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Chris Jericho w/ Stephanie McMahon & Paul Heyman vs. Brock Lesnar
WWE Championship; Wrestle Mania 21

With this match, I feel the need to give a quick lead up to how the match came together…
Firstly, Brock leaves the WWE after WM XX, but returns soon after Summer Slam, due to an unsuccessful attempt at joining the NFL, and is immediately confronted by Paul Heyman. Heyman accuses Brock of leaving him in the lurch with the rest of the Smackdown locker room. Over the following months he tries to end Lesnar’s career, but Lesnar comes through each obstacle. He then wins the Royal Rumble to get a shot at WM 21.
Jericho is aided on RAW by none other than Stephanie in his war with Christian and Trish. Soon the pair are traded to SD and in time they turn heel, and Jericho wins the WWE Title at Survivor Series. He keeps the title on the road to WM, setting up a title match with Lesnar. Heyman offers his services to the pair in the weeks leading to WM and the trio try and take down Lesnar, leading to the WM main event.

The Match :
Brock Lesnar is introduced first, then Jericho is introduced accompanied by Stephanie and Heyman. He enters the ring, but quickly jumps back out as Lesnar charges toward him. Heyman jumps on the apron, distracting Brock. Brock grabs Heyman, but before he can do anything, Stephanie runs in and nails Lesnar in the nuts. Jericho then gets back in and hit’s a dropkick on Lesnar, and the bell rings for the match to officially begin.
Jericho then hit’s a flying forearm on Lesnar and goes for a cover, but Lesnar quickly kicks out at an early two. Jericho stomps on the challenger as he tries to get to his feet. Jericho then hit’s a number of kicks to the midsection, but Brock fights back, and knocks down Y2J. Lesnar then has his foot pulled by Stephanie, distracting the 285 pounder. He grabs Stephanie by the hair, but Jericho jumps up, and school boys Lesnar, holding the tights, 1...2.Kick- out. Lesnar gets to his feet immediately and mows down Jericho with a clothesline. He then grabs Jericho by the hair and hit’s a double power bomb. He gets the cover, but no count is made as Heyman is distracting the referee. Brock is irate, he chases Paul around the ring, but is tripped by Stephanie. Lesnar turns around and shakes his head at Steph. She looks scared and tries to run away, but Lesnar grabs her and throws her into the steel steps. He chases Heyman around the ring, and eventually into the ring, were Jericho is waiting. He nails the unsuspecting Lesnar with a spinning heel kick, 1...2..Kick- out from Lesnar. Jericho bounces off the ropes for a clothesline, but he walks right into a Belly to Belly suplex from Lesnar. He gets back to his feet, but Lesnar hits another Belly to Belly immediately. Lesnar then waits in pursuit for Jericho to get to his feet. When he does, he hits another Belly to Belly. He covers Jericho, 1...2...HEYMAN PUTS THE FOOT ON THE ROPE!!
Lesnar decides to ignore Heyman and begins to wear down Jericho in the corner. He hit’s a number of shoulder thrusts to the mid section of Jericho, then whips him to the opposite corner. He hit’s the repeated shoulder thrusts again, and then whips him to the opposite corner. This time Jericho jumps to the top rope and saults behind the running Lesnar. He ducks a clothesline and hit’s the Breakdown. 