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This BTB starts after the Supercard of Honor 2013

I modified a bit the card and the results due to the plans that i have for the future. You will basically see the current ROH roster, maybe a few additions but not huge names or something. Surely not soon. I want to cover a space at least until Best in the World 2014, though the target is 2016.


1st contender for the TV title – Bennett vs BJ Whitmer vs Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs wins after pinning Bennett. Jacobs worked with Bennett to destroy BJ. And they did it. When Bennett wanted to pin BJ , Corino jumped on the apron, Jacobs stabbed Mike with the spike, then hit the Sliced bread #3 for the W.

Strong vs Anderson- Karl Anderson hits twice the Ace Crusher, but MR Roh won't stay down. Strong hits the double knee gutbuster and locks the Stronghold in for a huge win by submission. Post-match Strong wants to shake Anderson's hand, but Anderson just turns his back and leaves enraged.

1st contender for the Tag Titles C&C vs The Forever Hooligans – Classic match. Overtime gets the W to C&C, but the Hooligans take badly the loss and hit two Doomsday Knee drops on the new 1st contenders. ACH and TD make the save, well, what remains to be saved. The hooligans leave chanting for Mother Russia

SCUM vs ROH – Rhino, Titus, Compton vs Mark Briscoe, Shelton Benjamin , Charlie Haas (a face turn for WGTT came at a house show where Compton was about to pin O'Reily to win the titles. Shelton flew with a legdrop to cause the DQ and Haas suplexed Titus through Kevin Kelly's table. Rave tried to make the save but was met with chair shots from WGTT writting him off after a double piledriver on the floor as his contract just expired ) . This was an all-out brawl. Scum managed to get the win after Mark got powder in the eyes and a masked man from the crowd hit from behind with a cutter of some sorts in the back of the heads both Haas and Shelton. Snapmare Driver, Retribution and Gore for a decimated Briscoe. SCUM – ROH 4-0

Tv Title Taven vs Cole vs Hardy Hardy is eliminated by Cole via Twist of Fate, Taven rolls him up with the feet on the ropes keeping the title.

1st conteder for the World Title Elgin vs Lethal- Match of the Night, maybe of the year. Elgin shines again but Lethal won't stay down. Piledrivers, flying elbows, powerslams, backstabbers, crossface, koji clutch, Lethal Injection, Elgin Bomb, nothing seems to sepparate them. The ending comes when Lethal blocks an Elgin Bomb with a hurricanrana and hits a second Lethal Injection for a big win and a new opportunity at Steen. Or maybe Jay Briscoe?. Elgin shook Lethal's hand in a show of respect. That led to Corino screaming that "the code of honor is crap"

World Tag Team Titles reDragon vs The American Wolves. From Final Battle until now, these have kept battling each other and put on great matches in any possible combination. Yet, there hasn't been a decisive winner. Somehow reDragon has managed to get the Wolves to put their contracts on the line against the titles. And the match delivered big time. Kicks, Ankle locks, Achilles locks, heel hooks, suplexes of all sorts, neckbreackers (the best was a swinging one from Kyle on Eddie which got a huge near fall), toombstone and superkick by the Wolves (if not for a Fish distraction, the match would have ended there. Anyway that was some near-fall), Powerbomb into a backbreacker (Fish's back almost broke in half), Abdominal stretch into a knee drop (poor Eddie). Everyone hit their finishers, but people were still kicking out. Chasing the Dragon on a beaten Davey- that was the story, isolating Davey and playing him as a traitor and a bad friend. But blood boils and never betrays. So Eddie dove with a headbutt in O'Reily. He landed weird, but blocked the 3 count. Kyle lifted him for a Brainbuster and almost had him. What he did not see was Davey getting up blocking a Falcon Arrow from Fish and turning it in the D.R.driver for the W and the third reign for the Wolves as he and Fish were the legal men.

World Title: Steen vs Jay Briscoe (Jay got the shot from the GM Nigel McGuiness). Those two had a great battle, and weird enough there were some really technical spots, as the Sharpshooter from Kevin and Jay's Dragon Sleeper (Chicken breaker how he calls it). The story told was that Steen worked over Jay's legs with dragon whips and stomps and knee drops, all to keep him grounded. He powered him in some huge near falls with powerslams , black hole slams and released Germans. But Jay got his part too. He put an amazing resistance and hit some nice looking vertical suplexes and lariats. He worked to beat the crap out of Steen with head butts, left hands, atomic drops and press slams. But none would stay down. At the mark of 33 minutes Steen hit the F5 for a huge near fall. He lifted Jay and wanted to kick him in the head, but Jay tackled him with the shoulder after side stepping. He put him on the mat and dropped knee after knee to the head of Steen busting him. As Corino was screaming "DQ this creep", Hardy came from behind and hit a Twist of Fate on Jay. He put Steen over, but Jay got an arm up as Nigel was going nuts at the commentary. Package Piledriver.....NOOOOOO! This guy doesn't stay down. Steen lifted him for a powerbomb, but Jay countered with a DDT. Spear, Steen is down. Kick to the gut, Steen is lifted vertically and dropped on his head. Jay Driller. Once, Twice, Three times.
Steen is out and the bell rings.

Jay celebrates like a mad man, buuut Jimmy Jacobs, Rhino, Rhett Titus, Compton and Matt Hardy surround the ring. The crowd boos as a masked man makes his way to the ring. He wears a monk kind of hood, and seems taller than the others. He grabs Jay by the neck and hits a devastating cutter. He takes the World Title and smacks Jay in the head. He takes his hood down, and he is none other than tonight's guest Karl Anderson. The PPV ends with Jay bloodied eating Retribution, Snapmare Driver, Gore, Twist of Fate and Ace Crusher as Steen gets up and stares at Anderson.

