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Same role.

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Alex Riley and Brodus Clay.

Both of these guys basically play the same role, but on different shows. They are both there to protect their former NXT mentors (Miz and ADR), and just back them up in general'

Fine, but is it just me, or does Riley do this job so much better?

Okay, they both are finisher sponges, but Riley just has something else. I don't know if it is because I am used to seeing him on TV more, just because he has been around for longer. But I feel he actually adds to Miz's rivalries, and uses the mic, and has cage matches against John Cena. Then there is Clay, who is not being used at all right, because I feel he doesn't contribute anything to the ADR vs Edge and Christian feud, and is simply there to just make up the numbers and get Speared and Tornado DDT'd.

People agree with me? Or have I got this wrong?
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I really don't like Riley at all and Clay is ok I guess. You are pretty much right though. They are both there to take finishers so Del Rio and Miz don't have to.
The difference is Clay doesnt get owned every week...
The difference is Clay doesnt get owned every week...
Every time I have watched him after NXT (granted that it is not a lot), I have seen him lose the fall in these tag matches, on Smackdown, he got Speared, and almost every Smackdown before WM, he was taking the hits, not Del Rio.
Riley is more of an actual character, speaking on the mic, being in matches, and being the target of insults. Clay is just a extra body, though when he gets involved, he usually seems more threatening to me. Both are just there to be taken out but when they split from their respective allies, Riley will probably be better off due to having established himself a bit.
The difference is Alex Riley has talent hidden underneath a veneer of inexperience and a goofy character, while Brodus Clay is just a big guy. Granted, he's a talented big guy as far as that goes, but big guys never make it that well. There are exceptions, but even those tend to have poorer careers than their peers because the creative team needs to make exception after exception as to why this giant man isn't the champion and will always be the champion.
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