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I failed my first shot at this so I'm going to rewrite it. Here are the rosters:

AJ Styles
Big Show
Bobby Roode
Booker T
Brother Devon
Brother Ray
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Harris
Chris Masters
Chris Sabin
Christian Cage
Christopher Daniels
Eric Young
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Joey Mercury
John Cena
Johnny Nitro
Kid Kash
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Monty Brown
Petey Williams
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Ron Killings
Paul London
Samoa Joe
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Super Crazy
Triple H
Undertaker(Part Time)

Tag Teams/Stables
Team Canada- Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Petey Williams w/ Scott D'Amore
MNM- Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro w/ Melina
Team 3D- Brother Ray and Brother Devon
America's Most Wanted- Chris Harris and James Storm
Hardy Boyz- Matt and Jeff Hardy
Lashley and Monty Brown
Mexicools- Psichosis and Super Crazy

Undisputed Champion- Kurt Angle
Intercontinental Champion- Christopher Daniels
World Tag Team Champions- Team 3-D
X Division Champion- Samoa Joe

Pay Per Views
Royal Rumble
Against All Odds
Judgment Day
No Surrender
Bound For Glory
Survivor Series

My BTB starts at Wrestlemania and here is the card.

Undisputed Title
Kurt Angle(c) vs AJ Styles

Shawn Michaels vs Jeff Jarrett

X-Division Title-Ultimate X Match
Samoa Joe(c) vs Rey Mysterio vs Petey Williams

Intercontinental Title
Christopher Daniels(c) vs Chris Benoit

Triple H vs Monty Brown

World Tag Team Championships- Last Team Standing
Team 3-D(c) vs MNM

TLC Match
Edge vs Christian

Kane vs Abyss

ECW Rules Match
Rob Van Dam vs Sabu vs Raven vs Rhino

Handicap Match- Giant vs X-Division Stars
Big Show vs Alex Shelley, Austin Aries, Chris Sabin, and Ron 'The Truth' Killings

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Welcome to WE forums, you were at PW if I remeber correctly. Good move putting the Pay-Per-View calendar back to 12 events a year and the one roster looks pretty good but some younger talents should be in the mix like Carlito, Chris Masters and Shelton Benjamin. Interesting build up to the Royal Rumble event, I take it you already have it written out? All the best.

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well i was liking the start of this, but you didn't do much for a pay per view beginning.. where's the explanations? the announcements? i mean, JR or King didn't even mention that there was a Royal Rumble later. i mean, i know that obviously there'd be a royal rumble at this ppv, but still, they didn't mention it or anything.

i liked the match. it was good and entertaining.. but where's the rest of the royal rumble? you need to post shows together in one big post..
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