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Sobi's Championship Wrestling

The year is 2007. The WWE is dead.
Suffering major financial problems, the WWE had no choice but to close down. This sparked interest of few people, as the WWE had recently been distasteful and lame. Only the fans of the Attitude Era were saddened of its departure. Lower federations, such as TNA, rose to become the top show for wrestling. Many WWE superstars turned to them... but there was one more. A young man with high wealth stepped up to help those in need, he created the SCW(Sobi's Championship Wrestling). This raised eyebrows. SCW offered better money, scheduals, flights, accomadations, etc... than TNA did. Also starting fresh could prove to be a bold decision.
...and so the SCW came to be...


Heavyweight Division/Main Events:
Batista - Sobi's Enforcer
Brock Lesnar -
Chris Benoit - TT with Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho - TT with Chris Benoit
Eddie Guerrero - TT with Chavo Guerrero
Edge -
Kane -
Kurt Angle -
Triple H -
Undertaker -

Midweight Division/High Mid Card:
Bob Holly -
Carlito -
Charlie Haas - TT with Shelton Benjamin
Chris Masters -
Christian -
Gene Snitsky -
John Cena -
Randy Orton -
Rob Van Dam -
Shelton Benjamin - TT with Charlie Haas
Simon Dean -

Cruiserweight Division/Mid Card:
Akio - TT with Tajiri
Chavo Guerrero - TT with Eddie Guerrero
Franky Kazarian - TT with Shannon Moore
Matt Hardy -
Paul London - TT with Rey Mysterio
Petey Williams -
Rey Mysterio - TT with Paul London
Shane Helms -
Shannon Moore - TT with Frankie Kazarian
Tajiri - TT with Akio

Tag Team Division/Low Card:
Bubba Ray Dudley - Dudley Boyz
D-Von Dudley - Dudley Boyz
Danny Basham - Bashams
Doug Basham - Bashams
Garrison Cade - TT with Val Venus
Khosrow Daivari - TT with Muhammed Hassan
Muhammad Hassan - TT with Khosrow Daivari
Rob Conway - La Resistance
Sylvain Grenier - La Resistance
Val Venis - TT with Garrison Cade

Other Personals:
Al Snow - Commentator
Jonathan Coachman - Commentator
Sobi - CEO
Todd Grisham - Backstage Interviewer

Lilian Garcia - Ring Announcer
Stacy Keibler - Sobi's Personal Assistant
Trish Stratus - Manages Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho

Title Belts:
SCW World Heavyweight Championship - Vacant
SCW Midweight Championship - Vacant
SCW Cruiserweight Championship - Vacant
SCW Tag Team Championship - Vacant

Monday Night Volence - TV Show
Wrestlemania - Main PPV
Royal Rumble - PPV
More PPVs will be added as time goes on

This post will be updated constantly .....with updates.

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I like the concept, but what is the undertaker still doing there? He'd be even older and more lame than he is now... Ah well, just a little thing. Good luck.

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thanks for supporting my show guys and dont worry the undertaker wont be their for long. I'll be in LA for the next week so, I wont have the show up for a while, but when I come, I'll start the show.
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