hold AJ, and Benoit does just that. Eddie springs off the boards, launches a high heeled reverse dropkick, misses AJ and hits Benoit instead! The momentum of the kick sends Benoir up and over the top rope to the floor! Eddie looks at Benoit outside the ring and profusely mouths an apology. AJ uses the moment to score a reverse kick of his own on Eddie! Eddie is prone on the mat, and AJ scores with a huge '450 splash! Eddie is barely conscious, and AJ attempts to toss him over the top rope! Eddie grabs the top rope, skins the cat, re-enters the ring, and then gets Hurraxanrana'd over the top ropes by AJ! AJ styles wins the International Championship!

Winner and New International Champion: AJ Styles

Post Match: Eddie re-enters the ring, shakes hands with AJ, and then turns to leave. Benoit re-enters the ring, and destroys both men with German suplexes and then leaves the ring to a loud chorus of boos...

Backstage Moment #2

AJ Styles is backstage, talking to some of the other SEA talent about how excited he is to be the International Champ. Christian spots him, walks over, grabs AJ by the shoulder, spins him around, and then slaps AJ right in the face! This action incenses the young champion and he lunges at Christian! Several wrestlers pull tham apart, just as Nicholas Price arrives on the scene! He tells both men that next week will see Christian vs AJ for the International Championship! Price goes on further to state that the first two falls of the match would normal falls and that if a thrid fall were necessary, then the match's third fall would become a Ladder Match! Both wtestlers storm off in the opposite direction, and Price himself heads off to the ring...

In Ring Segment:

Price walks out to the ring, enters, grabs a mic, and addresses the murmuring crowd...

Price: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have two more matches yet to come tonight. A four way elimination match for the Television Championship, and a Guantlet match for the Tag Team Championship featuring all the tag teams currently under contract to the SEA. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I have yet another brief announcement to make. The SEA is in need of leadership, a secondary leader under my guidance who will aid me in my day to day duties and responsibility as President of the SEA. I have a very reuptable man in mind for this job, so if you will, sir, come on out here!"

Before anything more can happen, a familiar refrain blares out over the speakers (sounds of a car crashing and such), and out walks Mick Foley! Foley enters the ring, gets his own mic, and addresses Price and the fans in attendance...

Jim Ross: "OH MY GOD! It's Mrs. Foley's baby boy! Mick Foley's in the house!"
Jessy Ventura:"What the hell is he doing here! Mick should back home to his wife and children! This is ridiculous!"
Jim Ross: "Well, Jessy, he's here and we'd both better get used to it!"

Mick Foley: First of all, let me say, it's a pleasure being here in the Rosemount Civic Center!" (The statement produces a cheap "pop" from the crowd, and a harsh reaction from "The Body")

Jessy Ventura:"What a cheap thing to do, this guy reminds me more and more of Hulk Hogan! Another glory hound attempting to steal the spotlight from Nicholas Price!"
Jim Ross: "I do believe, Jessy, that Mick has more to say.."

Mick Foley: On to the business at hand: The position you're crowing about is being Commissioner of the SEA, right?" (Nicholas nods affirmatively, and Mick continues speaking) Well, Nicky boy, you're commissioner has arrived!

The statement causes the crowd to roar with cheers, but Price begins waving his hands to calm them down. Price then faces Mick, and speaks his words very deliberately...

Nicholas Price: Mick, Mick, Mick. What in the world would make you assume I was speaking of you? Truth be told, Mick, I was actually thinking of someone else. So, will the real commissioner please come out!

The fans turn to the entranceway, and out walks Jeff Jarrett! He heads to the ring, enters, glares at Foley, grabs himself a mic and speaks to everyone in the arena...

Jarrett: Hey, Foley! Look at me when I'm talking to you. You really think you've got what it takes to run a show in this federation, well, I don't think so, sparky! I am the man with all the stroke around this federation, and I promise to make Turmoil a truly stellar show!

Foley laughs at Jarrett, and then attempts to answer Jarrett's challenge, but Jarrett has other ideas. Jarrett jumps the legendary superstar from behind and begins pumelling him! Foley fights back, but Jarrett drops him with an illegal low blow! Price tells Jarrett to back off and the SEA owner tends to the fallen Foley. Foley gets up slowly, and not knowing who hit him from behind, he drills the owner with a boot to the stomach and a double arm DDT! Jarrett uses this distraction to grab his guitar, and once he re-enters the ring, he smashes Foley over the head with it! Foley crumbles to the mat, as Jarrett exits the ring to head backstage...

Jim Ross: "OH MY GOD! What the hell did Jarrett do that for? That was totally uncalled for, damn it!"
Jessy Ventura:"Jim, you don't get it, Jarrett was just playing a tune! Ha, Ha, Ha,!"
Jim Ross: "Damn it, Jessy, it was disgusting, and I hope someday that Jarrett gets his!"

Match #3: Four Way Elimination Match for the Television Championship
Christian vs Raven vs Matt Hardy vs Kane

