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Scott Steiner Appreciation Thread

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The man, the freak, the legend that is Scott Steiner. Enjoy:

Do we remember Hiro Jima, you ask? Not at all, but we will always remember you, Scott Steiner.
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I have yet to watch last nights impact, hope he cut another promo. So far every promo since his return has been gold, the guy is just much more creative and has much better mic and acting skills then everyone in the TNA and WWE roster it's ridiculous how big the difference is.

Ever since Steiner and Rock returned, wrestling has become much more fun to watch. Those two are playing the alpha male role to protection, you always see those guys come out on top one way or another by owning their feud partners verbally. Sure their characters and execution is totally different, but basically you know when those two guys get a mic that the opposide side will get the short end of it.

I wish TNA would treat Steiner better though. He is still displayed as "just another old WCW guy" while he actually is one of the few veterans that DO actually contribute to the product positively instead of just overstaying their welcome like Nash, Foley and Sting. The feud with Samoa Joa blows all contributions by those three combined away just by sheer entertainment factor it brought. How many veterans can actually bury young talent and still get no backlash from it?

Then again, he doesn't have to be used to put over midcarders all the time either. His feud with Rob Terry does nothing for Terry realistically because he's just not credible enough to go over. Even if he wins, he'll get no reaction because nobody will buy into it. Now that Sting got the title I wouldn't mind if BPP got it instead.
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