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Roh roster


Mike Sydal
Tadarius Thomas
Davey Richards
Eddie Edwards
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Hass
Mark Briscoe
Jay Briscoe
BJ Whittmer
Michael Elgin
Jay Lethal
Adam Page
Mike Mondo
Tomasso Ciampa
Cedric Alexander
Caprice Coleman
Roderick Strong
Eddie Kingston
Nigel McGuinness -matchmaker -

Unkown status

Adam Cole
Kevin Steen
Harlem Bravado
Lance Bravado


Jimmy Rave -renegotiating contract
Cliff Compton
Michael Bennett
Maria Kanelis -the first lady of ROH-
Karl Anderson – 6 months loan from NJPW
Matt Taven
Truth Martini -manager of HOT-
Steve Corino -manager of SCUM-
Jimmy Jacobs
Rhett Titus
Alex Kozlov
Rocky Romero
Matt Hardy
Bobby Fish
Kyle O'Reilly
QT Marshall
RD Evans – The Barrister

Special appearances

The Young Bucks – heels
Silas Young – heel
Vinny Marseglia – face
Todd Hanson - face
Tyson Dux – heel
Raymond Rowe – face
Allabama Attitude – Corey Hollis and Mike Posey – face
Romeo Roselli and Antonio Thomas – heels​

Tag teams and stables

House of Truth : Truth Martini , Matt Taven , Scarlett Bordeaux + To be introduced soon
SCUM : Steve Corino , Karl Anderson, Jimmy Jacobs , Matt Hardy , Rhett Titus , Cliff Compton , Rhino

SCUM - Rhett Titus and Cliff Compton
American Wolves - Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards
Adrenalin Rush - TD and ACH
Forever Hooligans - Alex Koslov and Rocky Romero
reDRagon - Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish
C&C Wrestling Factory - Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander
House of Truth - To be introduced
The Bravado Brothers - Harlem and Lance Bravado
Young Bucks -sporadically-
Alabama Attitude -sporadically -


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ROH news

It is reported that Sinclair broadcasting are thinking extending their stations in 1/3rd of the U.S starting January 2014 and that involves ROH Tv programming extended to one and a half hours every Saturday. The agreement between the two parties has now been extended to five years with a clear plan on ratings and budgets. Behind close doors, Cary Silkin, Delirious, Nigel McGuinness and the Sinclair board have talked about the Briscoes, and Wolves contracts and decided to extend it by more than three years. It is reported that both the Wolves and the Briscoes have already signed the extensions. Also, the partnership with Japanese federations will be extended, Karl Anderson being sent "on loan" for half an year.

That explains the angle of him joining SCUM at the end of Supercard of Honor. There was talk , at least rumoured of John Henningan, but Nigel said no to the former WWE star as he sees him a man who could ruin the increasing Titus and Jacobs. Also, Jay has been fined for his Twitter posting with an ammount of 15000$. ROH will donate this money for children hospitals and it is said that Jay was not very upset due to the destination of the money.

Bob Evans is reportedly going to take a big leave of absence as Nigel and Delirious want to see Mike Bennett on his own, still with Maria by his side. Adam Cole has already signed a two years extension, but for the moment both him and the former World Champion Roderick Strong are being kept on the midcard. Rumors about new signings have already been shut down after ROH confirmed only the addition of the Forever Hooligans on the website. They signed a two years contract and are now a full ROH schedule wrestlers. Word is on the forums that is McGuiness who thinks ROH can be great with just it's own roster.

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Roh announces with great pleasure that today 7th April 2013, the last 2 originals on the ROH roster Jay and Mark Briscoe have signed a 3 years contract extension and say that they are very happy with the terms. An update on the state of the two brothers has been given by Jay Briscoe who said ,we quote, "Stitches or not, i am the ROH World Champion and i will return as fast as possible to kick some serious ass". Also the Tag Team Champions The American Wolves which have been involved in a gruelling feud with reDRagon decided to stay with the company as both Eddie and Davey are a big part of ROH's plan to grow and be the still the best pro wrestling company in the world.

In other order of ideas the physician of Tomasso Ciampa provided us with an update on his physical state and he said "Tomasso is feeling great at the moment, he is in the gym recovering and says he has eaches on his heels coming back to the ring as he has some unsettled issues with some of the people on the roster". More on his state as soon as we will be updated by Tomasso Ciampa

ROH confirms to it's fans that the Mother Russia chants will be heard at least two years more as the Forever Hooligans have signed an exclusive ROH contract for the next two years. Please don't forget to follow ROH on Sinclair Broadcasting each Saturday at 9:00 PM central time.

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ROH TV 13 April 2013

The show starts with a recap of the events from Supercard oh Honor and the music stops playing with the image of a bloodied Jay Briscoe laying on the mat and Kevin Steen staring at Anderson and Corino. As the crowd is really hyped Unsettling differences plays as Kevin Steen makes his way to the ring with wounds from last week's battle with Jay Briscoe. The crowd cheers for Steen who listens to the fans and looks really confused at them and at Steve Corino who was sitting at the commentary table

Steen just watches without even moving a muscle as from behind the curtain Karl Anderson makes his way to the ring. He looks at Steen in disgust and spits in Steen's face. Kevin looks at him really calm as nothing happened. Corino from the commentary arrives in the ring with a mic in his hands. "Now you two right there stop. What did i tell you Karl? What did i say? Yes, Steen is a loser, but let's face it he is a useful loser. He got us here with his hatred towards Cornette and he is a big tool in our plan to take over ROH and burn it from scratch". Anderson looks at Corino and takes one step back as Kevin Steen explodes on the mic.

"You worm, you midget soul, you crap human being, do you really think that i will just wait and see you destroy the company i busted my ass for? Did you really understand what i told you each and every day? I have no problem with ROH, i had a problem with Jim Cornette. And Jay Lethal solved it. So to make it perfectly clear to you, you may take your mercenaries and leave ROH, because if not, i will KILL YOU. "

As Steen lifts his right hand, Corino laughs in histery. "Kevin, you spoiled brat, you bite the hand that fed you. Did ROH feed you , or me? Did i feed you? Ask yourself Kevin these questions, as you have four years to do so. You see, i have seen this coming since Final Battle. And i took my measures Kevin. Just as a safety i bought your contract from ROH. Oh, no, they didn't sell it, i just have great lawyers. And you are not paying attention. Last day of your ROH contract was Supercard of Honor. Now, you are just on a Scum contract. What a shame you can't read Kevin, what a shame. So move a finger and i can dispose you any way i want, Kevin. Boys, come out and teach this no-brainer a lesson"

The rest of SCUM -Jimmy Jacobs, Rhett Titus, Cliff Compton, Rhino and Matt Hardy – come to the ring chairs in hand and smack Steen in the back and in the stomach. Cliff and Rhett set up a table holding Kevin. Kick to the stomach and Twist of Fate on a chair. Steen is grabbed by the neck and Ace Crusher through the table. As SCUM celebrate in the ring under the sound of the machine gun music of Karl Anderson, from the stands Elgin, Lethal, Mark Briscoe, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas and Whitmer storm to the ring and the fists start flying. Hardy goes down to the Lethal Injection, Shelton is Gored, Ace Crusher for Haas, Elgin bomb to Jacobs, Elgin Bomb to Titus, Lethal Injection to Rhino. The security finally restores order as McGuiness makes his way to the ring.

"This is Ring of Honor and here we fight in the ring, not with chairs in the back, cutters to the head and so on. So tonight, it will be SCUM vs ROH. The war is on Corino, and you don't know how Englishmen handle it. And because i am the GM here i will give those brave warriors the chance to choose their opponents. Lethal, Elgin, Whittmer, Shelton , Charlie please talk ."
No one talks. Instead, Lethal slaps Hardy, Whitmer does the same to Titus, Elgin gets in Jacobs's face and Shelton and Haas surround Compton and Rhino. As Karl Anderson laughs as if saying "you are chicken", Chicken elbows him right in the head.

