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santinos first face run.

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does anybody remember this? he obviously had a boring squeaky clean babyface character and it seems he had very few matches and most were getting beaten up by umaga anyway. but the ones i have found he is actually doing some badass moves, fighting an aggressive and atheletic style and is in really good shape! seems he got fat and old 2 months after debuting.
kind of surreal to see. he really can go if he is allowed to. over 5 years this guys barely had a chance to show his in ring skill, total shame.

match starts at 2:35

vs masters, on dailymotion so i have to link.
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I remember his debut, coming out of the crowd after Vince made fun of his red shoes.
Still memorable for me, even though it was cheesy as hell.

Its a shame that he is basically the current era's Eugene, and then again he is a champion >_>
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