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Think about it? Ive been one to say this Wrestlemainia will let prople down, boy am I singing a new toon. Rock, cena, miz.. Mic time plz, all 3 in the ring, rock plays the instigater and builds this fued as something big, somethings thats a must see.. maybe even giving him the guest refree role is another big thing, which way would he go? Would he cost cena the match, how could he help the miz?

Then theres the Jomo effect. Morison floats around til mainia as amoney in the bank competitor...

I believe that miz will beat cena at mainia, but thats where I believe jomo can cash the mitb in and beat the miz..

As someone said in another thread, jomo is closely reaching a place where mic skills dont matter.. And with him constantly outperforming he may do it at mainia?

And btw, what exactly does someone who hosts wrestlemainia do?

Then theres a fued with possibly the best story behind it.. I expect to see two people who hate each others guts blow off at mainia in punk and orton..

This is what I think will happen in the coming weeks
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