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Rock's new shirt probably one of the ugliest t-shirt i have ever seen

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god just awful IMO:shocked::shocked:
do you agree with me?lol

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Re: Rock's new shirt probably one of the worst t-sthirt in wwe history

Been out for like a month now. :/

Still better than WANNA BEE.
Re: Rock's new shirt probably one of the ugliest t-sthirt in wwe history

Good God that is disgusting. Who would wear that?
It's alright. Jericho's shirt is much worse.
Oh, god, double whammy. That shirt is pretty garish and then to follow it with Komova, i feel like crying right now. It's like she is following me around. I've expended all my emotional energy on sorrow, silver is still good, girl.
really that is the most terrible one there is like bazillion more putrid shirts - that one is at least wearable to the gym lol
Looks like something some rapper would wear.

Horrible shirt. Still The Rock's so cool he could wear flip-flops and still look GOATish.
The Rock has a lot of great t-shirts throughout the years. The new one is easily the worst Rock t-shirt ever.

The Rock's t-Shirts should always be simple with a black background and a kick ass catchphrase or an unique brahma bull design. The new one doesn't even look like a Rock t-shirt.
It's certainly not one of his better shirts.
You are all high. This shirt is great. You're welcome.
Definitely the worst Rock shirt, but I don't think they'll ever beat the Jomosapiens t-shirt. Is it any wonder that never talk off?

"We're gonna eat your lunch"...worst catchphrase ever.
I've seen 30 worse shirts, esp in the last 5 years.

Would not mind wearing.
UGH. Hideous.
pretty bad, but it's better than ziggler's, or the miz's. hell, even better than cena's.
You are all high. This shirt is great. You're welcome.
This, that's a cool T.
Sorry Rock you get no swag points for this one.
Lolwat? Its not ugly at all. Looks cool actually
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