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Rob Van Dam

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Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio continue being a tag team, and they get another tag team title shot. In the tag team title shot RVD hits the Frog Splash on the legal champion, then Mysterio (who is legal) gets on the apron ready for the West Coast Pop and while Rey is flying through midair Van Dam grabs the chair on the floor and hits the Van Daminator on Mysterio getting them disqualified. After the match Van Dam continues the assault, these actions turn RVD heel and like his old hardcore ECW self. He has a rivalry with Rey and wins the last match in the rivalry injuring Mysterio, RVD moves on to win a number one contendership match then goes on to Wrestlemania to win the WWE Championship in a Stretcher Match. He has a long title reign and brings back hardcore into WWE, making insane new matches and bringing back old crazy ones.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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