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Raw Roster and Smackdown Roster have the same members but cut out the dead wood. (ie. chris nowinski and william regal)

Key - (c *title name*) indicates a champion

N.B. - Cruiserweight title renamed World Cruiserweight title


BATISTA (c World Tag)
MOLLY HOLLY (c Women's)
RANDY ORTON (c Intercontinental)
RIC FLAIR (c World tag)
TRIPLE H (c World's heavyweight)


TAJIRI (c World's cruiserweight)
TAZZ (inactive)
UNDERTAKER (inactive)

The PPVs will mimick real life with 4 Smackdown PPVs, 4 Raw PPVs and 4 Joint PPVs (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Survivor Series).

Wrestlers who are inactive may return, Wrestlers who in actuality are injured (ie. Kurt Angle at time of writing) will not be available for matches until they recover.

Shows will be posted the day or day after of their real life counterparts.

Show Trades are not allowed unless they occur in real life.

The initial week's shows will have the same main events as in real life but the outcomes may be different and from their the matches may differ.

1st RAW Monday 29th December:
HBK Vs. HHH (announced) will mainevent (For World's heavyweight title).
Other matches will be announced, or will just be posted as results.

1st Smackdown! Tuesday 30th December as I wont be able to post over new years.
Tajiri Vs. Rey Mysterio (announced) will mainevent (For World's Cruiserwright Title).
Matches may differ from actually.
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HBK has come home. Now declaring himself a full time wrestler, it looks like he's confident his back won't bother him as well as being confident that he will win.
Surely with his home crowd totally behind him and Evolution banned from ringside we might see a title change.
But what will Goldberg have to say? At the start of this month he was the World's Heavyweight Champion, yet at the end he has nothing. Would he be happy for the winner or resentful? Remember he hasn't had a shot since he lost the belt, which was his right. Will the winner be next?

Tune in 10GMT 5EST on The Weforums Network (TWN) to see what goes down!

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my own story lines, im jhst starting with the main events that are used in real life and going from there. sorta like an alternate reality, if this or that happened.

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Last week the show was in Baghdad, find out if they're any reverberation from it.

Despite Jamie Noble's use of Nidia as a weapon two weeks ago, Rey Mysterio emerged victorious of a match to determine the number 1 contender. Two weeks on, Rey Rey has a shot at the World's Cruiserweight title, but Tajiri won't give up the belt without a fight. We've seen recently how ruthless he has been when the title is on the line. He blinded Nidia with that potent black mist and you can never forget Akio and Sakoda, his goons.

Tune in this tuesday at 11am GMT 6am EST on TWN to find out what happens!!


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'Tonight is the begining of a new new era.' The first words said as the RAW theme music had finished. 'I said a new era when stone cold left, but was rudely interrupted by Mick Foley' The Bisch said distainfully, 'But now I've seen him off its time for me to start a new. The future of RAW will be moulded by yours truely Eric Bischoff, and with all due respect to Foley and Austin, which might I add is none, I'm gonna take this show further than they ever could. It seems one man has helped me through all this, and one groups: Randy Orton and Evolution, so tonight, I'm going to reward them: those loyal to me. This show is going to be all about Evolution, as I hope it will be in the future, so tonight, we will have Batista against RVD, a squash match if you ask me, we will also have Randy Orton facing off against Mark Henry in a title match, but rest assured Orton will win: if Booker T can beat Mark Henry then any member of evolution can, and finally...' Bischoff cut off with obviou frustration at the reasoning behind this match, 'We have the so called show stopper HBK against the game, the cerebral assasin, the man who beat both Goldberg and Kane with ease, HHH for the World heavyweight title!'
HBK's music hits as he comes to the ring to confront Eric Bischoff. 'So called?' Shawn asks? 'I'll show you tonight, when I stop the show and win the title in my home town. It was this town that inspired me to wrestle, this town that moulded me into HBK, and this town that later showed me my true aims in life. I thank it and I thank you. This main eventer, this show stopper and this legend has met bigger and badder things in the past and knows that with his ring skills and his faith, he cannot be stopped. ' HBK, after a short but sharp speech hits the sweet chin music on Bischoff and leaves the ring, posing at the top of the ramp before leaving.


