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ROH Rahway, NJ - 10/06/12

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ROH "Killer Instinct" - Rahway, NJ, 10/06/12

ROH "Killer Instinct" 2012:

ROH World Championship Match
Jay Lethal vs Kevin Steen

ROH World Tag Team Championship
Wrestling Greatest Tag Team vs BJ Whitmer and Rhett Titus vs Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino.

Roderick Strong vs Kyle O'Reilly.

First Time Ever Tag Team Match Up
The Briscoes vs ROH World TV Champion Adam Cole & "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards

3.0 vs The Bravado Brothers.

Michael Elgin vs Mike Bennett.

Bobby Fish vs QT Marshall.

Round II
Mike Mondo vs Davey Richards.
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At “The Nightmare Begins...” in June, Davey Richards and Mike Mondo clashed in a one-on-one match-up that, quite honestly, many figure was just a tune-up for the former World Champion as he headed into his ROH World Title rematch with Kevin Steen at “Best in the World 2012: Hostage Crisis”.

The reality though was something quite different as Mondo, to the shock of the ROH faithful, took Richards to a time limit draw! Unfortunately for Richards, and the fans in attendance, Mondo was unwilling to go another five minutes as he felt he proved that Davey could not beat him.

Since that draw, both Mondo's career, as well as his personality, have actually taken an upswing and it is safe to say that the changes are a direct result of this fight with Richards. He has since challenged for both the ROH World & TV Titles, lost his negative attitude and embraced the ideals of taking on any fight, and even stated that if he could go back and do it over, he would go that extra five minutes.

“He is tough fighter,” said Richards to ROHWrestling.com, “but I admit I was shocked that Mondo went the distance with me. It's something that has quite honestly weighed on my mind since that night and something I would love the opportunity to rectify. I want to be the absolute best, that has always been my goal, and I can't call myself that unless I can beat everyone. My road starts this weekend in Baltimore with Survival of the Fittest but I would love it to continue, for my next match outside of this tournament, to be with Mike Mondo. I heard Mondo wants the same so Ring of Honor, I am looking at you to make this happen.”

Well when ROH hits Rahway, NJ on October 6th for “Killer Instinct”, both Mondo & Richards will have their chance to make up for it because ROH officials have signed the rematch!!! It will be Richards vs. Mondo II at the Rahway Rec Center!!! Add that to the Steen/Lethal ROH World Title match, The Briscoes vs. Edwards/Cole, and an ROH World Tag Title match, and you've got one heck of a line-up already! Tickets for “Killer Instinct” on 10/6/12 are available right here in the ROH Store!.

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I'm" saying he isn't bad he is good but I would've rather him went against a more prominent name in the promotion and someone who better compliment his style. Another Fish vs. O'Reilly match would've been class but this is probably a one off so it'll be a nice undercard match regardless.

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Glad to see more Bobby Fish but I hope it's a Fish showcase match otherwise it'll just be bland and nothing to go out of your way for.

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Holy shit, a ROH card that interests me these days? Well, it happened. Bobby Fish is great addition, and Roddy/Kyle and Elgin/Bennett could be awesome as fuck.

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Results so far via PWP's twitter

Michael Elgin over Mike Bennett via Sit-out Powerbomb
Bravado Brothers over 3.0 via Assisted Inverted Neckbreaker
Bobby Fish over QT Marshall via Spin Kick
Corino/Jacobs retain over WGTT and Titus/Whitmer via Bridging Backdrop Driver
Roderick Strong over Kyle O'Reilly via Orange Crush Suplex Backbreaker
Davey Richards over Mike Mondo via Cloverleaf.
Briscoes over Cole and Edwards via Doomsday Device
Kevin Steen vs. Jay Lethal for the ROH Title went to a No Contest after around a half hour. Brawled into crowd, Lethal's mom threw soda on Steen, Steen spit at her and Lethal went crazy.

From Kevin Matthews, PWS Booker:

So our main event last month in Rahway,NJ got worldwide main stream press. ROH decided to run our building today and drew 220 people and it ended with the fans littering the ring with legit garbage showing their displeasure with the show, especially the ending. Good job ROH you fn dipshits.