1...2..BROCK KICKS OUT!! He orders Heyman to hand him a steel chair. Heyman does so, but as Jericho swings back, the referee pulls the chair off him. Jericho argues with the referee, and as he turns around, he walks right into a Spinebuster from Lesnar. Heyman pulls out the ref at the count of one. Lesnar loses his cool, and gets out of the ring. He grabs the steel chair, and Heyman hightails through the crowd. Lesnar then argues with the referee, but eventually he decides to get back in the ring. He gets on the apron, but is distracted by Steph who is now just back to her feet after going into the steel steps earlier. At this time, Jericho takes advantage, and jumps to the top rope, and hits Lesnar with a springboard dropkick. Brock falls onto the referee and Stephanie.
As Lesnar gets to his feet, Jericho bounces off the ropes and attempts a Suicide dive to Lesnar, but he is caught. Lesnar then gets Jericho in the F5 position and walks to the announce table. He look around the arena before hitting the F5 through the announce table. He then points to Heyman, who has sneakily made his way back to the ring. Heyman looks shocked, and the chase is on. Heyman runs into the crowd and Lesnar chases. Heyman runs through the crowd and back to ringside, but Lesnar eventually catches him. Brock taunts Heyman and teases letting him go, but then changes his mind and hits him with a hard right hand. Brock throws him in the ring and hit’s a kick to the mid section, and then sets him up for the F5, but out of nowhere Jericho re enters the ring and nails Lesnar with a steel chair to the back and then to the head. Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho to Lesnar as Heyman revives the referee and throws him back in the ring. Lesnar struggles to make the ropes, and is taunted by Heyman from the outside, who places the Title belt on the apron and tells Brock if he wants it to come and get it.
Lesnar then has a surge of energy and moves toward the ropes, but instead of grabbing the ropes, he grabs Heyman by the shirt, and trails him into the ring. Jericho breaks the hold and runs at Lesnar, but Brock ducks and Jericho hit’s the referee instead. Lesnar then hit’s a German suplex to the champion. Heyman tries to exit the ring, but Lesnar grabs him. And then slaps him to the ground. Lesnar then hit’s a double clothesline to Heyman and Jericho. Stephanie then tries to hit Lesnar with a steel chair to the back, but the shot has no effect. Lesnar grabs her and delivers the F5. Jericho then hits Brock from behind with a bulldog, followed by the Lionsault. 1.…2.…BROCK KICKS OUT!!!
Jericho then helps up Heyman and hands him the title belt. He tells Heyman that he will hold up Brock and Paul will hit him with the belt. Jericho holds up Brock, but Lesnar ducks and Heyman hits Jericho instead, over the top rope.
Heyman freezes. He realises that Brock is standing right behind him. He slowly turns around. Brock stands in front of him and just laughs. Heyman tries to weasel his way out of a beating. Brock has none of it and begins to toy with Heyman. He then picks him up for the F5, but Jericho runs in to stop the move. He walks straight into a boot to the face, and Lesnar delivers the F5 to Heyman. He then sets up Y2J for the F5, but Jericho reverses into a DDT. He goes for the Lionsault, but as he jumps on the middle rope, Lesnar nips up, and catches him. He then tosses him onto his shoulders and delivers the F5. He gets the cover and the referee slowly stirs to make the count, 1.…..2.…..3!!!!!! Lesnar wins!!
Winner and NEW WWE Champion, BROCK LESNAR!!!
Lesnar celebrates with his title in the ring as Officials help Paul Heyman out of the arena and Jericho helps Stephanie. The show ends with Lesnar celebrating in the ring.