"Well it's a done deal. We kick off action with a tag team contest. And to make sure there is a winner, the rule is that rules may be bent"

The teams prepare as Nigel McGuiness leaves smiling secretely and Corino is fuming on the commentary calling what Nigel does "bullshit" and saying that tonight might be the end for ROH and it's own hero may have burried it.


Heavy blows fly from the begginning of the match when Rhino manages to isolate Shelton and him and Compton work with quick tags. Shoulder tackles, neckbreackers, and elbows stun Shelton as the ring seems broken in half. He tries to come back in, but, when he manages to land a few rights hands, a standing clothesline and a neckbreacker on Rhino, Compton punches him with a brass knuckle in the ribs and gets him down. For more than 10 minutes Shelton takes punnishment, but does not quit. And finally he breaks free when Rhino and Compton want to sandwich him with a double avalanche. He dodges, rolls thruough , German to Rhino, Belly to Belly to Compton and hot tag to Haas. Haas cleans the house with clotheslines, a double DDT and a huge released German on Compton. Haas lifts him on his shoulders and Shelton springboards himself catching Compton with a neckbreacker cutter making his face hit the mat. As Corino screams, Rhino is going for a Gore but Shelton sacrifices himself while Haas hits the Olympic slam really fast for the W. SCUM 4-2 ROH

Backstage, Hardy holds a promo talking about the fact that he has been such a great wrestler and has beaten greats and now has to deal with crap as Jay Lethal, a ...... who can't make a suplex. He says that in the main-event he will teach this prick a wrestling lesson and that after tonight his life is taking a bad Twist of Fate

The machine gun music plays as Anderson has a mic in his hands and tells Mark that after taking out the turkey, a chicken is not a big deal. Briscoe says, that while Anderson may think he is an easy prey so have believed many. But you know? This Chicken knows Kung-fu. He stands in a martial arts pose as Anderson enters the ring.

Karl Anderson vs Mark Briscoe

Mark tries to speed things up with arm drags, and fast elbows, but Anderson dominates matching him in speed and hurting his arms with stomps, elbows and armbars. The match tells this exact story of a calculated Anderson who locks plenty of hammer locks and armbar variations while also hitting knees and shoulder tackles in the corner to hurt Mark and slow him down. And the plan works to perfection when Anderson goes to the big moves. Falling headbutts, full nelson slams, double underhook suplexes and all the arsenal get near fall after near fall. The big problem is that every time he gets a chance Mark fires back. Short jabs, kicks to the body, head butts and the Redneck Kung Fu. Mark takes Anderson down with a great looking running DDT and climbs the ropes, but is clearly hurt. He dives for the Frogggy bow, but Anderson counters with a mid-air Ace Crusher and wins in what is a so not popular win. He pulls Chicken up and wants to powerbomb him in the commentators table, but stops shocked. On the ramp Jay Briscoe stands with the World title in his hand and with his whole front full of stitches.This allows Mark to slip and drive Anderson's nape into the table with a falling DDT. Chicken looks at Jay, who takes him over his shoulders as the injured Briscoes retire after getting the first laugh in the feud with SCUM. (SCUM – ROH 5-2)

Inside ROH

Elgin is talking about how at Supercard of Honor he was not meant to be the man to go for the big gold, but that does not mean he won't stand by Lethal. He can fight friends, but he never abbandonds them. And while he is a respectfull guy, tonight he will show Jacobs how he imposes respect and why SCUM made their biggest mistake ever when they tried to burn down ROH. Because he is ROH and never will he fall.

The camera moves to Jacobs who just laughs with Corino and says that despite being a big guy, Elgin is damn stupid. The pain he inflicts is pleasure to Jimmy's ears and if anyone thinks that Elgin will walk in the park, they are in for a big dissapointment.

The final cut is to Jay Lethal. The 1st contender says that he felt great at Supercard of Honor and while he does not believe Steen likes ROH, he didn't want to see the best opponent he had destroyed. He respects Steen as an athlete just as he respects Hardy. But if Hardy thinks that being Caucasian makes you superior than he will be really shocked when this ...... will show him how Lethal he can be.

Elgin vs Jacobs

WOW! What a match. Speed and power, arm drags and big boots. The complete package. Piledrivers from Elgin, kicks to the head from Jacobs. Not PPV quality, just an awesome match. Elgin dominated the match, but not Anderson style. Oh no, he took the different angry approach, powerslams, big boots, and a great Inverted DDT, but Jacobs is not Mark Briscoe. He stalled plenty, he stroke behind referee's back busting Elgin after a loaded elbow. That was the turning point. Jacobs started dominating with kicks to the wounded head, neckbreackers and knee drops. He even pulled a triangle choke. All to make Elgin slow down. It worked while it lasted, but caught in a guillotine Elgin lifted Jacobs and powebombed him. He waited for Jimmy and back doby drop, high angle German, lariat and a perfect picture delayed vertical suplex dropped into a piledriver. Elgin seemed to want to destroy Jacobs, only because he was in the mood. When he picked him up for a Death Valley Driver, Jacobs raked the eyes and slipped behind, taking Elgin's neck with him. He followed up! Brainbuster????!!!!!. The cut opens even more and Jacobs drops the left loaded elbow 6 times. Elgin's face is a crimson mask and the refferee throws it away and gives the win to Jacobs, who just unveiles his elbow showing the steel plate to the camera. Elgin is about to be carried away but refuses the stretcher and leaves with his face bloodied as Jacobs celebrates (Scum-Roh 6-2)

Backstage reDragon talk about the referree and how everyone who does not do what Nigel wants is screwed. They storm in Nigel's office screaming for justice, and that they were screwed and how bad he is. Davey enters, hears them complaining and says that he gives them a rematch. But ONE. On the Wolves terms. Inside a steel cage, under elimination rules. Just because blood makes the hunt better, completes Eddie. Nigel says that they will be getting their shot at War II in Birmingham in 2 weeks.