RVD's music is heard as he enters the ring to reasonable cheers, Followed by Batista with Ric Flair, part of evolution.
The match got off the a fast paced start with RVD using his educated feet to good effect. He was then stopped in his tracks by Batista who power slammed him down onto the canvas after getting up and catching RVD from a split legged moonsault. From them on Batista was in control, hitting viscious clotheslines and a rage filled spine buster.
As the match went on, Batista went for the batista bomb but was countered as RVD drop kicked him away. RVD then hit the rolling thunder on a prone Batista and went to the turnbuckle in the opposite corner of the ring. He got up in his traditional cat like style and taunted with his thumbs for the five star frog splash. Ric Flair came round and held Van Dam's leg down allowing batista a bit of time, but RVD kicked him off and jumped off of the turnbuckle only to be caught again in midair and Batista bombed to the mat. 1,2...thr. A very near fall, but RVD just managed to get the shoulder up. Batista got up and shouted irately at the referee. 'That was 3, you ass, 3!' RVD was slowly climbing to his feet, so that as Batista turned around he was able to level him with a jumping calf kick. This time Ric Flair was lying on the floor and could not prevent RVD going up top and hitting the five star frog splash for the win. As RVD celebrates his victory on the top rope, he gets clubbed from behind by batista and subsequently batista bombed from the top rope. Ric Flair rolls into the ring takes off his jacket and struts, bounces off the rope and hits the knee drop. They both pound and stomp away on Van Dam. 'Can you dig that suckaa?' Booker T's music hits, but no1 comes down. Booker is seen climbing over the barrier and entering the ring and knocking Flair out of the ring he then starts to hit batista with numerous right hands. and puts him into the corner. Batista reverses, and start to pound booker down, and then stomps him. RVD has been slowly getting to his feet, and with this, he runs up to Batista, leap frogs him, and hits a split legged moonsault into a cross body. With that booker gets up and hits the scissors kick and the faces celebrate in the ring.


The Screeching of tires is heard as Mick Foley's music hits and he walks down the ramp and into the ring. He grabs a mic and says how firstly he is sorry, sorry he couldn't wrestle last week, he hopes the fans will understnad but won't blame them is they don't. Next, he says he has to apologise for one of the biggest things he's ever screwed up. A tear could be seen in his eye as he says 'I couldnt get stone cold.' With that, the crowd stops and groans disappointedly. Mick Foley drops the mic and goes the leave the ring when Linda McMahon's music hits. She makes her way to the ring. 'Mick, I'm sorry about the other day, but we were over ruled by the majority who voted not to reinstate Austin. With that, loud boos can be heard. 'But, since then Mick, something happened. The board were so moved by your speech as you left the building destraught that they decided to hold a new meeting the next day.' The crowd could be heard cheering in anticipation. 'Mick Foley look at me. We got him back!' A huge cheers bust out around the arena. The glass shattered and Austin made his way to the ring. He got a standing ovation in the ring and it seemed to last for atleast 10 minutes. 'I'm back.' Austin paused as the crowd hollered 'WHAT?', 'Here, on Raw, every monday, starting today, I, Steve Austin, am the new, Executive of RAW. Not only am I back, but I'm better, I can book matches without HIS say so, I'm above him, but best of all I can beat up who ever I like, AND thats the bottom line, cause stone cold says so!' With the crowd and stone cold talking in unison, Austin left the ring to applause and went up the ramp and out to the back.


Raw General Manager is seen in his office joking with the coach, the camera enters the room and you hear that the joke is something about stone cold. With that the camera man puts the camera down on the desk and from the camera's vantage point the Coach and Bischoff look genuinely shook up. A man with his back turned walks into the shot. as he walks away from the camera towards the two and turns to speak to them the crowd and viewers see that its stone cold and go wild. 'Hey Eric,' SCSA says to Bischoff. Bischoff tries to get up and embrace Austin to make it seem like he likes him, but Austin pushes him back down, 'I sorta didn't take too kindly to you running me out of the GMs position at Survivor Series.' Bischoff tries to talk, 'I can understand that but...' Eric's somewhat fearful voice is cut off mid sentence, which you can see he does no like. 'Shut up you worth less Piece-o-crap, I'm talking. Did you see what happened out there?' Austin waited for an answer, 'What?' he shouted at Bischoff, who answered: 'No and quite frankly I don't care. What are you doing in my office and more to the point what are you doing back on RAW? That cameraman disguise may have fooled you, but it doesn't fool me: SECURITY!' Bischoff yelled at the top of his voice. No one came. 'You wondering why no one came you stupid son of a bitch?' As bischoff when to answer, Austin shouted 'What?' and then continued 'You don't know the half of it.' the crowd are shouting what between ever sentence now, 'My good friend, Mick Foley, got a petition together. He showed that son-bitch to the WWE board of directors, and they said, that due to overwhelming public support, Stone Cold Steve Austin is back on Raw!' The crowd popped loudly at this. 'I don't understand, I did everything.' Bischoff seemed to be talking to himself in dispear as the coach sat there silently. 'I'm gonna carry on what I did before, but this time I can do what the hell I want and you wanna know why? WHAT? Coz stone cold said so. With that Austin Dragged the Coach from his chair and stunnered him, leaving whilst saying, 'I can beat up whoever the hell I want too!' Bischoff hit the table in anger and frustration as we cut to the ring.


