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Royal Rumble 91 - How well do you feel the Rumble match was put together as opposed to enhancing feuds and balancing the talent?

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Ok, we hear a lot about the Royal Rumble 92 and rightly so, however I wanted to concentrate a little on the previous year to this one, which sometimes, I do feel gets missed out quite often when it comes to these conversations, maybe I'm a little bias, as it is my favourite Royal Rumble and the first one I saw, I was given a video tape of Wrestlemania VII and then Royal Rumble 91 for some reason, so I happened to watch back on this year of wrestling and loved it, however I do feel that this is a great Rumble match, it's well paced out, it enhances feuds and the lot.

I can't remember what feuds were going down as such, at this moment in time, although I do know of the Rick/Jake feud of course, which was enhanced really well during this Rumble, that moment when Jake comes in and the crowd went nuts, all eye's were on those two that everyone else in the ring, for those few moments, were an after thought, then Rick eliminated Jake which added fuel to the fire and also had this long running entrant in the Rumble too, which really helped build the feud up until Wrestlemania VII when Jake finally got his win to the please of the crowd, I think Warlord and Davey may have been feuding at the time too, and of course Tito was in there also, you guys probably have a better knowledge of this than I do, in regards to what feuds were going down and enhanced in the Rumble also, so I'd love you guys to bring in some thoughts in regards to other things with that also during this match.

Also, the pace of the talent too, you had Bret Hart coming in at number one and then Dino Bravo at number two, which kickstarted the Rumble pretty good I think, it was The Undertakers first Royal Rumble performance also, I think Earthquake and Hogan may have been feuding also, or recently had been feuding the following year, so that was great too how him and Hogan were there, and then of course, if you guys remember the last few entrants left at the end before Hogan got his win, how do you feel that was done in regards to those guys who were left also with Hogan?

You can watch the full Rumble match here if you like.

It was also the record for Hogan being the first man to win a Royal Rumble twice, and the record of 52:17 by Rick also, which was a great performance as he was constantly going at it, no rests or anything, which was great.

So what are your thoughts, how do you feel the pacing of the Rumble was for you, how did you feel about the order of talents that were coming and the talents in general, feuds and clashes within the Rumble, and any certain moments or eliminations that you really liked?

I'd love to hear some thoughts and vibes from you guys in regards to this, as I do feel that this Rumble is often unappreciated, maybe because 92 became such a great to so many people, it over shadows this, I'm not sure, but I thought it would be nice to get some thoughts and vibes from you guys in regards to this specific match :)

I hope to hear from some of you soon :)

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I think that Hulk Hogan's Royal Rumble win may have originally been intended for Andre the Giant. As of December 23rd, 1990, Andre was intended to be an entrant into the Rumble but ultimately withdrew because of a ruptured blood vessel in his leg. Some have speculated that a final RR win might have been a gold watch thank you for his years of service.

That would have been a pretty good Rumble win too I think, wouldn't he have been the first heel to win the Rumble if so? Hacksaw, Studd, Hogan, Andre.
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