The camera moves to the ring where the first one to enter is Matt Hardy which is received with boos, toilet paper and Fat Hardy chants. Next is the nr. 1 contender, Jay Lethal, who comes with an awesome reaction following his match with Elgin. And the main-event is on fire

Jay Lethal vs Matt Hardy

Hardy is one hell of an SOB. He tackles immediately Lethal to the mat and slaps him, again and again. Then, he drives a boot into his face. And another one. Five or six stomps to head and a cover only with the foot on Jay. But Lethal kicks out half before one. Hardy pulls him up and lifts Jay for a perfectly done vertical suplex. Now he doesn't cover anymore. Instead he drives the knees into Jay's head and feet for 3 minutes. He covers ...one...Jay kicks out. Hardy is stunned and lifts Jay for a samoan drop, but Jay slips behind and bounces of the ropes with a springboard back elbow. Kicks start flying. Roundhouses, overhead kicks, snap suplex and a big near fall. Jay starts to dominate and shows a great arsenal pulling out a Death Valley Driver, a swinging neckbreaker and a diving headbutt that gets him one hell of a near fall. Hardy tries to stop him hitting with head butts, even using a knee to the groin when Lethal wanted to go for a double underhook suplex. Hardy gets him down with his known bulldog, starts to stomp his feet again and locks a figure 4. He wants to bitch Lethal on the mat, but Lethal turns the move into one of his own! Hardy is owed by Lethal, but is close to the ropes. Not for long. Superkick....Hardy falls on the floor and Lethal dives only to be met with a big boot. DDT on the concrete and Hardy gets into the ring. Side effect and another near fall. Hardy is up fast and signals for the Twist of Fate. Lethal turns it into a Lethal Combination. Hardy gets up and is met with the Lethal Injection. Big win for Jay who signals for the belt.

But Briscoe comes out, belt in hand and holds it high. The show ends with the two staring at each other and Corino screaming to the referee and checking on Hardy (SCUM-ROH 6-3)

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WAR Supershow results from Atlanta, Georgia 16 april 2013

C&C defeat Alabama attitude via Overtime and signal for the Wolves that come out applauding the Wrestling Factory. Davey tells them that they may have been on a roll lately, but they have never been hunted. Eddie says that the hunt is now on and at Border Wars, the World will know that the factory has been blown up.

Coleman replies saying that the Wolves are in for one hell of a battle. And if they survive the steel cage WAR in England, they go in Overtime where....Alexander completes him no one feels better than the C&C Wrestling Factory. All four are in the middle of the ring and Davey says good luck and shakes Coleman's hand, so does Alexander with Eddie. This prompts Corino out and he moans again about how stupid all this respect shit is. You want titles, stab them in the back, shoot them in the head, get the damn W no matter what. That's what he thought his boys and he knows that the Wolves are afraid of them. If they were not they would put those damn titles on the line. Davey just laughs and says that more sheep is more food. So bring it on Corino. Eddie looks at Davey and tells Corino that he and Davey are the best tag ever and that they will take on any member of SCUM any given day and the Wolves would still come on top. Corino signals for SCUM and Rhett and Compton come out attacking the Wolves. As they are rejected, C&C clears the ring with another Overtime and the segment ends with an intense staredown between the 4 men left standing in the ring

ACH vs Mike Sydal

Mike Sydal and ACH flew all over the ring, the barricades, between the fans. Hurricanranas, corcscrew neck breackers, diving sentons, jumping DDT's, jumping elbow drops, Fujiwara armbars, chicken wings, snap suplexes, hang over legdrops, diving stomps and all the arsenal. In the end ACH caught Mike with a tiger suplex and followed with his bearhud DDT for a great win. The two men were applauded by the crowd and chants of This was awesome filled the arena, until.....the Hooligans attacked. Full nelson locked by Romero, and spear by Koslov put Sydal down. Then Ach tried a springboard neckbreaker, only to be met with a big kick by Koslov. Doomsday knee drop and Ach is left bloodied as TD tries to make the save. Only to suffer a double lariat, a brainbuster and a snap suplex on the concrete as the Atlanta crowd was booing the hooligans out of the building.

Jimmy Jacobs and Karl Anderson (SCUM) vs BJ Whitmer and Mark Briscoe (ROH)

All out brawl. Clotheslines, legsweeps into the barricade, and SCUM worked BJ's neck. Neck wrenches, side head locks, neckbreakers, drivers, even the Sliced bread #3 . Bj was resilient and fought back with knee strikes, suplexes and finally got the separation after hitting two snap suplexes in a row on both Jacobs and Anderson. Mark got the hot tag and was on fire. He beat the crap out of Jacobs with jabs and short-arm clotheslines. He pulled a nice Pepsi Twist and a protobomb, but missed again the Froggy Bow. Anderson came in. Snap suplex and crossface in the middle of the ring. BJ was cut by a Spear from Jacobs and Mark passed out refusing to tap. Karl Anderson gets one more over the Briscoes. (Scum – Roh 7-3)

Adam Cole vs Mike Mondo.

Mondo returned after the foot injury suffered at Death before dishonor 10 with hunger and took on one of ROH's best. The match was a clinical affair with Mondo using his strength and working with backbreakers, side slams, leg sweeps and leg drops to slow down Cole. But Cole exploded and had an answer for everything. He pulled out a Brainbuster, he used dragon sleepers and neck wrenches working the neck that bugged Mondo in the past. He even pulled out some knee drops to the back of the head. But Mondo refused to tap or quit. He got a big near-fall with a reverse STO and set up for the double arm DDT. Cole tackled him to the corner, hit some shoulder tackles, then came of the ropes with a neckbreacker. Florida Key and another W for Cole who hold a promo and said is about damn time someone nottces that he wins his matches clean and simple. He wants a world title shot. That made Strong come out and Strong laughed reminding Cole that he lost the SOFT, the TV title and the rematch. "In my book Adam Cole you are not even worthy of being an ROH star. And you dare asking for title shots? Work, and maybe, just maybe you will get them. Stop bitching and wanting other's people places" Adam slapped Strong and hit him with a fast Florida Key leaving the crowd stunned for a moment. Adam left the arena with a mixed reaction.

As Cole was leaving the ring, QT Marshall came out with RD Evans as they were laughing at an enraged Rodderick Strong. RD slapped him and mumbled about Roddy stealing youngsters space and being just a wash-up, a has-been, a bridesmaid. Roddy answered with a sick kick. That drew out to a big pop Nigel who made the match official: Rodderick Strong vs Qt Marshall.

Roderick Strong vs Qt Marshall

I won't lie. The crowd was somehow dead as they didn't like Qt and Roddy played the injury from the earlier Florida Key from Adam Cole. The match was ok, and they gave Qt plenty of time. He worked the neck with head locks and some neckbreakers -who actually were good-, but the pace was really slow. Qt did a sloppy vertical suplex -compared to Elgin's or Steen's ones- that got him a near fall. He went for a backbreaker adding insult to Roddy's injury, but Roddy remained alive. As we just went past the 15 minutes mark, Roddy hit a great dropkick and started beating the hell out of QT with elbow smashes, fast lariats and big kicks to the face. He topped that with a belly to belly suplex that planted QT in the mat. He picked Qt up for the Gibson Driver, but got struck in the back by RD Evans. God's gift by QT, but Roddy kicked out. Qt went top rope for a kind of diving legdrop. Roddy rolled out of the way and waited him to get up. Double knee gutbuster and the pin as Roddy got a nice pop from the crowd. And an even bigger one when he hit another sick kick to RD.