Mark Henry Vs. Randy Orton (c) for IC title
Cheers for the last segment quickly turn to boos as Mark Henry walks down the ramp and enters the ring with teddy long. Teddy long grabs the mic from lilian: 'lemme holla atcha playa,' he starts, 'When was the last time we had a black champion in the WWE huh? I can gi' ya one man and thats it. Booker T, be we all know he's playin' the whiteman's game. He may aswell be white as far as I'm concerned coz dat won't be no loss to my black brothers. Enough about the michael jackson wanna be, I'm here to talk business. Coz tonight playa, two colours are gonna reunite before your very eyes brother, that have not seen each other since our rich ancestors were enslaved centuries ago. I'm talk bout black and gold playa, so lets get it on: get yo skinny white but down to the ring and see if you measure up to da world's strongest man.
Randy orton's music hits and he enters the ring to a mixed reaction, more cheers than usual. He is also alone as presumably Ric flair is still with HHH psyching him up for the main event.
The match starts and they lock up and Mark henry throws Orton across the ring like a rag doll. Randy gets back to his feet bounces off the rope and with speed baseball slides hitting Mark Henry on the leg, but its not enough to get the big man down. He tries again, but to no avail. On the third time Mark Henry stops him and splashes him. From this point Mark Henry has the momentum, hitting Orton with hard clotheslines. It is after this that Henry locks Orton in the Bear hug. After a while of Mark shaking Orton around vigourously, he stops and tightens the hold. Randy's body goes limp and the referee walks over to check on orton who seems to be out. The ref drops randy orton's hand once, twice, but then just as his arm was about to go down on the third time, Randy Orton digs down deep and holds his fist in the air. He starts jabbing Mark Henry in the head, at first to no avail as the bear hug is tightened. Finally the hold is released and Orton manages to make the big man rock with a quick jab. Orton goes for the RKO but gets pushed into the ropes, comes back with his back facing Mark Henry, the worlds strongest man lifts Orton for an impressive delayed Back drop. As Orton is about to be planted, he kicks forward and hits the RKO. What a reversal, some talent here. As Mark Henry hits the mat a thud reverberates around the arena, a big man has fallen. Orton rolls over for the pin, 1,2,3 after nearly 10 minutes of fast action especially for Henry, the match is over and Orton walks to the back as Theodore Long tends to a laid out Mark Henry. The fans might not like this guy but they have to respect him for this win.

Orton is seen walking through the back where he bumps into Batista who congratulates him on a hard fought victory and directs him back to the Evolution dressing room, and the door opens we see HHH embrace Randy, uncharacteristically emotionally. Ric Flair can be heard shouting 'You showed 'em boy and tonight Trips, no matter what you've been saying you will show them too. woooooooooooooooo! They then burst out of the dressing room, noticing the camera man and knocking him down obviously annoyed at the fact everyone just heard that.

Another camera picks the 4 up as they head up to the curtain. WWE Raw security is there to greet them with stone cold behind them. The security then tells evolution other than HHH that they can't go out there and that they are to come with them for the duration of the match up.

Main Event:
HHH and HBK enter the ring in that order and the match gets underway. HHH was the momentum early on with his patented knees to the face and a backbreaker. HBK battles back however after the matched looked to be a short one with knife edge chops and punches. The match is pretty even until HHH hits a superplex that looks to really hurt HBK. HHH searches outside the ring for a chair. HHH tries to 'Pedigree' HBK onto it but is countered when HBK hits a big back body drop. Shawn then hits HHH with a butt face crusher and goes for the pin, 1,2,near fall as Triple H gets his shoulder up. The match swings back and forth with various near falls.

