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Run up to the Rumble

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Non of the participants have been announced in this version.

Vince and Shane come out, Vince says Eric has to change Raw around. He says aftr the Rumble he will give Eric an ultimatum. Leave Raw or improve Raw otherwise he will no longer be General Manager. Eric comes out along with Chief Morley. They question what Vince is going on about, they say Raw is doing fine. Anyway more talking. Shane gets on the mic and says he will be the next General Manager if Bischoff doesn't improve Raw.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven in a singapore Cane match
Dreamer just wins, Raven puts up a good fight but loses when Credible interferes. Dreamer and Credible form an alliance.

We go backstage on F-View. We see Terri getting ready for her match-up later in the night, we see Victoria come up from behind and smash a mirror over her head knocking Terri out cold. EMT's rush to the scene as Victoria kicks Terri. Richards comes and takes Victoria away with a smile on his face.

Kane's music hits as the Big Red Machine comes down to the ring. Next out comes Dave Bautist and Rob Van Dam. It is a triple threat. The winner is the number one contender. RVD wins with the Van Daminator to Bautist and Five Star to Kane and Bautist who are lying next to each other. After the match Kane sits up and tombstones RVD. Eric comes out and says Kane is in the match as well as RVD.


We come back and hear Terri is ok, just a concussion.

Ivory is in the ring, she starts bad mouthing Trish. commenting on
her fued with Victoria, saying Victoria was the only personwho made it interesting. Trish comes out. Ivory beats Trish in a matter of minutes when Credible and Dreamer help her out.Ivory is confused but is happy never the less.

F-View is on again and Stacy is in the back and Victoria again smashes a mirror overher head. Test and the EMT's rush to the scenes. Test challenges Victoria and Richards and anyone else for a match tonight.

Test vs. Victoria, Richards and O'Haire.
Test just wins this one. He big boots Victoria, gives Richards a pumphandle slam and O'Haire a testdrive.


Dudleyz vs. 3 Minute Warning
The winners get to face Storm and Regal who had won the tag titles the week previous. 3 Minute Warning win when Rosey goes up top and hits a big splash on D-Von. However there was no sign of Spike or Rico.

Eric is talking to Chief Morley about what they can do to improve Raw and he gets an idea suddenly. Eric comes out and announces a Hell in a Cell match this sunday. Everyone is shocked, we go backstage and Vince is clapping. Eric does NOT announce the participants.

HBK vs. Chris Jericho Ladder match
HBK pulls it off and beats Chris in the laddder match. The match is a good 20 minutes long and HBK traps Jericho's neck under the bottom rung and the mat and climbs up.


We come back and see Randy Orton backstage doing a promo for [email protected]. Nowinski and Al come infreont of him, they say they hope he gets better soon so he can help them kick Maven's ass.

HHH vs. Steiner in a Arm wrestle. Neither are winning when Eric sends the entire Raw roster out, they beat the shit into both men and Eric strips the title off of Triple H and says the Hell in a Cell is for the title. HHH and Steiner lye in the ring for a few minutes until they get up. The Dudleyz bring more wood but turn on 3 Minute Warning and put them through tables before then getting tableissed themselves by BookDust.


Stephanie comes out and says she has the ultimate in matches lined up for the Rumble for her part of the show. She says Kurt will face a mystery opponent as the main event.

Edge defeated Benjamin. Benjamin puts up a great fight but Edge hits the edgececuttion for the win. After the match Show comes down and beats up Edge, he attacks him until Benoit comes down and Show runs for it.

Riksihi defeated Chuck in a kiss my ass match. Rikishi wins with the Rikishi driver and Chuck bends over but then low blows Riksihi. Stephanie says Chuck doesn't have to kiss up as she knows what it's like.


Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore vs,. Tajiri and Funaki. Tajiri and Funaki win and Matt has a go at Shannon. He knocks him down and hits a twist of fate and says they have got to start winning.

We go backstage and Stephanie is talking to some people backstage who are behind another door in the next room. She says they will all come out later.

John Cena, B2 and Notorious Dog defeated the Guerrero's and Charlie Haas. No interference by Benjamin or Angle but Haas leaves half way through the match. Chavo gets issolated and they finish him off. Cena gets the pinfall and B2 and Notrotious Dog keep Eddie away from the pinfall.