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Here it is then

The Build Up

Eddie is shown talking to the GM Shane McMahon

Eddie : Shane essa, you know I was kind of thinking that i should be the number one contender to the WWE Championship essa

Shane : Well Eddie, I was thinking either you or Edge

Eddie : Edge!, vato i'm better than Edge, I got Latino Heat essa

Edge walks up behind Eddie, not noticed by Eddie although noticed by Shane

Eddie : Edge can't beat me essa, its simple as that now can you give me a WWE title shot like i deserve

Shane : Oh so you think Edge can't beat you ?

Eddie : I don't think that essa, I know that he can't beat me

Shane : I think Edge himself would have something to say about that (points at Edge)

Edge : Yeah your right Shane i have got something to say, Eddie if you think you can beat me then bring your latino heat to the ring

Eddie : Ok then essa i'll prove it to you vato

Shane : Then thats settled Edge V Eddie Guerrero winner gets a WWE Title shot next week.

Main Event Winner gets a Shot at the WWE Championship
Edge V Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero comes out to the ring to huge heat from the crowd. Edge comes out to a large pop from the fans. Eddie and Edge walk around the ring. The Fans start chanting Eddie sucks, Eddie sucks. Eddie and Edge tie up. Edge backing Eddie into the corner. The referee calls for a clean break. Both men break and eddie hits a quick rake of the eyes on Edge. Eddie puts Edge into the corner and starts delivering some fast right hands. Eddie delivers some quick kicks to the midsection of Edge knocking him down in the corner. Eddie chokes Edge with his foot, the ref applies the count 1-2-3-4- Eddie breaks before he gets disqualified. Eddie once again applies a choke with his foot on Edge. The ref counts again 1-2-3-4- Eddie breaks. Eddie taunts Edge then shouts "Viva La Raza". Eddie brings Edge out of the corner and takes him over to the ropes. Irish whip on edge by Eddie. Eddie goes for a clothesline but Edge ducks then hits a clothesline of his own. Edge picks Eddie up and starts hammering him with quick right hands then takes Eddie's head and hits it off the turnbuckle in the corner. Edge hits Eddie off the turnbuckle again, Eddie goes down. Edge starts stomping Eddie who rolls out of the ring. Edge leaves the ring and goes after Eddie. Edge runs to clothesline Eddie but Eddie counters and throws Edge shoulder first into the steel stairs. Eddie grabs Edge's arm then smashes it on the steel stairs, Edge rolls around in pain. Eddie picks up Edge and puts him back in the ring. Eddie goes back in the ring and taunts Edge. Eddie repeatedly stomps Edge's arm. Eddie Guerrero picks up Edge and takes him over to the corner. Eddie takes a hold of Edge's arm and hits it off the turnbuckle. Eddie pulls Edge into the middle of the ring and then hits an armbar DDT. Eddie covers 1-2-kickout by Edge. Edge tries to roll over towards the ropes but Eddie pulls him into the centre of the ring. Eddie Guerrero applies an armbar submission hold to Edge. Edge screams in pain. The fans start chanting Edge, Edge, Edge. The referee asks Edge if he wants to quit but he screams no. Edge tries to fight out of the armbar. Edge gets up onto his knees. Eddie tries to keep hold of the armbar but Edge uses his other arm and starts punching Eddie Guerrero giving him quick shots to the mid-section. Edge manages to get Eddie to break the hold. Edge starts to give Eddie quick right hands. Edge hits a kick to the midsection and goes for a suplex. Edge hits a suplex but it causes his arm pain. Edge slowly gets up, Eddie crawls over to the corner. Edge sets Eddie for the spear, Eddie gets up and turns around, Edge goes for the spear but Eddie moves and Edge goes inbetween the turnbuckles and shoulder first into the ring post. Eddie Guerrero pulls Edge out of the corner and hits a back suplex. Eddie Guerrero covers Edge 1-2-kickout by Edge. Eddie Guerrero goes up on the top turnbuckle. Eddie waits on Edge to get up. Edge staggers back into the ropes causing Eddie to lose his balance and slip and land on the turnbuckle. Edge climbs up the turnbuckle with Eddie. Edge gives Eddie some right hands. Edge tries a superplex. Edge struggles but eventually manages to hit the Superplex off the top turnbuckle on Eddie Guerrero. Both Edge and Eddie are out in the middle of the ring. Edge manages to turn over and get an arm on Guerrero. The ref counts 1-2-kickout by Eddie. Edge rolls over to the ropes and Eddie rolls over to the ropes on the other side. Both men struggle up. Eddie gets up first and walks over to Edge. Eddie delivers a right hand to Edge but Edge fires back. Edge and Eddie exchange right hands Edge gets the better of Eddie. Edge tries to Irish Whip Eddie but Eddie reverses. Eddie hits a kick to the midsection of Edge then hits a suplex. Eddie twirls his legs around and gets up and hits the seconds suplex once again doing the leg twirl he gets up and hits a 3rd suplex. Eddie taunts the crowd and shouts "viva la raza". The crowd start booing Eddie and chanting Eddie sucks, Eddie Sucks. Eddie climbs up the turnbuckle and then hits the Frog Splash on Edge. Eddie covers 1-2-kickout by Edge. Eddie can't believe it. Eddie threatens the referee and starts claiming it was three but the ref says its only two. Eddie goes up top