All four men walk to the ring, enter, and the bell rings to start the match. Kane and Christian start things off quickly. Christian tries a quick high impact frontface dropkick, but Kane blocks the move, and then drills Christian with a side suplex. Kane makes a sign that he's going to finish off Christian but as backs up towards the ropes, Raven slaps him and effectively tags himself in. Raven charges at Christian, but gets drilled with a clothesline. Christian scoops Raven up, attempts an Unprettier, but the move is reversed into The Raven Effect! Raven turns Christian over and covers, but only gets two (Christian drapes his foot over bottom rope and breaks the count). Raven slams Christian to the mat, climbs the turnbuckle, launches a flying bodysplash and gets two knees to his stomach as a response. Christian gets up, grabs Raven, plants him with an Unprettier, and scores the fall. Raven slowly gets to his feet, realizes that Christian has eliminated him, and drills Christian with The Raven Effect! Raven leaves to a thunderous applause. Kane re-enters the ring, grabs a dazed Christian, and chokeslams him to the mat! Kane covers Christian but at the two count, Matt stomps on Kane and breaks the count! Kane and Matt begin arguing about this, as the ref tries to separate them. Christian uses this moment to grab a steel chair, wallops Kane with it, and tosses it out of the ring! Christian then plants Kane with an Unprettier! 1..2..3! Kane is now eliminated! Matt enters the ring, and immediately stuns Christian with an enziguri! Matt whips Christian into the ropes, and catches him with a leaping front neckbreaker drop! Matt then loads the top rope, and nails a flying legdrop! The ref counts 1..2..Chrstian again manages to break the count with his leg on the ropes. Matt argues with the ref, and Christian grabs Matt, rolls him up, and almost wins the contest. Matt barely kicks out, but gets drilled with a boot to the midsection, and gets nailed with an Unprettier! Instead of pinning Matt, however, Christian uses the moment to showboat. AJ styles walks out to the entranceway, just as Christian turns to face that direction. Christian yells at AJ, and turns to exit the ring. The ref stops Christian from leaving, so Christian goes after Matt again. Christian goes for another Unprettier, but Matt reverses it into The Twist of Fate! Before Matt can fully execute the move, however, Christian pushes him backwards, colldiing into the referee! Christian pulls out a pair of brass knuckles, and blasts Matt with them! This draws AJ into the ring, and Christian rushes him! AJ ducks and then plants Christian with a Hurrancurrana! Christian staggers to his feet, and walks right into The Styles Clash! Styles revives the referee as Matt crawls over and covers Christian! Ref counts to three and we have a new Television Champion in Matt Hardy!

Winner: New Television Champion. Matt Hardy

Match Four: Gauntlet Match for the Tag Team Championships

Before this match can even begin, or any teams come to the ring, Price walks out to address the confused crowd...

Price: "I know that you were expecting a huge tag team match this week, but travel arrangements for the teams were mized up, and several of the teams are not here this evening. Therefore, I am moving the match to this Thursday Night's Turmoil, and it will be Turmoil's main event! Also, as a result of earlier actions, I am also announcing that at "Against All Odds" it will be Jeff Jarrett vs Mick Foley and the winner will be commissioner (and booker) for Thursday's Turmoil! Thank you, and good night!"

Winner: None (Match is postponed three days)

Backstage Segment #3

HHH is pacing back and forth in his locker room, when the door suddenly opens, and in walks a man dressed in black gear from head to toe. It is impossible to make out who the man is, except to say that he's huge. HHH smiles at the man and then speaks to him:

HHH: Are you ready Big Man? Ready to help me climb back up the mountain and obtain the SEA Heavyweight Championship? (The man simply and quietly nods in agreement, which seems to make HHH even happier.) Remember what I told you. When you see the signal, you come down and help me out, ok? (Again, the man nods silently. HHH smiles broadly, slaps him on the back, and then exits the locker room. The mystery man simply turns and glares at the closed door as the program goes to commercial for the last time.)

Jim Ross: "What the hell is HHH up to now? Who is that huge man?"
Jessy Ventura:"Jimbo, I think that HHH has this next match all sown up!"
Jim Ross: "This stinks, Jessy, Damn it to Hell!"

Main Event: Winner Picks His Partner for the Tournament Match
HHH vs Chris Jericho

HHH comes out to a chorus of boos, enters the ring and waits for Jericho. Y2J walks down the rampway, slides into the ring, and the two men begin pounding on each other! The men trade offensive moves for twenty five minutes of solid action. HHH catches Y2J with a low blow, and fully swings the pendulum in his favor. HHH whips Y2J into the ropes and drills him with a thunderous spinebuster. HHH antagonizes the crowd, then scoops up Jericho, and gives him a jumping knee to the face! HHH sets up Jericho for the Pedigree but Jericho reverses it into The Walls of Jericho! HHH is just about to tap out when Jericho sees the mystery man saunter down to the ring. Jericho releases the hold, leaps onto the ropes, and then catches the msytery man with a high cross bodyblock! The man tumbles to the crowd, as Jericho rushes back into the ring. HHH seizes the moment and clips Y2J with a clothesline. HHH whips Y2J into the ropes, Y2J springs off the ropes, and catches HHH with a flying forearm smash. The move also sends HHH crashing into Earl Hebner. The mystery man enters the ring, grabs Jericho and plants him with a twisting side suplex! HHH gets to his feet, high-fives the big man, and then the two men proceed to pummel Y2J. Suddenly, The Rock's theme hits, and out runs The People's Champion!

Jessy Ventura:"Damn it, Jim Ross, the last thing we need is him!!"

Rocky proceeds to destroy both HHH and the mystery man! Y2J gets to his feet, and drills HHH with an enziguri! Rock plants the mystery man with a spinebuster, and then drills HHH with a Rock Bottom! Jericho runs to the ropes, bounces off, and nails a Lionsault! Rock and the mystery man brawl outside the ring, as the ref makes the count inside the ring! 1..2..3! Y2J wins!

Post Match: Christian runs down and clips Y2J in the back of the head with a forearm shot. Rock enters and attacks Christian! The mystery man enters the ring, and drops The Rock with a double-ax handle! AJ comes out to the ring, but he and Y2J are just no match for the terrible threesome of HHH, Mr X and Christian! Before long, the evil trio are standing over the fallen bodies of The Rock, Y2J, and AJ Styles! HHH grabs a mic and addresses the loudly booing crowd...

HHH: You idiots are unbelievable! These fools fell due to my master plan, and you still cheer tham? Unreal. It doesn't really matter anymore, anyway! You see, there's a new superpower in the SEA. No, this isn't a rehash of Evolution. No, this is proof that there is only one way to succeed in this business, and that is that you dominate in and outside the ring.

Christian does that every single day of his life, I do that as well. As for my mysterious friend here, soon, with a little conditioning, he'll be doing it too. I know you're all wondering who he is. Well, let's find out!

HHH walks over to the mystery man, removes his mask, and reveals him to be...The Big Show! The fans boo even louder as the trio links hands, and raises them high above the fallen heroes, as the show comes to a close...