Finish (noted due to importance):
As the match draws to a close with a chair set up in the ring, HBK looks to win it with a sweet chin music but Triple H ducks and hits a side backbreaker on Michaels onto the chair. They are both down through exaustion as the match has gone on for 25 minutes already. Triple H rolls over onto Shawn to make the cover, 1,2..very near fall, The game looks on in desperation while HBK is lying on the mat. HHH gets to his feet, he rolls out of the ring and picks up a sledge hammer, but before he can enter the ring HBK hits a baseball slide dropkick, knocking the hammer into Hunter's face knocking him out. Shawn rolls the game back into the ring and goes for the pin, again another near fall on HHH who is now bleeding. They both struggle up after 8 has been counted by the referee, they exchange blows ending up in HHH hiting the neckbreaker and goin for the dragon sleeper. He relinquishes the hold and picks up the sledge hammer agen, he swings at HBK who ducks and does to set up Triple H for the superkick, but is reversed into the pedigree onto the metal end of the sledge hammer. With that a bloody HHH takes the win to which Evolution come to the ring and start to beat down on Michaels who lies lifeless in the ring.

Post Match:
Goldberg and Booker T run to the ring and after getting hit initally, clear house and save Shawn. They carry him to the titantron at which HBK pushes them off turns around and wearily poses to a rapturous reception, saying thank you and leaves the stage. As SCSA is seen watching a monitor backstage.

<TV cameras cut>

HHH is left in the ring where he announces himself as the winner and says that no one can kick out of the Pedigree and no one can beat him because he is just that damn good. Goldberg comes out and spears him and hits the jackhammer and poses with the fans.

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The WWE RAW Executive Stone Cold Steve Austin has announced the following match ups for next week:

Booker T and RVD Vs. Cade and Jindrak For the World tag title number one contendership.
Randy Orton Vs. Scott Steiner For the IC title
Royal Rumble Selection Match:
Matt Hardy Vs. Mark Henry

More to be announced soon.

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Brock Lesnar comes to the ring and seems to acknowledge a guy in the crowd near the stairs. The crowd can be heard chanting 'You tapped out'.
'Why don't you shut the hell up for once and let a real man talk.' The crowd do not relent so instead Brock talks over them, 'It seems as though I'm surrounded by failure, I doubt one of you has laid a woman that isn't a blood relative in your lives, or that any one of you is not in debt. But, I'm not just talking about you guys. Two weeks ago, Shannon Moore was beaten to a pulp by the greatest WWE champion in history, me, Brock Lesnar, yet when I made certain that in his next match some 5 minutes later that he was in first you couldn't get the job done, you couldn't finish him. Instead you let him tag hardcore holly. You let Holly look good when you messed up. You see a pattern here? I succeed everyone around me fails. Why is it always down to Brock Lesnar to do all the hard work, I'm the WWE Champion, I should be able to relax, instead you get that maniac Holly reinstated and not only that, you give him a title shot.' An irate Brock Lesnar has shouted himself hoarse by the time Paul Heyman comes out bringing remorseful looking A-train and Matt Morgan.
'Look at me Brock, I'm building this show around you and you call me a failure? I'm not a very forgiving man Brock, but I'll forgive you on the condition, that you forgive A-train and Matt Morgan, I mean it wasn't them who lost as part of Team Lesnar,' Heyman laughs, which enrages Brock, 'You better come up with some ideas soon Heyman or...' Brock's cut off mid sentence by Paul, 'Or what Brock?, You'll hit me? You'll kick me? You'll F-5 me? Oh wait, you already did that and look where it got you. Out of a manager! Listen to me Brock, I'm moulding Smackdown around you but you've got to follow my lead or this thing won't work, I've got an Idea for Holly's title shot. I call it a best of 3 falls match! One of the most exhausting matches there is in the WWE.'
'What?' Brock says shocked 'Why are you doing this to...' Again Heyman cuts Lesnar off, 'Let me finish Brock, Please! When I said best of 3 falls I meant it like this: Holly has to win all three to win the title, but thats not all, because when I think about it, its not really a best of 3 falls match atall!' Heyman pauses to laugh, 'It's a pyramid match, He starts off facing A-Train in the first fall. When he loses, he's out and loses his title shot, but if he some how flukes a victory he faces Matt Morgan, the youngest 7 footer in this business, now that really should be the end of his chances, but if he somehow manages to win the second match the third match be against you, yes it will be for the title, but I'll do you a favour: it'll be HELL IN A CELL!' As Heyman roars those words the crowd roars too, but Brock Lesnar seems to wimper more than roar, 'Hell in a cell? are you nuts? with that lunatic?'
'Remember Brock!' Heyman yells, 'You survived the taker in the Cell, he made HBK famous, Mankind famous, but you remained the WWE champ!' Lesnar smiled, 'Putting it that way, I think that this could be one of your better ideas paul, but it better be.'
Lesnar left the ring along with Paul Heyman, leaving A-train and Matt Morgan in the ring, who face the APA!
APA come to the ring to a fairly huge pop, before they get there, farooq grabs a mic and says: 'we're both gonna be in the rumble.'
The match starts with both sides hitting power moves, power slams, forearm smashes etc.
The match is pretty even with APA maybe just edging it when A-train drops down on the apron to get a chair. Meanwhile, in the ring Faarooq picks up Matt Morgan and hits the dominator. Bradshaw tags in, and hits the clothesline from hell on Morgan and covers him. As A-train realises whats going on, he tries to run back to the ring and break up the cover, but can't get there in time leaving APA to get the win.
After the match, Matt Morgan is seemingly screaming at the A-train. Brock Lesnar runs down, folowed by Paul Heyman. Brock walks over the A-train as iff he's about to throttle him, but is pulled back by Paul Heyman how whispers something to Lesnar. Brock looks like he's agreeing with Heyman and all four men return to the back.

