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rocky maivia= kurt angle

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I was watching a Kurt Angle shoot last night when Kurt said something interesting about the early days of developing Kurt Angle as a wrestling character.

Kurt said that Vince wanted to basically re-run a copy of the early Rocky Maivia character. The one where the Rock would come out smiling, trying to get over as a clean-cut face.

We all know that instead of cheers, the crowd booed and "Rocky sucks" was a part of the negative reaction. Vince wanted Kurt to copy this character and get over as a heel, milking the negative reaction by saying that the crowd should not boo an olympic champion.

My question is, what do you reckon would be the outcome for Dwayne Johnson if Vince kept him as the Rock Maivia character, but instead of being a face he was a heel like the early Kurt Angle character?
Do you think the Rock character would have happened at all?

Would Dwayne Johnson have the rise to superstardom like he did if Vince ran with the Rocky Maivia character but as a heel?
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I always think his talent would have shone through. He just had a ridiculous natural ability on the mic.
Thing is, before Kurt Angle's debut people knew a bit about him and his history. People knew sod all about The Rock other than the whole 3rd generation thing. The Rocky Maivia character would have sunk without a trace in the attitude era, face or heel.
these what if threads should banned they are fucking dumb.
:D ah aint dumb

I thought it was quite interesting tbh.

I thought the Rocky Maivia character was garbage, so it intrigued me to find out that Vince (and it shows his genius) managed to tweak an unsuccessful character into one of the best around for the past decade. Although arguably you could say it was Kurts talent and charisma that got him over, rather than the character.
Well the Rock wanted to debut as a heel from the get go...creative, the New Generation creative, gave him Rocky Maivia and told him to smile as much as possible. If the Rock never went to Jim Ross and asked for a heel turn, he would of ended up buried like all these other saps you see in the industry.

Kurt Angle showed up acting like fans owed him a standing ovation for winning a gold medal. He was very irritating in that role and that got over thanks to him interacting with big names at the time.
the rock should have been a cocky heel and then turn babyface on HHH in 2001
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