Co main-event Tv Title match

Matt Taven (c) vs Homicide

Fot this one Nigel pulled a great one of his sleeve. Contract vs Title. He came to the ring and announced Taven's opponent is none other than ......Homicide. Cide got a huge pop from the fans and Taven came out with Martini. He said that a sexy man like him would never fight a sleezy, bad smelling pero as Homicide. Nigel got his shoulders up and just said "Ok! Then i will strip you. And you have to win this match as it is with no time limit and a falls count anywhere one. And the truth is Martini is banned from the ringside."

Big pop for the announcements.

In the violent environment 'Cide felt like home. He drove Taven in the steel steps slammed him on the entrance ramp. And even hit a DDT on the concrete. Taven tried to escape, but there was no point. Homicide was all over him so Taven started actually to wrestle. He flew of the barricade with a kick to Homicide's head, hit a facebuster on the concrete and got the first near fall. People were really into this and especially into Cide. The match was an all out brawl and both got equal amount of spots. The story told was that this is Cide's home and the no dq environment favours him. He tried many times to end the match with big moves as air raid sirens and powerbombs that got long near-falls, even seeming to win the match twice, once after a Brooklyn Lariat and the second one after Samoan driver in the middle of the ring on a chair.

Taven was in the match and countered with dragon whips, facebusters, neck drops, and his ever spectacular spin kicks. As Cide was in a big advantage readying for another lariat, Taven dodged and low-blowed hard Cide. But it was allowed as this was a falls count anywhere. He then blocked the foot, hooked the neck and hit the spin DDT for a near fall. And just to add insult to injury he drove Cide into a chair with the Gringo Killa for a big win. A down Cide was cheered by the fans that thanked him for being here from day one as Taven raised his title and smashed it in Cide's head knocking him out in the middle of the ring much to the clear displeasure of the fans.

Main Event: World Tag Team Titles The American Wolves (c) – vs Scum (Titus and Compton)

Kevin Kelly mentioned that the Scum tag is not a easy prey for the Wolves as, at this moment, they hold the tag titles in 3 territories and that is something not easy to achieve. Caleb Seltzer mentionned that they are the current New England Wrestling Tag Team Champions and they have been on a roll lately. But as Nigel (who joined the commentary ) said "This is ROH, and this is the land of the Wolves".

The NECW Tag Champions even brought their belts with them and mocked Wolves entrance as they were heading to the ring. When Davey and Eddie came out there was an a huge pop and the American Wolves came to the ring slappng hands with fans and celebrating. Well, it lasted a few minutes though, as Titus dropkicked Davey in the head, while Eddie ate a huge boot from Compton. Eddie rolled to the corner and Davey started the match for the Wolves with Compton.

They worked over Davey's ribs a lot with abdominal stretches, body sccisors, double knee drops and rib breakers. Frequent short tags and a great tag move when Compton held Davey in an electric chair position and Titus came of the ropes with a dropkick to the head, move that actually drew applause.

But Davey is not easy to put down and he kicked out just after two. It was then the mistake came. Titus went for a big boot coming of the ropes, but Davey caught the foot and dragon sweeped him hard. He started to put the boots on Titus's legs stomping them, whipping them and stomping again. He dragged him to the Wolves corner and locked in an Ankle Lock as Eddie locked a triangle choke. They held this exactly for the count of 4 and Davey tagged out. Eddie smacked Titus's head into Davey's and hit a snap suplex. 2 count. He went to the ropes and nailed a lariat and a roundhouse.

He raised Titus up for a Brainbuster, but just before nailing it Corino disctracted the ref. Titus went down, but kicked out at two taking full advantage of the distraction. Eddie went for a powerbomb, but Titus countered with a hurricanrana, and tagged a fresh Compton in. Clotheslines, shoulder tackles, inverted atomic drop and the first near-fall for SCUM.

He signalled Titus to come to the ring. They hit a double elbow drop, a double legsweep and Compton covered. Two, but Eddie was groggy. Huge spinebuster by Compton and a swinging neckbreaker. Kevin Kelly went nuts screaming ....."They beat the Wolves", but Davey broke the pin with an axe handle smash. Hot tag and Davey hit a running forearm to Titus, sending him of the apron, only to turn into an STO by Compton. He went for the Snapmare Driver, but Davey reversed the position. 1,2,3 German suplexes. Dragon Suplex, and the running soccer kick. 1,2.....2.99 (If they weren't such jerks, they would actually be great wrestlers -Nigel McGuiness-). Compton kicks out to Davey's shock.

He calls for Eddie on the top rope. Diving stomp by Eddie, followed by another one for Davey. Powerbomb (Davey) into a double knee backbreaker and Compton is out, but Titus interferes and allows Corino to slip Compton something. Right in Eddie's stomach, and another punch to Davey's face, busting him while he covered. Near fall and Compton gets in control. Scum work over Davey's cut with foot stomps, knee drops and elbows. Finally, Rhett gets him up for Retribution and nails it, but Eddie somehow breaks the pin with a missile dropkick. Davey tags out and Eddie destroys Titus with chops. He bends him and nails and enzugiri crashing him down. Achilles lock, nowhere to go, but Compton interferes again and the ref doesn't see Titus tapping . He returns and Titus pulls a small package. 2 count and tag to Compton. Tag to Davey. German, Belly to Belly and Ankle Lock locked in....Compton screams, but gets to the ropes. Davey drags him back and calls Eddie. Toombstone piledriver into a Superkick. One...Two...Three. The Wolves retain.

But Scum surround the ring and Anderson, Hardy and Jacobs put the boots on the tired Wolves. They land a few punches but a dropkick from behind takes down Eddie. Immediately Ace Crusher. Davey is dropped on his head by Compton with a Snapmare Driver as Jay Lethal and Jay Briscoe storm to the ring. Titus falls like a rock from a Superkick, but Lethal eats a big chair shot to the head from Jacobs and a Twist of Fate on the apron. Jay Briscoe fights with Anderson and kills him with jabs but a chair shot to the back makes him scream.

While Lethal is driven with another Twist of Fate through a chair Jay is killed with a Snapmare Driver, a Retribution and an Ace Crusher.