Jim Ross: "WHAT THE HELL! I don't believe it! Damn that HHH! He's just a rotten son of a bitch!"
Jessy Ventura:"Jim Ross, you just don't like the fact that your heroes didn't win the day! Admit it!!!"
Jim Ross: "You're damn right I don't! At any rate, I'm Jim Ross, and for Jessy Ventura and everyone else involved with Mayhem, thanks for watching, see you next week!"


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The show opens with the usual pyrotechnical display, and the commentators take their seats to open the show officially...

Joey Styles: Welcome everyone to Thursday Turmoil, I'm Joey Styles and beside me is my colleague in crime, Jerry "The King" Lawler! Welcome Mr. Lawler.
The King: I am so excited to see what's gonna happen tonight! Styles, did you see what HHH did on Monday's show? That was totally wild!
Joey Styles: Well, King, some might call the assault on Rock, AJ and Y2J absolutely disgusting, myself included. I can only wonder what else HHH might have in store! Oh, no, here he comes now...


In-Ring Segment:

HHH saunters down to the ring, flanked by his two new "friends" in Christian and Big Show. HHH and company enter the ring, as the fans boo loudly. HHH grabs a microphone and speaks to the booing crowd...

HHH: I told everyone that I would once again set the wrestling world on it's ear, and damn it, that's exactly what I did! (The fans are livid at this point and start chanting "A**hole, A**hole" at the trio, but HHH continues undaunted..) There's not a damned thing you can do to change it either! I owned Rock, AJ and that pissant Y2J last Monday, and I'll own this whole damned federation before I'm done! No one can stop me--

Before HHH can say much more, Rock's music hits and Rock walks out to the entranceway. He has a mic in his hand, and begins taunting HHH and his buddies as only The Rock can...

The Rock: HHH, you come out with your little "friends" and you start running your mouth about being the best this and the best that, well, The Rock is gonna agree with you for once. You are the biggest, and best Monkey's anus in the SEA!

The fans roar with cheers and laughter, and they begin chanting "Rocky, Rocky!" as The Rock stands silently, basking in the adulation of the fan's cheers. As they quiet down, Rock continues speaking...

The Rock: HHH, The Rock just had a face to face meeting with Nicholas Price, and this is what came of it. The Rock and two mystery partners will face you three jabroni's in that ring a little later on!! One way or another, The Rock and his two tag team partners are gonna whoop all your candy a**es! As a matter of fact, HHH, The Rock wrote a little something for you:

You beat on The Rock and thought he was done.
But The Rocks coming down there tonight t0 have him some fun,
Gonna whoop three candy a**es for sure,
The Rock says "Bring It" because his team will endure,

It doesn't matter who you are, you three pieces of Monkey Crap,
because as soon as Rocky finishes this rap,
He's gonna walk to that ring, and this ain't no lie,
He's gonna lay the Smackdown and make you all cry,

HHH, you can't beat The Rock or his team,
If you think that you can, well you're in a dream,
When we're done with you all, you'd better start looking,
for new jobs somewhere else,


HHH is about to leave the ring to go after Rock, but Christian and Big Show stop him. HHH glares at them, but acquiesces. He turns and points (and then yells) at The Rock as the show goes to a commercial break.


Backstage Moment #1:

Price is in his office, when an interviewer comes in, asking Price if he wanted to see him. Price nods affirmatively, and the interviewer sets everything up. Price then looks directly into the camera and speaks:

Price: Ladies and Gentlemen, starting tonight, we will begin a cruiserweight tournament and the winner will receive the SEA Cruiserweight Championship as a reward for a job well done! To all those young men, I wish you the best of luck. Also, I am scheduling a six woman tag match between the teams of Trish, Trinity, and Victoria vs Lita, Traci, and Ivory. That is all.

The crowd cheers loudly at the matches that were announced, and as the camera view switches back to ringside, the first match is underway.

Match #1: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Frankie Kazarian

Rey heads to the ring first, to a huge ovation. Kazarian comes to the ring next, and he is greeted with some cheers as well. The two men size each other up as the bell rings. Rey whips Frankie into the ropes, but Frankie bounces off and connects first with a Hurrancanrana! Rey staggers to his feet, and gets clipped with a thunderous electric chair drop. Frankie quickly scales the top rope, sets up, and goes for a '450 splash! Rey moves and Frankie gets nothing but canvas. Rey bounces off the ropes and nails Frankie with Bombs Away! Frankie kicks out at two, and the match continues. Frankie is slow to get up, so Rey takes the opportunity and nails a Quebrada! Again, Frankie manages to get the shoulder up before three. Rey picks up Kazarian and tries for a basic slam, but Kazarian wriggles free and then nails The Flux Capacitor out of nowhere! Both men are spent and as such, Frankie can't make the pin. Rey slowly gets up first, drills Kazarian with a dropkick to the back, and then sets up for the 6-1-9! Kazarian gets drilled with a double swinging boot to the face! Rey signals for the second part of the move, and launches himself off the top rope, but Frankie catches Rey mid-move and plants him with Back to the Future! The ref slides over and counts 1..2..3! Frankie wins the first match in the tournament! Rey gets to his feet, and the two highflyers shake hands.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian


As the show returns from yet another commercial, Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler are discussing what we've seen so far...

Joey Styles: King, this has been a stellar show thus far, and it's only just begun!
The King: Joey, I couldn't agree with you more! As a matter of fact, the cruiserweights are set to go at it again!!


Match #2: Paul London vs Petey Williams

Paul comes out first, to a loud ovation. He enters, salutes the fans and waits for his opponent. Williams is out next, to a mixed response. Williams enters the ring, and the bell rings to start the match. Williams tries a clohtesline, but Paul ducks then clips Williams with The Dropshot. Williams slowly gets to his feet, and London drills him with The Shining Black! Petey barely manages to get a shoulder up at two. Petey ducks an enziguri and connects with one of his own. Petey grabs London and slams him roughly to the mat. Paul is prone on the canvas as Petey climbs to the top rope. London slowly gets to his feet as Williams launches himself off the top rope! London counters Williams with a leaping dropkick to the face! Paul scoops up Petey and hits him with The Waffle Face! Paul finishes Petey off with The London Star Press! The ref counts to three and mercifully ends it for Williams.

