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Roddy Piper: Better Acting or Pro Wrestling Career?

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Career vs Career - Part IV

In which environment has “Rowdy” Roddy Piper been more successful and accomplished?

Part I - Ronda Rousey:
Part II - The Rock:
Part III - Mark Henry:
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Wrestling, this is a no brainer.

I only grew up knowing Roddy as a face from about 89 to the 90s, but thank god I went back and checked his work out in the earlier 80s. Anyone who hasn't seen his peak heel days, especially around the lead up to the Wrestlemania 1 days need to check him out. People go on about Hogan from the time, but there is absolutely no way that the huge relationship with MTV, Wrestlemania 1, and the early Rock n Wrestling era taking off overall would've been the success it was without Roddy Piper.

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I like Piper's movies a lot. He was probably the reigning wrestler/actor until The Rock, Batista and John Cena came along

That being said, he is obviously much more successful as a wrestler than an actor

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They Live was awesome and I wish he had gotten more big time roles because that movie showed he can command the screen.

But his wrestling career, no doubt. He's one of the best personalities the art form ever produced.

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It is wrestling and it isn't a contest. He has a long and successful career. He was pretty groundbreaking with Piper's Pit segments and he really knew how to aggravate a crowd. He was a heel that could butts in seats.
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