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Which match would you rather see?

  • Rock vs Brock

    Votes: 18 66.7%
  • Rock vs Bryan

    Votes: 9 33.3%

Rock vs Brock or Rock vs Bryan?

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Which match would you like to see more?

Why Brock vs Rock must happen:
-After ending The Streak, Lesnar has nuclear heat. WWE would be extremely dumb not to do this match.
WWE should use that heat to create the biggest match up possible and that's Rock vs Brock.
This match will bring a lot of viewers back and break records.
That is the only logical match for Lesnar at WM31.
Having Lesnar go from ending The Streak to facing The Rock is normal but from ending The Streak to jobbing to Cesaro or Bryan will absolutely ruin his credibility.
As much as smarks like those guys, The Rock is levels ahead of those guys in terms of star power.
WWE must capitalize on Brock vs Rock, it's now or never.

Why Brock vs Rock should not happen:
Rock got injured in the last 2 WMs against John Cena. Brock Lesnar is a stiff worker. There is huge chance that Rock will get injured.

Why Bryan vs Rock should happen:
Daniel Bryan is one of the most popular wrestlers of all time. He has defeated John Cena, Randy Orton and Triple H cleanly.
He's by far the best technical wrestler of this generation.
When The Rock comes back, he's going to need someone to work a safe match with him.
Bryan is probably the safest worker in WWE.
Rock and Bryan share a lot of similarities, most important one is both being the peoples champion.

Why Bryan vs Rock should not happen:
Feuding with The Rock might not be the smartest idea for Bryan. Feuding with Hogan in 2002 made Rock lose a lot of his fans, the same thing will happen here.
Bryan also can't hold his own in a promo with The Rock and he doesn't have anybody to do the talking for him.

Final pick:
When I watched Wrestlemania, it just reminded me of what a great in ring performer Daniel Bryan is.
Both of his matches got a 4+ star rating, becoming the first and only WWE wrestler to do so.
As a Rock mark, I want to see him have the best match possible and there's only one guy who can do that and that's Bryan.
Bryan got a better match out of Cena, Punk, Hunter than Lesnar did.

However after Brock ended the streak, there's a lot of intrigue in a possible Brock vs Rock match.
Rock is unquestionably the biggest name Brock hasn't faced since coming back.
A program between those two would be more than epic especially if we get to see Heyman and Rock promos.

It's a tie for me.

P.S. This is assuming Rock returns to work a match again ( which I think is the case, IMO he definitely didn't retire) so please nobody comments "Rock won't wrestle again".
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Rock is done wrestling now that he's passed the torch. Mic appearances yes, wrestling.. no. He's going to be too busy raking the money in Hollywood.
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