Winner: Paul London


Backstage Segment #2:

Booker T is walking backstage when he spots Ron Killings talking to Ivory. Ivory says "goodbye" to Ron and saunters off. Booker walks up to Ron, extends his hand in a friendly gesture, and after hesitating for a split second, he shakes Booker's hand! The two African-American athletes exchange pleasantries and polite conversation for a few minutes. Suddenly, JBL happens to be walking by, sees the two men talking and walks up to them...

JBL: Hey fellas! This is so nice, two gentlemen such as yourself getting to know each other. I mean, you fellows need to find find friends "like" each other...

As soon as the words are out of JBL's mouth he regrets it. The look on Booker's and Ron's faces say it all: They're grossly offended and attempt to encircle the brash Texan. Nihcolas Price sees what's happening and walks up to Booker and Ron, calling them off. He then addresses all three men...

Price: Hey, you three have issues, fine. Settle them in the ring, not back here. As a matter of fact, why don't we have a tag team match. Ron Killings and Booker T vs JBL and whoever else he can find. Sound good? Good.

Price walks away, and a few minutes later, Booker and Ron walk away as well..


Match #3: Psychosis vs Ultimo Dragon

The two men walk to the ring. enter and then face each other wearily. Then, siddenly, they bow to one another (out of respect) and the bell rings to signal the start of the match. Ultimo Dragon starts things off with a Soccer Kick. Psychosis bounces off the ropes, and retaliates with a Flying Spinning Heel Kick. Ultimo goes flying across the ring, and Psychosis pounces on him. Psychosis stuns Ultimo further with a Psycho Stunner! Ultimo kicks out at two and the match continues. Ultimo ducks a savate kick from Psychosis and connects with a Mid Kick and Jump Back Kick Flurry combination. Ultimo scores with a Tiger Suplex that leaves Psychosis prone on the mat. Ultimo grabs Psychosis and plants him on the top turnbuckle, then executes a stunning Spinning Top Rope Rana! Psychosis is easily pinned after that for the 1..2..3! Ultimo Dragon advances in the lightweight tournament!

Winner: Ultimo Dragon

Joey Styles: King, I've never seen two men move so quickly in all my life!
The King: Joey, that was incredible! That just blew me away!

Backstage Segment #3:

HHH is standing around backstage, talking to Christian, when an interviewer spots them. He asks them for a moment of their time, and they agree to a short interview...

HHH: Make it quick. Christian and I are planning match strategy for later tonight. So, out with it, what do you want?

Inerviewer: Well, I wanted to ask you fellows how you plan to counter the one, two, three punch of AJ, Rock, and Y2J?

HHH: What the hell kind of question is that, huh? I oughta slap you silly for asking something stupid like that, but I won't. To answer your ridiculous question, we'll dominate and destroy them just like we did this past Monday. Simple as that. Mind you, it isn't going to be easy, because Big Show is overseas promoting the company and won't be here for the match. That means that I'm going to have to reveal the identity of our fourth team member a little early. It doesn't matter, anyway, because when everyone sees who I've convinced to beat the hell out of AJ, Rock, and Y2J, well, it'll make it all that much easier to win the damn match. Now get the hell away from us!

HHH shoves the interviewer as he speaks those last words, and as the poor slob slinks away, HHH and Christian laugh uproariously...


Match #4: S.E.A. Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match

The match begins with the teams of Team Canada (Bobby Roode, Eric Young) and The Superheroes (Rosey, Hurricane). Rosey opts to start against Young. Young tries to dropkick Rosey but it barely budges the big man. Rosey grabs Young and slams him to the mat brutally. Young crawls to his corner and tags in Roode. Roode tries to slam Rosey but can't budge him either. Young and Roode combine their efforts and drill Rosey with a double dropkick but that only causes Rosey to bounce off the ropes and double clothesline them! Rosey grabs Roode and drags him to the opposite corner, and then tags in Hurricane. Hurricane gets in a high impact clothesline, but then gets felled by a Savate kick from Young. The two Team Canada members combine their efforts to pummel Hurricane. Hurricane ducks a double clothesline attempt and instead drops the duo with a double leaping clothesline of his own! Hurricane crawls and finally manages to tag in Rosey! Rosey dismantles Team Canada with slams and splashes. Roode gets whipped into the ropes and then gets nailed with Rosey's whip-around-slam! Hurricane dropkicks Young through the ropes and three seconds later, Team Canada is eliminated! The next team to come down to the ring are The Dudley Boyz. Dvon goes right after Rosey while Hurricane and Bubba Ray attack each other. The Superheroes are eventually eliminated when The Dudleys nail Rosey with a 3-D! The next team out are The Naturals. Despite their valiant efforts, including a cutter/stunner combination, The Naturals are not match for the veteran team of the Dudleys, and another 3D on Chase seals the Naturals' fate. The fifth team out are 3 Live Kru. Before long, the two teams begin brawling outside the ring. The ref continues to count them out, and it seems like both teams will be eliminated, but Bubba Ray slingshots Konnan into the ring steps and then rolls back into the ring, just as the ref counts to ten. The Dudleys survive again! The next team out is AMW! Storm and Harris rush into the ring, and stun the Dudleys with their high flying tactics. The Dudleys try to mount an offense, but AMW's youth eventually spells the Dudley's doom. Moments after the Veg-o-Matic, AMW nails a brutal looking Death Sentence on D-von to score the three count. The next team out is La Resistance. Once again, the match breaks down into a donnybrook, and the ref quickly loses control. Dupree is inside the ring with Harris, while Granier is outside the ring with Storm. Harris leaps off the ropes and attempts a flying reverse heel kick, but misses Dupree and hits the ref instead! At that moment, Roode and Young (Team Canada) run into the ring, and Harris immediately takes a fighting stance against them. Team Canada smiles at Harris, and then Roode says something to Young. Young leaves the ring, grabs the french flag, and re-enters the ring. Storm sends Granier into the steel post, and then he too enters the ring. AMW and Team Canada stare each other down for what seems an enternity. Dupree slowly gets to his feet, sees TC and smiles. TC suddenly turn and using the flagpole like a weapon, they clothesline Dupree with it! TC smiles at AMW, who smiles back, and TC exits the ring and heads backstage. AMW sets up Dupree for The Death Sentence and the ref recovers to make the three! The next team due out is the Basham Brothers, but as their music plays, they do not appear. A camera comes on backstage to show the Bashams locked in their dressing room, and a forklift blocking the door! The referee reluctantly counts out the Bashams, and the final team, The Hardyz come to the ring. Both teams trade the offensive tide of the match several times, but the end comes in a controversial way. Jeff catches James with an inverted spinning heel kick, and goes to tag Matt into the match! Matt enters, helps Jeff to his feet, and then drills him with a Twist of Fate! Matt leaves the ring to a huge chrous of boos. AMW sets up Jeff for The Death Sentence and three seconds later, we have Tag Team Champions!