The show ends with SCUM reigning supreme once more and Davey bloodied looking at a knocked out Eddie. (7-4)

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Roh Tv 20 april 2013

The show starts with Mike Bennett in the middle of the ring talking about how everyone here ignores him and how they didn't even consider extending Brutal's Bob contract, so he calls right now Nigel out as he wants to know why the hell that happened. Maria says that maybe Nigel is gealous on Mike for being the guy that owns the First Lady of ROH and the man that has been scouted by all the big companies. That prompts Nigel out and Nigel makes it clear that he is not here to give explanations to Mike Bennett. He wants to tell him that if you want a career in pro-wrestling, you need not to take shortcuts. "And you always take them, so i made this a litlte bit better for you. If you are good enough, maybe you can enter the title picture. But not with fluke wins or assists from the ugly Bob!" Mike feels offended but tells Nigel that he will soon become the center stage of ROH and challenges anyone in the back to come taking on him. He beat legends as Jerry Linn and Homicide, he is not afraid of the fools backstage. That prompts out Eddie Kingston and as the Chikara champion storms to the ring he gets in the face of Bennett asking him to prove if he such a hotshot. Because Eddie is back , baby, and he is here to beat the crap out of everyone, just to get back to the title he would love best, the ROH World Title. Bennett retires and hides behind Maria as Kingston calls him out. We go to commercial.

When we come back the Bravados are in the ring as Kevin Kelly hypes their training in Japan and are waiting for their opponents who come to a great crowd reaction C&C Wrestling Factory

C&C vs The Bravados

The match is fought under the honor code and the young Bravados give the 1st contenders one hell of a fight. They isolate Coleman and with fast tags work on him with dropkicks and elbows. They pull some nice moves such as a diving stomp followed by a crossbody and the combo gets them a near fall. The crowd starts to get behind them as the duBurns Arena loves outsiders. As the Bravados keep on grounding Coleman and punishing him with stomps, elbows, armbar variations and head locks, Alexander becomes somehow scared seeing Corino out. In the ring, Coleman blocks a Pepsi twist and hits a German suplex to create the distance. The triple northern lights suplexes and a tag to Alexander. Coleman gets on the top rope as Alexander kicks Harlem sending him tumbling right into a missile dropkick from Coleman. Big powerslam by Alexander and a spin kick as Corino wants to slide something into the ring. Alexander dives with a headbutt and through the ropes taking him down. Back in the ring, where Coleman, resists the double teaming of the Bravados (nice double suplex), he comes with a thrust kick, followed by a springboard rolling cutter. He sets up Harlem for the Superkick and Overtime 1.2.3. and C&C are on a roll. Titus and Compton come out telling the C&C that they are not worthy of being contenders. The response is an easy one. C&C dive with crossbody blocks on the outside and finally someone shuts some SCUM mouth.

Bacsktage, Fish and O'Reily laugh seeing the slaughter that the Wolves have been through, but as they turn around they walk right into Davey Richards. Davey looks at them, slaps Kyle and is about to leave when Fish smacks him in the head with a bottle making him fall. He stares at Eddie who was making the save, seams peaceful, but instead kicks him right between the eyes. Kyle drops him with a brainbuster into the mat and the Wolves are left bloodied one week before the steel cage WAR. Fish puts his scarf over the two of them in a cross and takes the tag titles as Kyle looks in disgust and laughs. The camera moves to the ring, where Corino says that reDragon showed why they should be champions, not the overrated stupid beings that are the American Wolves

Inside the ring we have Jay Briscoe, World Title on his shoulders. "I told you that i am back to kick some serious ass. Tonight i am pissed. After what happened in Atlanta, boy, if i see you at least Andeson, then i will break you in pieces. You and all your friends. You messed with the wrong guy Karl, you messed with the wrong guy. "

Briscoe drops the mic as Hardy comes out and says that Jay is just crap, and he isn't a World Champion. He is just a wannabe that got lucky. What about putting your title on the line tonight? Against a man that can kill everyone in the ring: Rhino. "Hell, i am here to kick some ass, so if Rhino is your chosen one so be it. In the main-event it's Jay Briscoe vs Rhino for the World Title". Jay leaves the ring looking in disgust at Matt who just passes by him and gets in the ring as he is scheduled to have a match with a "great opponent" chosen by Nigel McGuinness. And it's BJ who comes out to a great reaction

Bj Whitmer vs Matt Hardy (SCUM)

Bj Whitmer starts fast with left hands, powreslams, headbutts and totally overwhelms Hardy the first five minutes. Hardy gets a breather after a big boot to a charging Whittmer and slows down the pace. Head locks, head pounds, falling neckbreakers and knee drops. Still working on the neck. Hardy pulls out an impressive air raid crash and gets a long near-fall. Bj fights back in it with jabs, a huge lariat and a spinning kick (yeah! You read well!). Spinebuster, full nelson suplex and Hardy is down. Huge near fall. He goes for the Exploder, but somehow (raking the eyes actually), Hardy escapes and turns it into a verteabreaker dropping BJ on his head. He doesn't wait any more, climbs the ropes and dives from the second one with a bionic elbow. Twist of Fate and unfortunately, BJ kicks out one second too late. As Hardy poses , Corino holds a promo saying that he talked to the doctors and Jay Lethal is out. So it remains to be seen who will face Rhino at Border Wars. Because tonight, the takeover continues. ( SCUM 8-4 ROH)

Inside ROH

Jay Lethal is shown on a hospital bed talking about how he worked his whole career to get this World Title and even if something went wrong when he met Steen, he got another shot ruined by the scums that want to take down ROH. He warns them that they messed with the wrong person and that he will make sure that SCUM dies once he is back. Even if it is the last thing he does on this Earth. He ends by wishing Jay Briscoe good luck in his title defenses as he wishes to be the one that takes the title from Briscoe.

We cut to a backstage interview with Roderick Strong. He talks about how Adam Cole is a sore loser and how he will teach him a lesson. He loves the hunger Cole has, but Cole needs to understand what his place is and where he belongs. He calls Adam Cole a coward who strikes when his opponent has his guard down and warns Cole not to get in games that he will never win

Adam Cole appears as Roddy speaks and laughs in his face asking if it hurts. He knows that since dropping him on his head Roddy has not been the same. And he has great news for him. After Border Wars, your head Roddy will be so banged up, so wounded that you will understand what your position should be and who not to mess with.

As we come back to the ringside, Corino has praise for Adam Cole and says that finally someone may shut the mouth that Strong has, because "it's too big, too cocky and damn stupid". He then looks at the curtain where the WAR MACHINE RHINO comes from as the main-event is about to begin. Jay Briscoe comes out wearing stiches on his face and does not even wait for the bell.

