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You read right, I'm currently writing some shows for a come back company. I'll be using the WWE Raw and Smackdown but with different rosters, so I want to know what you think of them.

General Manager: Eric Bischoff

World Title Contenders
Booker T (F)

Goldberg (F)

Steve Austin (F)

The Rock (F)

Kane (H)

Ric Flair (H)

Rikishi (H)

Triple H (H)

Intercontinental Title Contenders

Diamond Dallas Page (F)

Edge (F)

John Cena (F)

Rob Van Dam (F)

Shelton Benjamin (F)

Batista (H)

Randy Orton (H)

Sean O'Haire (H)

Tyson Tomko (H)

William Regal (H)

Hardcore Division
Al Snow (F)

Hardcore Holly (F)

Steve Blackman (F)

Tazz (F)

Tommy Dreamer (F)

Big Boss Man (H)

Perry Saturn (H)

Raven (H)

Rhyno (H)

Steven Richards (H)

Tag Teams
The A Team (Billy Gunn and Val Venis) (F)

The Models (Rico and Garrison Cade) (F)

Too Great (Grand Master Sexay and Eugene) (F)

La Resistance (Sylvan Grenier and Rob Conway) (H)

Mack Militant (Rodney Mack and Mark Henry) (H)

Power and Pain (Test and Scott Steiner) (H)

Women’s Division
Ivory (F)

Lioness Aska (F)

Lita (F)

Trish Stratus (F)

Victoria (F)

Gail Kim (H)

Jacqueline (H)

Jazz (H)

Kaoru (H)

Molly Holly

Chris Nowinski (Managing Molly Holly) (H)

Jonathan Coachman (Managing Rhyno) (H)

Theodore Long (Managing Rodney Mack, Mark Henry and Jazz) (H)

Hiroko (Managing Kaoru) (H)

Raw Commentator: Jim Ross

Raw Commentator: Jerry Lawler

Interviewer: Terri

Raw Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Heat Announcer: Jason Roberts

Senior Referee: Earl Hebner

Referee: Mike Chioda

Referee: Brian Hebner

Referee: Jack Doan

Referee: Chris Kay

General Manager: TBA

WWE Title Contenders
Chris Benoit (F)

Chris Jericho (F)

Shawn Michaels (F)


Big Show

Brock Lesnar

Eddie Guerrero (H)

Kurt Angle (H)

United States Title Contenders
AJ Styles (F)

Charlie Haas (F)

Jeff Jerret (F)

Goldust (F)

Lance Storm (F)

Matt Hardy (F)

A-Train (H)

Abyss (H)

Chris Kanyon (H)

Christian (H)

John Bradshaw Layfield (H)

Rene Dupree (H)

Tag Division

Americas Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm) (F)

Dudley Boyz (F)

Super Hero’s (Jamal and Rosey) (F)

Basham Brothers (H)

Full Blooded Italians (Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli) (H)

Red Shirt Security (Kevin Northcutt and Joe E Legend) (H)

European Title Contenders
D’Lo Brown (F)

Faarooq (F)

Godfather (F)

Hugh Morrus (F)

Kevin Fertig (F)

Maven (F)

Orlando Jordan (F)

Sonny Siaki (F)

Bull Buchanan (H)

Dean Malenko (H)

Glen Gilbertti (H)

Kenzo Suzuki (H)

Luther Reigns (H)

Mark Jindrak (H)

Sakoda (H)

X Pac (H)

Paul Bearer (Managing Undertaker) (F)

Paul Heyman (Managing Big Show, A-Train and Abyss) (H)

Shaniqua (Managing the Basham Brothers) (H)

Smackdown Commentator: Michael Cole

Smackdown Commentator: Michael Hayes

Interviewer: Mean Gene Okerlund

Smackdown Announcer: Tony Chimmel

Senior Referee: Nick Patrick

Referee: Chad Pattern

Referee: Charles Robinson

Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

Referee: Mike Sparks

X Division

Amazing Red (F)

American Dragon (F)

Billy Kidman (F)

Doug Williams (F)

Frankie Kazarian (F)

Funaki (F)

Hurricane Helms (F)

Jamie Noble (F)

Jody Fleisch (F)

Jushin Liger (F)

