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Looking at what's happening now in WWE, anyone else have the whole "back to normal"(in a somewhat bad way) type of feel.

Think of it:

October 2012:
Cena is injured(didn't compete at HIAC,and gave up his title shot)

CM Punk-Ryback feud

Maddox involved in controversy(the HIAC stuff)

A McMahon is involved in the WWE title feud

October 2013:
Cena is injured(supposed to return at HIAC,but some people saying he might not be there,so he might give up his title shot?)

CM Punk-Ryback feud(but with Heyman on Rybacks side this time)

Maddox involved in controversy(the battleground decision)

A McMahon is involved in the WWE title feud
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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