Jay Briscoe vs Rhino -ROH World Title-

He starts punching at Rhino, tackling him into the corner, headbutting him. Briscoe is on fire and dominates clearly the first 5-6 minutes as Rhino makes his comeback with shoulder tackles and big boots. He does a great looking running powerslam, but Jay kicks out at 1. It turns into a slugfest. Left hands from Jay, right hands from Rhino as neither man is able to get an advantage. Jay locks a side head lock and takes Rhino to the mat. He turns it into a neck wrench and pulls hard on it as Rhino makes it to his feet. Just when Rhino seems to escape, Jay spins around and makes him fall with a swinging neckbreaker.

And another one, this time coming of the ropes (kind of a modified Sliced Bread #2). Jay covers, but it's again one. Jay wants to target Rhino into the corner with shoulder tackles, but Rhino sidesteps one of them and Jay hits the ring post ("Hell yeah! I hope he broke his bone." Steve Corino). Rhino starts to run through Jay with Death Vally Drivers, TKO's but only gets a near fall.

Powerbomb, charging clothesline, Jay is down, Rhino lines up and Gore!!!! Gore!!! Gore!!! ("Oh, my god! Briscoe lost the title. Roh may die'' – Kevin Kelly). Rhino covers. 1,2,....it's not three.

The crowd breeds as Jay lifts his shoulder up. The broken one. Rhino puts him on his shoulders for a cutter, but Jay hits two elbows, pushes Rhino and gets free. He bounces of the ropes. Spear!!!!!- The move that cut Steen in half (OMG! Rhino! Kick out! Steve Corino). And he does it. At 2.99. Superkick. Jay hits it perfectly. He does not cover. He catches him in the Chicken Breaker (Dragon Sleeper) and puts Rhino in big trouble. Rhino tries to get to the ropes and he does it.

Foot under the ropes and Jay lets go. He gets Rhino by the waist and bridges a German. 1,2, but Jay's shoulder is in really bad pain and he lets the bridge go. Rhino is up and he pulls Jay's arm to the ground . Jay screams in pain and punches the shoulder. Rhino trips him and locks a standing reverse armbar. Jay's pain can be seen on his face, but he makes it to the ropes. The crowd is going nuts with this and Rhino holds until 4. He gets back on his feet and prepares for one more Gore.

In the last second Jay side steps as Rhino hits the ring post. Jay gets on the apron and drops a leg on Rhino's neck. He rolls him in the ring and falls with his head under the armpit. Perfect DDT. Rhino's world is clearly spinning. He gets up only to be met by a big kick. Jay Driller. 1,2,3. Jay Briscoe retains.(ROH – SCUM 5-8)

But Karl Anderson is behind him. Ace Crusher. And Corino screams. "This is your future World Champion" as the show fades.

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ROH news

After the great reaction in Atlanta, Delirious and Nigel are considering more on the road shows. The plan is to have a tapping and a live show -Ppv quality – in each state every month. These shows will be streamed live as the IPPV's for the crowd to start getting into the ROH product. Also for those watching live, the first 4 shows will be free meaning that ROH will only take the money from advertising. This comes as a result of a marketing plan whose purpose is to give ROH more exposure on the national market and international one. That is why the tour in the UK has been heavily hyped and prepared and Nigel is confident that after this tour TNA will be the second wrestling company as audiences in the UK.

The injury angle of Jay Lethal is one that has been planned long by Delirious, because he really loves Jay Briscoe's reaction and does not want to make the feud too soon. He believes that those two can sell more than the saga Richards – Edwards did and takes his time in preparing every detail of this feud. Also, the heated tag scene is heavily presented -that is the reason the tag titles main-evented in Atlanta- as Delirious believes that every title has to be considered important and wants prestige to the belts. With the addition of Adrenaline Rush (ACH & TD) and the Forever Hooligans Delirious plans seem to have a target. It is now up to the Wolves to make the tag titles matter more than the World Title as it happened in the past too.

Even if he appeared for the first time in a year on ROH television it is rumoured that Eddie Kingston is not in the long term plans of ROH. If he will job to Mike Bennett or not, remains to be seen as Mike is expected to up not only the in ring ability (which Delirious insists a lot on), but also the mic work, as many feel his best mic work was done against Eddie Edwards and Eddie beat him in that feud for this very cause. An expected return on ROH tv will be Michael Elgin, and if we were to believe spoilers Elgin will play a huge role in the ROH – SCUM feud.

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Roh Tv 27 april 2013

The show starts with the Forever Hooligans in the ring. Koslov talks about the fact that he hates americans and how they ruin everything. He says that people are asking him and Romero are brainwashed to believe in Mother Russia, but no one gets it. Russia is opposed to americans, is silence, is people minding their business and is more than everything fight. Fight not circus. And the best circus is the russian one also. So what is not to like about Russia?

Bullies screams ACH. Bullies are not to like. I don't care where you live, i don't care what you say, but i do care when you bully someone. I grew up among them, and i hated them since day one. From stealing your food to beating you for the sake of it, they did all. And that's how i got to wrestle. I wanted to defend myself. You see, Hooligans? You are nothing but bullies. ROH has always been about great competition, about sportsmanship and when you lost, you offered hooliganism. You lived up to your name. But that's it

Romero is really angry as he grabs the mic from Koslov: Do you want a piece of me ACH? Do you think that messing up with my business gets you somewhere. Maybe back in Texas at the farm, behind the cows. That is your place, because you smell like them and you fight like them. So if you want us, you got us. Mess with us and we will beat you, mess with our business and we will eliminate you. We are the Forever Hooligans, not some poor flying stupid junkies such as you and TD.

Ach and TD spingboard themselves over the top rope and start punching and kicking the Hooligans that come back with forearms and kicks. Referees and security split the two as TD fumes in rage and ACH screams at Romero and Koslov that laugh content of themselves

The fans roar and the action kicks off with a one fall match between the TV champion Matt Taven and the former TV champion Adam Cole.

Proving Ground match

Matt Taven (TV Champ) vs Adam Cole

The match is fast and furious as Cole dominates the early going showing once again why ROH fans hold him in such a high regard. He starts directly with a dropkick and follows up with a really nice snap DDT. He covers and gets a two count. Taven is stunned as Cole locks in half crabs and leglocks to keep him grounded and soften him up. Taven has no chance until on the ramp we see Roderick Strong looking at Cole and studying him.