Low Ki (F)

Paul London (F)

Psicosis (F)

Rey Mysterio Jr (F)

Scotty Too Hotty (F)

Spike Dudley (F)

Ultimo Dragon (F)

Abismo ***** (H)

Aguila (H)

Akio (H)

Chavo Guerrero Jr (H)

CM Punk (H)

Chris Sabin (H)

Christopher Daniels (H)

Hector Garza (H)

Jerry Lynn (H)

Julio Dinero (H)

Juventud Guerrera (H)

Kid Kash (H)

Nunzio (H)

Shannon Moore (H)

Spanky (H)

Tajiri (H)

Taka Michinoku (H)

X Tag Division
Filthy Animals (F)

Team America (American Dragon and Hurricane Helms) (F)

Team UK (Doug Williams and Jody Fleisch) (F)

Team Japan (Tajiri and Akio) (H)

Team Mexico (Juventud Guerrera and Abismo *****) (H)

The Gathering (CM Punk and Julio Dinero) (H)

Jackie Gayda (Managing Rey Mysterio) (F)

Chavo Guerrero Sr. (Managing Chavo Guerrero Jr) (H)

Don Callis (Managing Kid Kash) (H)

Father Jim Mitchell (Managing CM Punk and Julio Dinero) (H)

Velocity Commentator: Mike Tenay

Velocity Commentator: Don West

Velocity Interviewer: Scott Hudson

Velocity Announcer: Jeremy Borash

Senior Referee: Nick Patrick

Referee: Chad Pattern

Referee: Charles Robinson

Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

Referee: Mike Sparks

Other Personnel
Owner: Vince McMahon

CEO: Linda McMahon

Other: Shane McMahon

Other: Stephanie McMahon

Timekepper: Mark Yeaton

Spanish Announcer: Carlos Cabrerra

Spanish Announcer: Hugo Savinovich

Backstage Personnel: Sgt Slaughter

Backstage Personnel: Steve Lombardi

Backstage Personnel: Harvey Wimpleman

Backstage Personnel: Pat Patterson

Backstage Personnel: Gerald Brisco

Backstage Personnel: Arn Anderson

Ticket Taker: Sarah

Bell Ringer: Tiny

PPV Announcer: Howard Finkel

Evolution (H)

Mack Militant (H)

Heyman’s Henchmen (H)

Please give me your thoughts on these, thank you. I got the pics from gerweck.net, obsessedwithwrestling.com, gaea-inc.com and nwatna.com.


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The first show won't be up for a while. I'm finding it hard to write the shows at the moment as we moved into a new house three weeks ago and we're still sorting everything out, but I hope soon. Thanks for your comments Red Cold.


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The Undertaker will be using the Deadman gimmick and not the Biker gimmick. Rikishi is a main eventer because I've always thought he could be in the main event (when everyone found out he ran over Austin), so that is why. Any other comments, like if you think someone should be higher or lower on the card etc. Thanks.


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hell of a roster. I see you put alot of work into it so I will tune in.

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Have you blocked me on MSN?I am looking forward to this especially the x-division.

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Amazing, and just by looking at that post you have had a lot of experience posting pics so if you wouldn't mind telling me.....

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Nice Roster...Can't wait for the first show...its looking great already

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When is the first show for this?

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To post pics Old Skool, put the following in a post.

[*img]URL Link[*/img]

Just take out the stars. To get the URL right click the image and click on properties. Then a new screen should pop up and then you'll see a web address. Copy and Paste it between then [*img] and [*/img], just remove the stars.

To Faru, no I haven't blocked you. I haven't had MSN in a few months as my new computer won't allow me to use it, as well as websites like Google.

To orton17, probably a while but I've nearly wrote the first 4 Raws and I hope to be able to post a show soon.

To dadsacop1, I don't want to bring DX or the nWo back. Fact is there both dead and buried, which is where they belong because they each had there time and now they should allow others stables to shine through.

Thanks for all your comments.


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ok sorry I thought you blocked me since you don't come online whats with your pc try banging it maybe it ll work this thread is going to be awesome

p.S.(stunned to see Bull Buchanan that ugly guy gives me nightmare did I miss or is viscera in your roster)
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