Winner: SEA Tag Team Champions, AMW


Match #5: Six Woman Tag Match
Trish/Trinity/Victoria vs Lita/Traci/Ivory

The highlights of the match are as follows: Lita socres an incredible moonsault to the outside of the ring, knocking down all three of her opponents. Traci manages to score The Pie From The Sky on Ivory, while Trinity nails a Dragon Suplex on Trish. The end comes in a stunning fashion. Traci sets Trish up for a Litasault, but then seconds later, yanks Trish out of the way! Ivory tries to intervene, but gets clobbered with a Hurrancurrana! Lita is stunned enough to fall prey to Trish's high impact kick! 1..2..3! Trish, Trinity, and Victoria are the winners!

Winners: Trish/Trinity/Victoria

Post Match: All six women brawl with one another, until Price emerges from backstage, and has security take the women to separate locker rooms. Price then announces that at "Against All Odds" it will be a six woman corners match for the SEA Women's Championship, and that later on during the same PPV, Alexis Laree will face the winner!


Final Backstage Moment:

Booker and Ron Kilings are on their way to the ring when JBL and Jeff Jarrett attack them from behind! The two Texans lay waste to their opponents, and soon security defuses the situation. Unfortunately, Killings has been slightly injured (slightly bruised ribs) and the tag team match is postponed until Monday Mayhem, and it is changed into a Texas Tornado Tag Match!


Main Event: AJ Styles, The Rock, Y2J vs HHH and Christian (Handicap Match)

HHH and Christian come to the ring first, with huge smiles on their faces. Joey Styles takes a moment to inform the home audience that it will now be a Handicap match. A few moments later, AJ Styles, The Rock and Chris Jericho head to the ring. AJ and Christian start things off, and AJ explodes against "Captain Charisma"! Styles connects with a Brainbuster Suplex. AJ follows up with The Styles Suplex Special #1, and almost gets a three count for it. AJ tries for a high heel reverse kick, but Christian ducks. Christian connects with a neckbreaker and then tags in HHH. HHH unloads on AJ with a huge spinebuster and a bine-jarring suplex. AJ kicks out at two, and the match continues. AJ ducks a high knee lift from HHH and counters with a Styles Facebuster! AJ crawls and tags in Y2J. Y2J nails a weary HHH with a flying forearm, and then attempts a Lionsault, but HHH rolls out of the way. Y2J deftly lands on his feet, grabs HHH by his, and locks on the Walls of Jericho! Rock, meanwhile, attacks Christian and lays him out on a ringside table. AJ climbs onto the apron and nails a Springboard '450 Splash! The move sends AJ and Christian through the table. Rock enters the ring, and watches HHH scream in pain! Suddenly, out from the crowd comes Jarrett! Rock spies him, and goes after Jeff! Jeff takes off backstage, with The Rock in hot pursuit. Y2J cinches in the hold, and it looks like Y2J will succeed in this encounter, but suddenly the lights go out! When the lights come back on, Y2J is prone on the mat, and HHH is still out as well. There seems to be no indication as to who attacked Jericho. Rock comes back to ringside, sees both men out in the ring, and starts yelling for Y2J to get up. Suddenly, the arena lights begin to flicker! A big man lumbers to the ring, clobbers Rock with a solid right hand, and enters the ring. The big man grabs Jericho by the throat, just as Christian ditracts the referee, and with that happening, Y2J falls victim to a brutal chokeslam! The big man removes his mask and he is revealed to be Kane! Rock enters the ring, and Rock Bottoms Kane! Christian double ax-handles Rock out of the ring, and then AJ drills Christian out of the ring with a dropkick from behind. HHH pedigrees AJ, and that takes him out of the match. HHH grabs Y2J and goes for the pedigree again, but Jericho again reverses it into The Walls of Jericho! HHH instantly submits! Kane grabs a steel chair, and smashes Rock with it, then turns around and clobbers AJ with it as well. Kane enters the ring, as does Christian. Kane drops the steel chair in the ring, grabs Y2J, who has been beaten down by Christian and HHH, and chokeslams him onto the chair! HHH and company celebrate yet again as the show comes to a close!

Joey Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen, what a wild night of action it's been, till next Thursday, for Jerry Lawler, and everyone associated with Turmoil, good night everyone!!
The King: Joey, HHH has done it again!!


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Monday Night Mayhem
May 16th, 2005
Live from the Cow Palace, in San Francisco, California

Monday Mayhem begins as always with the camera panning the crowd, catching sight of a few signs held up by fans. A few of them are as follows:

Christian=No Peeps Allowed!

The Game has been Played Out!

Hey HHH, Where's Nipple H?

The cameras continue to pan and finally settle on the announce table, off to the left of the stage. Jim Ross and Jessy Ventura are seated at the table, ready to kick off the show.