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From the rohworld board:
So I decided to go to the show. Here's the report I sent Meltzer:

Attendance - Couldn't have been more than 350-400. A lot of front row seats were available to the point where some in General Admission would just move into 1st and 2nd row seats without being escorted back by security. General Admission seating was full (although only half the bleachers were out), but ringside seats drew poorly. $30 for 3rd row, $40 for 2nd and $60 for front row seats isn't exactly a fair price for a market that hasn't been run in years.

There was also a problem with one group of 5's tickets. Not sure if there weren't enough seats put out or ROH double booked those seats because those 5 were moved to empty front row seats camera side.

ROH's pre-show autograph session of Michael Elgin, Adam Cole, Maria Kanellis and Jay Lethal didn't draw very well. I only saw a handful of people go up to their table and ask for an autograph/picture.

First match was "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin versus "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett with Maria. Match was surprisingly good. Elgin was pretty over but Bennett didn't get as much heat as he would across the bridge in the Hammerstein. At one point Elgin was preparing for a suicide dive onto Bennett, but Truth instead kicked him around to Elgin's dismay. A little Maria interference towards the end, but Elgin won with the Buckle Bomb-Spinning Powerbomb combination. Really good opener.

Next was The Bravado Brothers taking on the debuting team of CHIKARA's 3.0. I don't think the majority of fans knew who these guys were and a lot of their stuff didn't catch on. Good back and forth tag match and eventually the crowd got behind 3.0. Very loud "Justin Bieber" chants directed to Harlem Bravado. Bravados picked up the victory with their finisher in another solid match. Afterward, Bravados offered a handshake to 3.0 but delivered a kick to the gut to both Shane Matthews and Scott Parker.

In another Ring of Honor debut, Bobby Fish took on "God's Gift" QT Marshall. R.D. Evans (QT's new manager) was nowhere to be found. Didn't catch all of this match, but from what I heard around me, it was nothing special anyway. Crowd really liked Fish and he did look impressive from what I saw. Fish hit a spinning kick to the head and got the 3. I'm assuming since Bobby won the match that he'll be brought back.

Next up was the 3 Way Elimination Tag Team Championship match with Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team, Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer, and defending champions Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs. WGTT got a ton of heat and Haas flicked off his fair share of fans as usual. A lot of spitting back and forth between teams was involved and it just got dumb after awhile. Corino and Jay Lethal's father front row were aruging for the majority of the match for some reason. WGTT were the first to be eliminated, but Haas sent a chairshot to the back of Titus when the ref wasn't looking and Corino delivered a Backdrop Driver to retain the championships. Something just didn't click in this match. Not a good night for Rhett as he was noticeably sloppy at times. Good first half.

Intermission. Fans were instructed to go into the lobby and get a card for their free iPPV access code. Really poor job by ROH as they just sprawled the cards all over the table so peoplb just took as many as they wanted. I'm sure there will be some cards going up on eBay since every card has a different code.

There was also an incident with the screamo/heavy metal band that played Elgin's and Eddie Edwards' theme live. They were doing an intermission "halftime show" when after a few songs, a group of people started to boo. The lead singer then went on a tanget to a guy wearing a Kanye West shirt that rap isn't real music and how their songs were made with real instruments and was just being really unprofessional. Needless to say, they stopped playing until Eddie Edwards' match.

Kyle O'Reilly versus Roderick Strong. This crowd LOVED Roddy and cheered him heavily. I'd go as far as the last time he got that kind've reaction was when he won the ROH World Title from Tyler Black at Glory By Honor IX (Black's last match in the company.) Crowd didn't even react to O'Reilly. At one point, this new ROH referee botched a spot as O'Reilly rolled up Strong and the ref counted 3 even though Roddy kicked out. Loud "You F'd Up" chants and heavy boo'ing followed of course. Roddy won with a big Backbreaker and the crowd popped big time. Another good match.

Next up was Davey Richards against Mike Mondo. Davey got a big reaction to my surprise and there were even a few Mondo fans. Usual Davey match with his usual spots. At one point they were going back and forth with submissions which I thought was silly considering how well Davey is technically. Davey eventually won with a Cloverleaf. He got on the mic and ripped into Sinclair but put over having honor and how great the wrestling ROH provides is. He turned his attention to Mondo and said that he now has respect for him and how he's been negatively treated. Davey said this is a fresh start for Mondo and welcomed him to Ring of Honor. Promo did work since the crowd cheered big time for Mondo on his way out of the ring. I aso noticed when Davey went up to the 2nd rope to do the American Wolf hand sign, he jumped off awkwardly and came up limping and limped up the ramp. Don't know if this is anything to worry about.

