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I'm going to Disneyland!
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Turmoil at Sacred Heart.
The hospital has broken down into chaos.
At the very mention of the word SARS, the hospital has activated the emergency shutdown protocol.
However, instead of quarantining the hospital for 24 hours, the hospital has been accidentally sealed for 24 days.
And everyone is trapped inside.
Groups have began to form, kliqs plot in the darkness of night.
The majority of people are keen to band together and wait it out as a unit.
But there are others who see this as survival of the fittest.
Supplies are limited, and survival is the only option.
Welcome to Sacred Heart;
Hopsital of Death.

Game Rules

1) Follow the role PM, if I tell you to do something, do it =)

2) No quoting your role PM or showing the role PM to anyone else.

3) Any problems/questions/rants, PM me.

4) No complaining about roles, they are completely randomised.

5) Be active, activity is baus, I'll replace anyone lurking.

6) My first mafia game, should be pretty solid, added a few of my own personal touches to some of the roles and way the game works, so ease up a bit.

7) This game is now OPEN, feel free to scumhunt, even though scum won't know who they are for another 15-20 minutes, roles being sent out in order of sign-ups.


1) MartinFromMars King Kenny - Killed Night 3
2) Josh
3) Beer - Killed Night 6
4) UndefeatedKing
5) WordsWordsWords - Killed Night 6
6) BkB Hulk Hiplop - Killed Night 4
7) Rush - Killed Night 3
8) Kiz
9) Vic CamillePunk
10) King Kenny - Killed Night 2
11) Emarosa - Killed Day 3
12) DR JUPES - Killed Night 1
13) dan_marino - Killed Night 6
14) Impulse - Killed Night 3 - Revived
15) CM Dealer
16) Haystacks - Killed Night 4
17) Hiplop - Killed Night 2
18) Leeroy - Killed Night 3
19) Scrilla
20) Alcoholic - Killed Day 4
21) TheLadderMatch
22) CKO DR JUPES - Killed Night 4
24) McQueen
25) Rawlin
26) Roy wait no Rigor - Killed Day 5
27) sXe Maverick
28) Cab00se Emarosa
29) Shepard


If anyone would like any more information on the TV show "Scrubs" or any of the characters or anything at all to do with the theme then you can access information via these links;



If anyone still needs more information on the theme then just drop me a PM.


Game History:

Day 1

Night 1

Day 2

Night 2

Day 3

Night 3

Other links coming today, was editing and deleted them by accident.

It is currently Day Seven - with 14 alive it is 8 for a lynch.

I'm going to Disneyland!
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Lovely :D

K, that's all the roles out, game officially, ready to start, even though it started an hour ago. ACTIVITY
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