Jim Ross: Welcome everyone to another wild Mayhem show! I'm Jim Ross, and as always, I am accompanied by my colleague, Jessy "The Body" Ventura! Jessy, it's gonna be a hell of a night! I've been told that Nicholas Price has a huge announcement in store, and he never fails to surprise us when he does!

Jessy Ventura: Jim Ross, this is going to be a night to remember, I can just feel it in my bones! Jim, you know what they say: "The Body" is never wrong!

Jim Ross: Jessy, we'll soon find out exactly what's going on, but for now, it's time to get this show on the road!


In-Ring Segment:

Price comes out to his "Money, Money, Money" theme, enters the ring, and addresses the crowd...

Nicholas Price: Now, I am here to make a very brief announcement, and I promise to state my business and then get the heck outta here! See, I know you came to see wrestling action, not me in a suit. So, without further ado, here are my two announcements:

1. The tournament (for the championship) scheduled for the PPV is off!
(This elicits a huge roar of disapproval from the fans but Price raises his hands to calm them down. Once the crowd calms down, Price continues...) Ladies and Gentlemen, I know what you're thinking: What the hell is he doing? Well, let me finish my announcement. The tournament will not be held at the PPV, it will be held here tonight! (The crowd cheers loudly as Price smiles broadly. Price raises his hands a second time, and the crowd quiets down again.) The tournament will take place on Mayhem and Turmoil over the next two-three weeks. Then, at the PPV, we'll have the four finalists compete for the richest prize in Sports Entertainment History! The SEA Heavyweight Championship!

2. I am scheduling a singles match tonight that will shake the foundations of this federation to it's core. The match will pit Raven against HHH! The winner will automatically receive a slot in the Final Fourway match at "Against All Odds"!

That is all I came to say, thank you all, and Good Night!

Price exits the ring, and heads backstage, as JR and Jessy discuss what they've just heard!

Jim Ross: OH MY GOD! This is huge! Now, Jessy, for everyone at home, why don't you tell them how the first leg of the tournament works..

Jessy Ventura: Jim Ross, I'd be happy to. The tag teams were drawn at random, using a computer program, and each person will not know who they're teamed up with until the match itself. Jericho has also stated he will not reveal his match choice until match time. This is going to be truly amazing, Jimbo!.


Match #1: Chris Sabin & Christopher Daniels vs Kane & James Storm

Sabin and Daniels are the first team to be announced as partners in the tourney. Kane and James Storm (of AMW) are the second. Both teams trade the advantage back and forth, but the conclusion is stunning and confusing. Daniels is clotheslined over the top rope, and Kane grabs Sabin for a chokeslam. Storm sees someone run to ringside, and tries to alert the referee. This allows the person, namely, The Rock, to enter the ring, rake Kane's eyes and then drill him with a Rock Bottom! Storm tries to enter the ring, but Daniels nails Storm with a Blue Thunder Bomb through a ringside table! Sabin gets to his feet, spots Kane prone on the canvas, and nails a Leap of Faith! 1..2..3! Sabin and Daniels advance in the tournament!

Winners: Chris Sabin and Christopher Daniels


Match #2: J.B.L & Batista vs HHH & Eddie Guerrero

Batista starts off with a series of power moves, which Eddie counters with his high flying style. All four men eventually get a chance to shine in this match, but ultimately betrayal singals the final conclusion to this match. Batista drills HHH with a spinebuster, then gets drilled by a Running Lariat by JBL. Eddie dropkicks JBL out of the ring, and then nails HHH with the patented Five Star Frog Splash! Eddie spits on HHH (then exits the ring completely), as Batista re-enters the ring, grabs a returning JBL, nails him with a spinebuster, and then nails HHH with a Batista Bomb! 1..2..3! JBL and Batista advance in the tournament! Eddie, as he walks backstage, smiles wryly at an angry HHH!

Winners: JBL and Batista


Backstage Segment #1:

Jericho is backstage, and "Mean" Gene Okerlund wants to know who his partner will be in the tournament. Y2J smiles in a sly sort of way, and agrees to talk to the enigmatic interviewer.

"Mean" Gene Okerlund: Come on, Jericho, out with it already, tell us who your partner in the tournament is. We want to know, and I think we have a right to know!

Jericho: Whoa, hold on there, "Mean" Gene. You and everyone else wants to know who I've chosen as my partner in this tournament. I'll tell you now, Gene, my partner in this tournament is one bad mother, Sucka! That's right, it's none other than Booker T! Together, me and The Bookman are gonna tear apart whoever we have to face and then get one step closer to the Gold! Well, I gotta go, Gene, thanks for the interview!

"Mean" Gene Okerlund: Well, that's a surprising choice! I guess we'll find out how they do later on. Back to you, Jim Ross!!


Jim Ross: That was definitely an interesting choice, wouldn't you say, Jessy?.

Jessy Ventura: Jim Ross, I think Jericho has made a huge mistake in my opinion. I guess we'll see how it plays out later on..


Match #3: Rock & Edge vs A.J. Styles and Ron Killings

The match advantage swings back and forth between both teams, but it takes a miscalulation to bring about the end of the match. Edge nails AJ with a flying double reverse heel kick, and then an Edgecution. Edge waits in the turnbuckle, and charges at AJ, attempting a spear. AJ leaps up, Edge misses, and Edge hits his partner, Rock, who was just about to jump back into the fray! Edge seems pissed that he missed, he turns arouhd, and gets drilled by a Flying Forearm smash from Killings! Edge walks right into the Styles Clash and is pinned three seconds later! AJ and Ron Killings have advanced in the tourney!

Post Match: Rock gets back in the ring, sees a prone Edge, and then signals for the People's Elbow! Rock throws the elbow pad away, bounces off the ropes, and scores with it! Rock leaves a stunned Edge in the ring as the fans cheer loudly for the People's Champ!