Chris Benoit comes out for a match. A-Train then comes out. Thre match begins and ends in the same way, with A-Train dominating. After the match A-Train continues to beat up Benoit using the ring steps on Benoit's knee. Benoit is taken backstage and they say his knee is pretty bad. Edge comes out to the ring but is beaten down by A-Train.

We go backstage and Stephanie is horrified by what A-Train has done to both Edge and Benoit. She says something is going to happen to A-Train at the Rumble and that she will make sure of it.

Bill DeMott vs. Big Show. Show wins in a minute. He goes up top after a chookeslam and hits a big splash. DeMott is out and guess who, A-Train comes down. A-Train helps DeMott backstage and when he gets to the EMT room shoves Benoit off and puts DeMott on the bed.

Mysterio vs. Kidman
Rey returns and against Kidman for the Cruiserweight title. Kidman retains when DeMott interferes but Undertaker comes from under the ring and destroys Kidman, DeMott, Mysterio, Chioda, Chimmel, Tazz and Cole.

Stephanie comes out and says that A-Train and the Undertaker have things to answer for and they will.

Stephanie then tells everyone to loook at the titantron as Torrie and Dawn come out. They play Al's best moments as they are in the ring sitting down watching them. Torrie is crying and Dawn is showing no sign of anything. Torrie takes the mic and says how Dawn could be sp heartless after marrying her dad. Dawn says she did it to spite Torrie and they start to fight.

Then Hogan, Flair and Snuka come out. Steph says that they are the latest Smackdown superstars.

End Show

Royal Rumble
Torrie and Dawn have there match. Torrie wins with a inside cradle. Undertaker comes out with Al's coffin and raises it against the turnbuckle. The lid opens and Al comes out, Torrie hugs the Undertaker and they smile. They then start to kiss, with Dawn watching with amazement and Al shocked. Al turns to Dawn and starts shouting. Only Sgt.Slaughter could keep it under control by taking Dawn out of the arena.

We go backstage and Eric is the General Manager's office. Vince comes in and congratulates Eric. Vince thinks Eric will keep his job, he just needed a kick up the ass to get him going.

A-Train vs. Edge and Mysterio
A-Train loses and Edge and Mysterio hit a conchairto. Benoit comes down and stops Mysterio and Edge. He goes to the outside and picks up a chair and they start to beat down on A-Train.


Eddie and Chavo come out followed by Cena and B2. Eddie and Chavo win. They double team Cena and then Hector Guerrero comes out and distracts B2. Mean while Chavo hits a brainbuster followed by a frog splash.

Stephanie comes into the General Manager office and say that Raw is improving. She says it is because of Eric, just like Smackdown when she took over. They agree and then Morley walks in. They sit down to watch the rest of the night.

Dudleyz attack 3MW right before their match.

3 Minute Warning come out and then Storm and Regal. The match lasted no more than 1 minute as Storm pinned Jamal.


Kurt Angle vs. Jimmy Snuka
Jimmy wins with the diving cross body block followed by a frog splash style manuver. The match lasts roughly 10 minutes and everybody cheers him. Flair and Hogan come out as well as HBK and they congratulate Snuka.

Hell in a Cell
Kane, RVD, Bautist and HHH come out. Kane won the match when he chokeslammed RVD to hell. HHH is pissed off and Eric says what do you think of the new world champion and the crowd cheers. *the match lasts 30 minutes)


Royal Rumble match
Undertaker wins the rumble by kicking and chokeslamming Jericho and HBK out of the ring.
Other Entrants (in order): Dreamer, Tajiri, Richards, Matt, Jeff, Moore, Test, DeMott, D'Lo, Hogan, HBK, Flair, Jericho, Benoit, Snow, Haas, Maven, Benjamin, Nowinski, Booker T, Noble, Goldust, Show, Christian, Funaki, D-Von, Kidman, Bubba Ray, Spike and Rico. So thats 17 Raw guys and 13 Smackdown guys. In exchange Stephanie gets Nowinski and Al Snow.
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