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Royal Rumble-
Hardcore holly, Brock lesnar(drawn no1), Shanon Moore, Funaki,Maven and Rico are fighting in the ring. 7 guys are fighting in the ring battling it out, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 BEEEEPPPP, the lights go out and Undertakers Ministry music hits. Undertaker comes out half way and stops looks behind him,( the fans dont know whats going on,whether 2 boo or cheer, jr and the king are stunned)
The Undertaker brings out Paul Bearer, Mideon, Gangrel, Vicera,Raven, Acolysites, Christian, Jeff Hardy and............KANE!!!!!. ' you people thought that my Ministry was over hahahah . I played you fans like the fools that you are, You cheered my name forgeting that i am the lord of darkness, the personification of evil, the reper, the lord of all the souls. 4 years ago 2 this night i sacrifced Vicera 2 my ministry which would be the start of the most evil,sinister force ever 2 grace the federation, we came, we took and we destoyed each member of the federation, nor we did not took take control but we left our mark. Stephanie mcmahon sleep with one eye open, for the minsitry is coming, we will not stop until you REST..... IN.......PEACE.

The Undertaker leads the troops 2 the ring, all superstars in the ring allign as one and prepare 2 fight for there lives, The acolysites have chains round the hands and knock out Brock lesnar leaving him in a pool of fresh blood, they hoist shannon moor into the air and powerbomb him over the rops 2 the floor. JEFF hardy BOOm swanton bomb from the top 2 funaki, big splash 2 funaki from Vicera. Over the top and funaki is gone,(Jr is stunned bla bla.) Even Flow DDP 2 Rico kane picks Rico up and chokslam 2 the outside, Tombstone 2 Hardcore Holly from kane, Chair Shot 2 maven from mideon and over the top, Undertaker enters the ring with paul bearer his troops are alligned as one, the personifiction of evil is back, Kane raises his arms and BOOM fire around the ring, the camra moves 2 the bak and the Undertakers symbol is on the titan tron, the fans looked stunned and are booing louder than ever.

The Ministry leave the ring, The Emts, Bishoff, and previous wrestlers help shannon,funaki etc 2 the bak. Brock and Hardcore holy are lying lifeless in the ring, they havent been elimanated so are allowed 2 stay. ("what the hell was that king,BISHOFF get them outhere they need help" 'yeh eric this isnt business anymore, there is more important things in life" " King i just pray that there gona be ok, brock and hardore have familes they need help", 1,' who is it, oh MY GOD....... ITS 500 HUNDERED POUNDS HE DESTROYED ANGLE AND BENOIT 2NIE, ITS THE BIG SHOW" show goes straight for brock pounding on him , he picks up the lifeless Hardcore and throws him from the top, as Big show is celebarting the lights go out one more time, the Takers music hits, the lights come back on and there is a cofin getting took up the ramp to the bak, presumably with show in.('jr- is that show in there king, oh god whats gona happen nxt i just pray that Mark isnt gona do something stupid 2 him, we know show throw the Undertaker of the stage, is this revenge or what" 'what do u think jr come on hes in a freakin coffin use yor imagination',


Booker T and Goldust vs Y2j and christian(didnt show up) vs Dudleys.

Dudley Boys pick up the victroy after a 3D 2 goldust through the table. Christian didnt show up and jericho was put though the anounce table from the stage by booker T via the Book End. After the Match Goldust attacks Booker T claiming it wasnt his fault it was booker Ts, he sed he took on both dudleys, Booker was goin for the glory moment trying 2 impress the fans by using thr table and wasnt looking out for his pal.

Steiner Vs HHH

Steiner picks up the victory after a memorable match. Tries 2 use the Sledge Hammer but steiner returns with vicious shots 2 the bak and then uses the steiner recliner not once not twice but 3 times 2 HHH, finally taps out

Angle Vs Benoit

No contest, The ref is knocked out, Team Angel start attacking benoit but the Big Show comes out and destroys them chokslaming them both, Picks up angle and BOOM chokslam 2 angel benoit gets up and ref counts 1.2………………………….. kick from show 2 benoit and Chokslam 2 benoit, the ref rings the bell and announces a no contest.

Royal Rumble Winner: Brock Lesnar

Brock vs Rvd Vs y2j vs Nowinski. F5 2 Nowinski over the top 2 the floor, Y2j brings in a chair and gets the van terminator from Rvd and goesd over the rope...........BUT only 1 foot touches the floor, Jericho pleeds 2 the ref but 2 no avail, Chair shot 2 the ref, chair shot 2 brock chair shot 2 rv d jericho leaves. Brock and Rvd get up, by this time Brock is hurt bad stumbles up rvd forearms 2 the rops, takes a step back for a running closeline but brock reverses and sends him over the top 2 declare that BROCK IS THE WINNER OF THE 2003 ROYAL RUMBLE.....

Overall impressions

First time i have done anything like this, i have so many ideas. I jst think with the introduction of the Ministry the Undertaker cud bring up fresh ideas, i know the ministry was done before but who cares, with the right creative team i think this cud be a ratings bonaza, anyway hope you like. I was thinking of a heel turn for Rvd maybe attacking brock after the match, and goin over 2 smackdown cos he was upposed 2 be anyway cos he doesnt like HHH or something anyway. I had goldust turn on Booker cos 2 me its certain that he will in the future, i know they are popualr but they had 60% of raw Tv time last yr and its just not on for another yr. HHH vs Steiner was an easy one, i have an idea of reforming the NWO again 2 join with the Ministry 2 battle every 1 else and maybe DX but obviously wouldnt work. I was tunking of putting HBK vs Y2J on which wud be good but i would save that for backlash and get a proper fued goin.

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good but a bit messy at times, would beat 1/2 the shows nowadays if the wrestling was up to standard, altjough i don't think the fans would want another main event PPV no-contest for a finish, but thats just my opinion

grade: 7.5/10

you must have like psychic powers or something man...
Royal Rumbel Winner is Brock Lesnar!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D
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