Briscoes versus Eddie Edwards and TV Champion Adam Cole. This match RULED. Mark Briscoe was probably the most over one with his wackiness and his karate chops. This match wasn't too long so the crowd didn't get bored with it at any time. Thought the crowd would react more, but I guess since all 4 guys are really popular, they didn't know who to cheer for. "This is Awesome" chants broke out towards the end. Briscoes won with a Doomsday Device on Adam Cole. Makes sense since The Briscoes are getting a title shot at the next iPPV. Due to what happened in the main event, this is my Match of the Night.

Main Event time. Defending ROH Champion Kevin Steen against hometown boy Jay Lethal. For as many Steen shirts I saw throughout the night, Jay Lethal had the crowd 85-15 in favor of him. This match was incredible and got a ton of time. Crowd was alive for the whole match which is expected. Lethal hit the Lethal Injection on Steen, but Steen kicked out and then would later hit the Lethal Injection, but Steen rolled out of the ring. This is where it all went wrong. After Steen rolls out of the ring, he goes into one of the corner barricades where Jay Lethal's parents are sitting. He starts talking a bit of trash and then Lethal's mom throws her soda in his face. Steen spits on her and that's when Lethal went chaotic. Jay starts pounding on Steen as Cornette (who was at ringside for this match), Corino & Jacobs, ring crew, and others start to break things up. Of course there were pull-away, someone escapes and attacks the other moments. Steen goes up the ramp and starts tearing down the curtain and then exits with the rest of Scum. Lethal throws one of the ring crew guys and referees, chairs; he just goes ballistic. He yells at Cornette (couldn't make out what he was saying) and then escorts his parents out of the building. He comes back to ringside and nothing's happening. EXTREMELY loud "Bulls***" chants as Lethal proceeds up the ramp. No one knows what's going on until Bobby Cruise goes on the microphone and announces that the match is ruled a No Contest, apologizes for the language exchanged by Steen and Lethal, and reminds the fans that tickets are on sale for Final Battle in New York City.

That's when the crowd starts rebelling. More "Bulls***" chants and a ton of bottles and trash start getting thrown into the ring. People start chanting "REFUND! REFUND!" as Cornette and company exit. I saw a few people trying to throw chairs into the ringside area as well. I overheard fans saying "F this company", "I'm done" as well as other expletive filled rants. NO ONE was happy with this ending and honestly, I was too. How does Ring of Honor think that having a No Contest result with the hometown boy in the World Title match will be good business? Everyone left with a negative attitude and ROH's "build" to a possible Steen/Lethal rematch at Final Battle has completely backfired.

Overall, although I enjoyed the show, I and everyone in attendance were left with a VERY bad taste in our mouths. I really just don't understand the logic of doing that finish in Jay Lethal's backyard. I honestly can't imagine ROH running this market for awhile after the finish (or lack thereof) of the main event.

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What exactly did they expect from the Main Event? Its not exactly like they were going to get a ***** classic anyway.

Show looks ok I guess but they should have booked Steen/Lethal for TV rather than on a House Show...

Also the shot at 220 by the PWS promoter isn't exactly great from him. He really doesn't draw much more than that and has to have a far larger payroll which to me confuses as to has he actually makes any money off of his awful shows. His shows are far and away worse than ROH but because ROH aren't booking a heap of nostalgia (I'm sure Cornette would if he could) they won't draw as much.

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Star ratings from someone who was there:

Michael Elgin def. Mike Bennett-***
The Bravados def. 3.0-**3/4
Bobby Fish def. QT Marshall**3/4
-Fish looked awesome
SCUM def. WGTT, Titus & Whitmer-***
Roderick Strong def. Kyle O'Reilly-***1/4
Davey Richards def. Mike Mondo-***1/4
Jay & Mark Briscoe def. Adam Cole & Eddie Edwards-****
Kevin Steen vs. Jay Lethal Ends in a No Contest at around 35 Minutes-**** but without the bad finish ****1/4

Sounds like a great show, didn't thought Steen vs Lethal can be that good.
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