Cole is slowing down the pace and that allows Taven to come back in the match with a leg trip and a jumping elbow drop. He comes of the ropes with a shinning wizard and nails Cole for a great measure getting a near fall. As Cole gets the shoulder up he snapmares him and follows up with a diving elbow smash of the top rope. Half nelson bulldog by Taven and the crowd starts to chant "this is awesome", but Cole still kicks out. Taven becomes frustrated and goes for a diving leg drop, but misses it as Cole roles out of the way. Another dropkick, snap suplex, fireman carry backbreaker -with Roddy laughing - and a long two count. Cole manages to stop Taven and continues to work over his feet pulling out a great argentinian leg lock that almost makes Taven tap. Martini is on the ropes, but Cole releases and knocks him out with a roundhouse kick. Taven recoveres in time and comes of the second rope with a flying body press right on Cole. 1,2,....no!
Cole is alive. Taven gets him up for the modified DDT, but Cole punches the legs. Hard. Taven lets go. Dropkick to the knees and Taven is down. Cole locks in a figure 4 and Taven has nothing else to do but tap out. But before hitting the mat with the hand, Cole lets go, turns him around and locks the Stronghold. Taven taps fast and Cole looks at Roddy and smiles as his music plays and he gets out of the ring. Kevin Kelly says that Cole may have gotten in Roddy's head after using his own submission hold for winning and also has a shot to face Taven whenever he wants.

With that being said, Jimmy Jacobs requests the referee to start the match. He won at Supercard of Honor and wants a match with Taven now. Just before the bell rings, a new theme plays and Michael Elgin comes charging. Right hand and Elgin Bomb on the concrete to Jacobs who doesn't move. The bell has not rung yet, but just as Corino wants to get out, Elgin kicks him right in the nuts and piledrives him onto the steel steps. The camera moves to commercial with the crowd roaring in approval.

When we come back from commercial we see inside the ring Mike Sydal waiting for his opponent. And the big reaction pops when MR. ROH himself walks to the ring with a microphone in hands. He says that he doesn't know what is Cole's problem, but he understands why he chose the Stronghold to win "Because there is no better submission hold". But at Border Wars, he believes he is being wasted in a filler match. In the end, he is the last man to beat the jackass Karl Anderson and he considers himself the first contender. And tonight he will make an example of Mike Sydal, who is another jobber that fills roster spots only because ROH doesn't know how to book his stars.

Mr Roh Roderick Strong vs Mike Sydal

Mike Sydal starts fast surprising a way too cocky Roddy with his aerial offence. Springboard arm drags, fast neckbreackers, springboard clotheslines. Lots of fast moves that stun Roddy until he nails a roundhouse to the temple. From here on the story told is Roddy being his usual self. Tiger suplexes, enzugiri, backbreakers of all sorts. Plenty of near falls, but too much taunting. A running crossbody almost gets Myke the win, but when he goes for the Frog Splash, Roddy follows him up and hits a great double underhook superplex to take him down.

Diving stomp and Roddy hits the sick kick. Myke is stunned and lifted for an elevated Florida Key. 1.2.3 and an accademical count for Mr. Roh. "Better than Cole's says Kevin Kelly " as Karl Anderson makes his way to the ring trying to hit the Ace Crusher. Roddy scouts it and runs through the crowd pointing at the temple as Karl Anderson fumes in rage and the crowd laughs.

Karl is in the ring and asks Jay to come out. He put his brother out twice, he put him out at Supercard of Honor and in Atlanta and Jay Lethal is not available any more. As he speaks out comes Nigel who says all is good when you hear Karl, but he needs to win matches in order to earn a title shot, because that's how things are run in ROH. And if you want to be the man, you have to beat a man. So tonight, in 10 minutes, get ready because you will face a man. A great man, i might add says Nigel who winks while Corino fumes in rage all stitched on his front after the Piledriver he took from Elgin.

Inside ROH

C&C are at the interview and Coleman preaches that the Factory will walk out of Border Wars tag team champions. He hopes the Wolves won't get dismantled in the War in Birmingham, but he knows that at Border Wars, there will not be a War, it will be a demolition. And all will end in Overtime. Alexander says that he may not be a wolf, he may not wear geek clothes such as O'Reily and Fish, but he knows that C&C is in the best form of their life. And like in any sport, the psychological state is important. And they feel damn confident.

Matt Hardy is shown backstage with Titus and he says that what Elgin did doesn't have to remain unpunished. Him and Cliff and Rhino will make sure that ROH will be in state of shock and at Border Wars, no one and he means no one will be able to stop them. Just as they laugh Jacobs comes in all bruised and says that it has been weeks since SCUM hasn't had gold but it all ends at Border Wars where Taven may have the ugly Martini with him but he has a bigger and stronger weapon with him. And he will unveil it at the right time. Just as they leave WGTT and Elgin get in their faces and Elgin points at Hardy and says that the four of them should watch their backs as they won't handle him and whatever ace they might think they have will stay down to an Elgin bomb , an Olympic Slam and a Paydirt.

We return to the ring where the machine guns sound is heard and Karl Anderson comes to a bad reaction as the crowd wants him out of the building. The announcer is in the ring and announces that this is a 1st contenders match between Karl "the machine gun" Anderson and his opponent, the Chikara Grand Champion Eddie Kingston.

1st contender for the World Title

Eddie Kingston vs Karl Anderson

Boy they hit each other. Clotheslines, elbows, fists, forearms. It all was there. Eddie dominated and dominated big the first part of the match, using his strength to tackle and slam Karl Anderson like a rag doll. And as you all know, Anderson is one big ugly guy.

Eddie had the best moment when he delivered a nice combo of reverse DDT and twisting elbow drop that got a near fall.
He went on the ropes for a flying shoulder tackle that caught Anderson, but smart he rolled out of the ring. On the outside he sidestepped a spear attempt and slammed Eddie in the steel barricade. He started working the neck with neck cranks, neck wrenches and an impressive octopus hold. He was as stiff as any kind of Japanese competitor using head locks dropped into DDT's and modified powerslams.

At the mark of 20 minutes with Kingston down, he went for a knee drop , but Kingston rolled out of the way. And what a comeback he mounted. Pepsi twist, big kick, Implant DDT, and spinning fist. Just as he covered Maria jumped on the apron and distracted the referee, long enough for Mike Bennett to drop Kingston with a swinging neckbreaker.

He ran and left Kingston open to a devastating Ace Crusher. 1,2,3 and Anderson is the first contender. He wants to lay a beating on Kingston, but is flattened by a big lariat, then lifted and dropped on his head with a Jay Driller. Jay stands over Anderson posing and speaks. "I am not the guy to mess with, Anderson" as the show fades to black. (ROH vs SCUM 5-9)

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ROH live event in Birbingham WAR II card

1.Grudge match: Mike Benett – Mike Mondo

2.Tag team match: Adam Cole and Mike Sydal vs Mr. Roh Roderick Strong and Adam Page

3. WAR Singles match ROH vs SCUM

4.Singles match: Alex Koslov vs Tadarius Thomas

5.Singles match: Rocky Romero vs ACH

6.Matt Taven and Mistery Partner /w Truth Martini vs Jimmy Jacobs and Kevin Steen.

7.Mark Briscoe open challenge to SCUM


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