Winners: AJ Styles and Ron "The Truth" Killings


Backstage Moment #2:

Booker and Y2J are discussing their match strategy when Jeff Jarrett appears out of nowhere, and swings his guitar at Y2J! Y2J instinctively ducks, and Booker takes the shot full in the face! Booker sinks to the ground, semi-conscious, as Jeff runs away. Y2J yells for a paramedic to assist Booker, then takes off after Jeff!

Elsewhere, Nicholas Price is in his office, seated behind his desk. He is speaking to someone, but the person is not yet in camera range...

Price: I really didn't want it to come to this, but you've asked for your outright release from SEA. I wanted you to stay and showcase your skills and talent for those people out there, but I won't stop you. I can only wish you the best of luck and hope that maybe someday, you'll return.

Nicholas stands up, walks around his desk, and the camera then moves and we see that Price is talking to Spike Dudley! They shake hands, and Spike walks out. Nicholas' cell phone rings and he answers it.

Price: Hello? (answering person on the phone) It's you! Listen, are you on your way here? You are? Good. I wanted to know if you'd do me a big favor. I want you to be Jericho's partner in the Title Tournament, will you do it? (a pause, and then Nicholas smiles, then continues speaking into the phone.) Great! I'll go talk to him now, bye!

Price hurriedly leaves his office, looking for Y2J.


Match #4: Chris Benoit & Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam

Both teams pull out all the stops, and it seems like the underdog team of Jeff and RVD are going to win the match, but Fate seems to have other plans. Jeff nails Undertaker with a Twist of Fate inside the ring, while RVD connects with a twisting-springboard-off-the-ropes move to the outside of the ring on Benoit. Benoit and RVD are motionless outside the ring, as Jeff mounts the top rope and nials a Swanton Bomb on Undertaker. Undertaker amazingly kicks out at two and a half. UT catches Jeff midmove and sets him up for the Tombstone Piledriver! As UT does this, howver, he inadvertantly hits the ref in the side of the head. The ref goes down is if he were shot, and UT connects with the move. UT covers Jeff but there is no referee. UT goes to revive the ref, and out comes Matt! Matt rushes into the ring (steel chair in hand) and smashes UT in the face with it. Matt nails a Twist of Fate onto the chair, and drapes Jeff's arms over the Undetaker! Matt revives the ref fully, and the ref moves to make the count. The ref stops at two, however, spies the chair, and looks at both UT and Jeff. He rings the bell and disqualifies the team of Jeff and RVD! UT and Benoit advance!

Post Match: Matt and Jeff start arguing in the ring, until RVD steps between them and manages to defuse a possibly explosive situation.

Winners: via Disqualification, Undertaker and Chris Benoit


Jim Ross: What a hellacious night so far! This has been an amazing night, and there's still more to come! What I want to know though, is this: Who in the hell was Price talking to on his phone, anyway, Jessy?

Jessy Ventura: Jim Ross, I haven't the faintest idea, but you know with Price it has toi be someone big!


Match #5: Kurt Angle & John Cena vs Y2J and ????

Angle comes to the ring first, followed shortly by John Cena. The two men eye each other warily. Y2J's music hits, and Jericho walks out to the entranceway! He has a mic and addresses the cheering crowd.

Jericho: Seeing as how Booker is out and injured, I am gonna reveal my new choice for a partner: NOBODY! That's right, I am gonna do it all by myself!

Jim Ross: What the hell is Jericho doing? This is a mistake, Jessy!

Jessy Ventura: Jim Ross, for once, I have to agree with you.

Jericho rushes to the ring and tries valiantly to battle both men at once, but the numbers soon prove to be too much for Y2J. The team of Angle and Cena seem a lock to win the match, when suddenly, a theme of glass breaking sounds, and out runs Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Jim Ross: OH MY GOD! IT'S STONE COLD! BY GOD, IT'S THE RATTLESNAKE! This must be who Price was talking to!

Jessy Ventura: This is all we need: Another gloryhound who doesn't know when to retire! Damn, we don't need this!

Jim Ross: The hell we don't!

Austin hits the ring, and cleans house on Cena and Angle! Jericho gets his feet, sees Austin, and they double team Cena with a double suplex, and then Angle with a double clothesline to the canvas. Jericho dropkicks Cena to the floor and then follows him there. In the ring, Austin nails Angle with a Lou Thesz press, and then signals for the Stunner! Austin attempts the Stunner, gets it reversed into an Angle Slam, and then reverses that into a Stone Cold Stunner! The ref counts the 1..2..3! Austin and Jericho win the match and advance!

Post Match: Austin throws Angle out of the ring, and then turns to Jericho, who has just re-entered the ring. Austin calls for the mic and addresses Jericho (and the cheering crowd).

Austin: Y2J, I wanted you to know that I did this as a favor to Price. He called me and said he'd hire me on here in the SEA! So I came here, whooped some ass, and now you and Stone Cold are headed to the Semi-Finals, son! Let me remind you of something, however, that you may have forgotten:

1. Now that it's the second round for you and me, it's every man for himself.

2. Remember the golden rule: Don't Trust Anybody!

As Austin says the last sentence, he drops the mic, boots Jericho in the gut, and nails another Stunner! Austin heads backstage with a few beers in his hands to a loud ovation!

Jim Ross: What an entrance by The Rattlesnake! The SEA is open for business, that's for damned sure!

Jessy Ventura: JR, this stinks! Austin is the epitome of everyhing I stand against. Austin is a degenerate and I can't stand him!

Jim Ross: Well, Jessy, that's your opinion. Ladies and Gentlemen, the main event is next. HHH is a very lucky man, and he's getting another bite at the apple. HHH vs Raven is next!


Main Event: HHH vs Raven (Winner receives an automatic bye to the finals)

HHH comes out to his music and is flanked by Big Show, Kane, and Christian. The announcer states that this group is now known as The Dominators. HHH enters the ring, while the rest of the Dominators stand around the ring. raven comes out next as his music blares over the sound system, and then suddenly stops in the entranceway. He has a mic and addresses the cheering crowd.

Raven: HHH, you think you're the only one who knows how to make allies and put together a supergroup? Think again. Back in WCW, I put together a group that instilled fear wherever they went. It was called The Brood. Well, the time has come for the return of The Brood! Ladies and Gentlemen, here is The Brood!