Sable is seen backstage looking at her self in a mirror, she likes wot she sees.
Torrie Wilson is in the middle of the ring. 'Since it's the holiday season and all, I've come to give you guys a special treat.' Torrie then starts to remove her clothing. As she goes to undo her bra, Sable comes out an knocks her down from behind. 'You don't want to see her, I'm THE diva of smackdown and no one can take that away. Not even you, you little s*beep*ut. Sable begins to stomp away on Torrie until we hear 'I'm an ass man...' Billy Gunn is back. He gets sable and pushs her away lightly to stop the beating and helps Torrie up and out of the ring. They then hold hands as they leave the ring, the crowd are excited at this return.
'So you think you're untouchable?...' John Cena enter the arena to a loud chorus of cheers. He grabs a mic and starts to rap.
'Hey y'all, I'm coming out here to give you a message,
In Baghdad I taught the big show an important lesson,
If you're gonna come out here and challenge me,
Try to battle rap and insult my family,
You gotta take back back the consequence,
By now, you should know that nobody messes,
You'd be more at home at a steak you, all you can eat night,
Living up your reputation of a 500lb sack of...' The crowd finish.
So what I came out here to say was this,
I'm gon' beat you next week and take your championship,
You don't see that? well you can't see your own penis,
You're too fat and its too small, but thats not what the point is,
I've been beatin your ass left right and center,
John Cena's a name you might not wanna remember,
I'm gonna end yo' title reign and beat you down thuganomics style,
I'll be the one at the end of the night who can't control his smile,
You took away my chance of a title, I'll take away yours,
I'll make you see who you really are,
A man who gets turned down by 2 dollar...' The crowd finish him off and Cena goes to leave. He poses at the top of the ramp only to be hit from behind by the Big Shot who then does the 'you can't see me' sign and leaves the stage, while Cena is left lying.

*more to follow as I have to go to stay at relatives for new years*

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Smackdown To continue, just got back from family for new year

Los Guerreros enter the arena and the crowd cheer loudly, followed by the world's greatest tag team. The following match will be for the number one contendership for the tag team titles.
Chavo tells eddie that he will start and enters the ring. Shelton benjamin hits chavo with a forearm before he goes to work on Chavito's already weakened right knee. Chavo is growning in agony as the queen angelito stretch / reverse figure four is applied. 5 minutes pass with either member of the WGTT working on Chavo and his knee.
Chavo passes through Hass's legs eventually however and makes the tag to Eddie who comes in hot and takes down any one in his path.
As the match ends, Eddie locks in the laso from El paso and is near to forcing Hass to tap out when Chavo tags himself in and the hold has to be broken. Chavo climbs to the top rope slowly and hits his version of the frog splash successfully, following up with an el paso laso of his own. He tightens and tightens and tightens the hold until something has to give. Suddenly the crowd gasp as Chavo's right knee buckles and the referee calls a halt to the action. As Eddie checks on Chavo, boths their faces don't look good. Chavo is stretchered to the back.
*No contest*
As smackdown! rolls on, they cut to the back where we see Kurt Angle entering the arena with his bags. The crowd pops and Angle enters his dressing room: the camera looks away.

read the title (more to come soon) piece by piece
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