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RVD Vs. Kane (Inferno Match)(Intercontinental Title)

The ring isn't on fire the fire stuff is out of the ring.

The match starts with RVD kicking Kane in the gut. Kan doesnt stagger. RVD goes for a Spinning heel kick but Kane catches his leg and lifts him up. RVD gets thrown over the top onto the barricade. RVD is down. Kane picks him up and throws him bak into the ring. Kane picks him up and powerbombs him into the turnbuckle. Kane tries to hit a runnin shoulder block but RVD jumps to the top and hits a flyin kick. RVD hits a rollin thunder on Kane. 1...2 Kane throws RVD off. Kane gets up RVD goes 4 his Enzigurzi but Kane counters with a tombstone. Kane picks him up and hits the Chokeslam. The ring dents. Kane goes out and gets a spray and a match. RVD jumps up and kicks Kane. Then RVD gets a chair and hits Kane over the head. Kane falls into the dent. RVD gets a ladder and climbs up and takes the chair with him. Then he hits a five star with the chair on Kane who is in the dent. Then RVD gets the spray and lights the match and holds the match pointing to Kane and sprays and fire erupts but Kane is not on fire. Kane gets up and chokeslams RVD. Kane gets kerosene and sets the ring on fire. He rips out 1 side of the ropes and sets up RVD for a chokeslam on the fire. But RVD jumps away and hits a flying kick off the top rope. Kane falls and lands in the fire. So RVD is the winner but Kane is still in the fire so RVD hits a Five-Star on Kane who is in the fire.

Winner: RVD

So wat did u think?
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