The lights go out, the arena turns blue and out walks Undertaker! A few moments after that entrance comes Batista! The fans roar with approval as the three men stand side by side. Suddenly, "IF YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN!" hits and out walks The Rock! The four men walk down to the ring, as Jim Ross and Jessy Ventura look on in shock!

Jim Ross: OH MY GOD! What a supergroup Raven's put together! This is gonna be an even match now! This should be a slobberknocker now!

Jessy Ventura: JR, I still think that HHH will pull out the win here tonight!!

HHH and Raven lock up, as their respective stablemates look on. HHH armdrags Raven and gloats about it to the booing crowd. They lock up a second time, and again HHH utilizes an armdrag to keep Raven guessing. Raven and HHH go to lock up again, but Raven outsmarts HHH and this time he gets off an armdrag. HHH slides out of the ring and confers with his group. HHH re-enters the ring, and both men begin a slugging match. Raven betters HHH in this endeavor, and ultimately clotheslines HHH over the top rope! HHH's teammates help him to his feet, as the ref begins counting to ten. HHH re-enters at five, and lunges at Raven. Raven hiptosses HHH, and then clotheslines him to the mat. Suddenly, both supergroups enter the ring, and a donnybrook ensues. Officials come out and escort everyone backstage, except for the referee, HHH and Raven. Price appears moments later, and tells both men that the match is now a "Raven's Rules" match, which means there are no rules!

HHH turns to Price, who has begun to walk backstage, and yells something to him. Raven uses the moment to grab a steel chair, and then he wallops HHH (as HHH turns his attention back to the ring). Raven covers, but HHH gets his foot on the bottom rope, nullifying the count. Raven suplexes HHH, and then nails him with a Super Face-First Driver! HHH again kicks out at two, but his face his now a crimson mask. Raven grabs a trash can lid from under the ring, and smashes HHH in the face with it! HHH goes down hard to the canvas, and Raven sets the steel chair into a sitting position. Raven whips HHH into the ropes, HHH reverses, and actually drop toe holds Raven into the chair! HHH sets up for the Pedigree but Raven reverses it into a Dropping Over-The-Shoulder Facebuster! Raven staggers to his feet, whips HHH into the ropes, and scores with a clothesline. Raven tries for the Raven Effect, but HHH wriggles free and heads to the concrete floor for a breather. Raven gives him no time for that, however, and drills him face first into the steel post! HHH collapses on the floor, and Raven stalks him slowly. Suddenly, from out of the crowd, Abyss jumps the railing and attacks Raven! Abyss drills Raven back first into the post!

Abyss tosses Raven into the ring, and then enters the ring himself. The ref yells at Abyss to get out of the ring, and Abyss waffles him with a clothesline. Abyss scoops up Raven, whips him to the ropes, and then drills him with The Dark Hole Slam! Abyss then exits the ring, grabs HHH, and throws him into the ring. Abyss turns and heads backstage seconds later. HHH crawls over and barely covers Raven.

Jim Ross: DAMN IT! That son of a Bitch, HHH, is gonna win this! Damn that HHH!

Jessy Ventura: JR, I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so!! Ha ha ha!

The ref is unable to make a count, so HHH gets up, picks up Raven, and drills him with a Pedigree! Again, HHH makes the cover, but the ref is still out! HHH gets up, walks over to the ref, and starts kicking him! Out of nowehere, Stone Cold rushes into the ring with a steel chair in hand! As HHH turns back to Raven, Stone Cold strikes! Stone Cold smashes HHH in the head with the chair, and then takes off backstage!

Jim Ross: WHAT A MOVE BY AUSTIN! By God, The Rattlesnake has struck!

Jessy Ventura: JR, this stinks! Austin had no business being there! Damn it!!

The ref slowly revives at the same time Raven does. Raven folds up the steel chair, lies it down in the ring, and then plants HHH on it with The Raven Effect! The ref crawls over and counts...




Raven has done it! Raven gets the bye into the finals, and HHH is out of the tournament altogether!

Post Match: The other Dominators return to the ring, and beat on Raven. This brings out the Brood, who turn the tables on them. The Brood chases the Dominators from the ring, and the show ends with a two team staredown. Jim Ross and Jessy Ventura close out the show...

Winner: Raven

Jim Ross: This has been one hell of a night! Raven wins and HHH is gone! Damn Right!!

Jessy Ventura: JR, I am sickened to my stomach at how biased you are against HHH! HHH will definitely be champion some day, mark my words!!

Jim Ross: Well, we'll just have to wait and see about that one, Jessy. Ladies and Gentlemen, for everyone here at Mayhem, good night!

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I am humbly greatful for such high praise. I try to do my best. I just hope more people read my stuff as I add it.

If you think that the previous 2-3 shows were something, someguy, wait till you see what's next!

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The Latest Rumors and News from SEA.com

In what turned out to be shocking news, Spike Dudley walked out of the SEA, seeking employment elsewere. Could more defections be on the horizon? Rumors persist that at least one more major superstar has had his/her fill of the SEA scene and will be calling it quits. Who could it be? Time will tell...

Thursday Turmoil Preview:

This Thursday night, the fallout from Mayhem continues!

What will Triple H do now that he's lost two times in a row? Now that he's out of the tournament, what will HHH and the rest of the Dominators do? The Brood has also risen from the ashes of WCW-dom. How will they factor into all this? Tune in this Thursday night and see!

It's been two weeks now since Mick Foley was attacked by Jeff Jarrett, and the hardcore legend has promised he will be at this week's Turmoil! What does he have in store for the self-professed "King of the Mountain"?

Who else will join Raven in the final round of the Tournament? The first round continues and we may just get an idea of who that will be!

The Rattlesnake returned to action this past Monday night, and Price has guaranteed that another former WWE superstar will make his presence felt this Thursday night. Who could it be, and what will he do?

All this and more, this Thursday night on Turmoil!
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