again and goes for the second frogsplash but Edge moves and Eddie hits the canvas. Edge struggles up. Eddie gets up turns around Edge hits a kick to the midsection then he hits the edgecution. Edge covers Eddie 1-2-kickout by Eddie. Edge can't believe it. Edge goes after Eddie and picks him up, Edge goes for the second Edgecution and but Eddie counters and rolls up Edge and pulls the tights 1-2-kickout by Edge. Eddie still can't believe it. Eddie holds up the referee in the corner. But While Eddie is holding up the ref in the corner Edge is in the other corner setting him for the spear. Eddie turns around and Edge hits the spear. Edge covers 1-2-kickout again by Eddie Guerrero. Edge rolls over to the ropes and leans against them getting his breath. Edge then goes after Eddie again the ref tries to stop him but Edge pushes the ref out of the way and Eddie hits the low blow. Edge goes down. Eddie signals for El Paso. Eddie goes to lock in El Paso but Edge counters with the small package 1-2-kickout by Eddie. Edge starts to deliver right hands to the head of Eddie then goes to Irish Whip him but Eddie reverses and goes for a clothesline on edge but Edge ducks and comes off the ropes and clotheslines Eddie. Edge gets up and goes up to the top rope. Edge waits on Eddie to get up and Edge hits a spear from the top rope. Fans are on there feet clapping the efforts as both Edge and Eddie are down. Eddie in the centre and Edge on the other side of the ring. Edge tries to crawl over to Guerrero. Edge slowly crawls over to Eddie and gets an arm on top of him, 1-2-kickout by Eddie. Edge can't believe it. Edge rolls over to the ropes and uses them to help him make his way up. He gets up and goes over to Guerrero who is on his knees, the ref tries to stop him but Edge shoves the ref out of the way and Eddie hits a low blow. Guerrero goes up to and goes to missile dropkick Edge but he moves and Eddie gets the referee. Edge is on his knees in the corner suffering from the low blow. Eddie takes an object out of his tights and puts it on his hand, its brass knuckles. Eddie waits on Edge to turn around and nails him with brass knuckles. Eddie puts the brass knuckles back in his tights and pulls the referee a bit trying to revive him. Eddie covers ......1...................2...............kickout by Edge. Eddie can't believe it and scratches his head thinking of what to do. The ref is still down. Eddie gets up and delivers an elbow drop to the back of his head knocking him out again. Eddie goes outside the ring and gets a steel chair. Eddie waits on Edge to get up and then nails him with a steel chair shot to the head. Eddie slides the steel chair out of the ring. Eddie pulls the referee over to near Edge. Eddie covers Edge and the ref counts ......1...................2...............foot on the rope from Edge. Eddie goes crazy. A trainer and a referee come down to take away the current injured referee. There was currently no referee in the ring. The camera shows Edge trying to get up and he is busted open. Eddie goes over to Edge but Edge hits a shot to the mid-section. Edge starts giving Eddie shots to the head. Edge starts rapidly throwing right hands at Eddie and then hits a kick to the mid-section and picks him up and delivers a back suplex. Edge gets up and waits on Eddie to get up. Edge goes up top but Eddie shakes the ropes causing Edge to slip and fall onto the turnbuckle. Edge falls off the turnbuckle and Eddie goes up. But this time Edge catches Eddie and goes up with him. Edge starts to deliver right hands as another referee comes down the ramp to officiate the match. Eddie is on the top rope and Edge is on the middle turnbuckle. Eddie hits a shot low to Edge and does a sunset flip over him into a powerbomb pin on Edge. Eddie is pinning Edge and Eddie puts his feet on the ropes for leverage 1-2-3.
Winner : Eddie Guerrero

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Wolf Beast
length : 10/10
proffessionalism: 10/10
enjoyment: 9/10
Realism: 9/10

Good how you had the match background and the thing with Paul and Steph explained out otherwise it would have been a bit confusing. good how it was set in next years WM.

Great job wolfy, interesting what WE Chump has to say about it.

length: 10/10
proffessionalism: 8/10
enjoyment: 9/10
Realism: 10/10

Nice one Dr.T, written well and was really realistic, only thing lacking was the thing I said about in Wolfy's a background, unless it was just a Smackdown! or RAW mainevent. Seemed to be a bit too much hate between the too for it to be a weekly show match. anyway great show, like I said with Wolfy's interesting what WE Chump has to say about yours as well


Wolf Beast - 38/40
Dr.Thuganomics - 37/40

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Discussion Starter · #18 ·

Dr Fuckanomics and Wolf Beast have a draw which means that they have to do another match and CHAMP DO NOT GO BEHIND DR FUCKANOMICS BECAUSE HES YOUR ENEMY KTHNXBI.

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No we do not have another match limit.

I won fair and square and you guys making a big deal out of Mehul awarding another point is stupid.

Grendrill the other judge has also told me that he would add another point on if I put in the promo because it would give background like wolfbeasts so I win.
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