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RVD Guest Stars on the NEW DDP TV

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This DDP TV series looks like it's going to be hilarious. Why? Bc I've seen all the footage bc I edited it all together. This is the trailer for the newly reformatted DDP TV on youtube. This 3 parter stars DDP, RVD, and Justin McCully. Nice interview with RVD, bunch of effects on his stoner stuff, a sweet DDP nWo style promo, some YRG workout clips, McCully teaches some UFC stuff, RVD sweats his ass off...lots of great stuff. I think Episode 1 will be out this weekend.

THERE IS ALSO A GIVEAWAY DDP IS DOING WITH THE VIDEO! He is giving away a personally autographed WWE Classics figure of your choice. Either the WWE DDP or the "Mulleted" WCW DDP. haha

But this is in the TNA section bc RVD is in this series A LOT! and he's so funny with all the sound effects that got added on.

Alright subscribe if you want, well thats the only way to get in the action figure drawing but the stuff we're putting out on DDP's Youtube channel in the next month is going to blow everyones minds.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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