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Betting odds took a while to come out and the smart money is clearly not in yet but here they are...

Big Cass: 1100
Rusev: -2300

Sami Zayn: -900
Braun Strowman: 500

Rich Swann: -1790
Brian Kendrick: 875
TJ Perkins: 875

The New Day: 1850
Cesaro & Sheamus: -5550

Charlotte Flair: -1125
Sasha Banks: 575

Seth Rollins: -6000
Chris Jericho: 2000

Roman Reigns: 550
Kevin Owens: -1050

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Jericho is winning tomrrow, I can't see Rollins going over.

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Rusev is the favorite? Is smart money still not in yet? If not, do people really think Rusev is going over Cass? Can't say I see it.

Everything else seems right.
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For a C-PPV, the odds are pretty damn close on day of PPV.

Big Cass - 2/1
Rusev - 4/11

Braun Strowman - 4/7
Sami Zayn - 5/4

Chris Jericho - 11/4
Seth Rollins - 1/4

Kevin Owens - 7/4
Roman Reigns - 2/5

Rich Swann - 2/7
Brian Kendrick - 5/1
TJ Perkins - 5/1

Sasha Banks - 2/7
Charlotte - 5/2

New Day - 11/8
Sheamus & Cesaro - 8/15

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This PPV is unpredictable. ONLY LOCK is Swann retaining. The other two guys need to be replaced in the main program of the CW division.
I'll give the WWE credit. While some of the build up for these matches has been pretty silly they were able to book both competitors in each match strong enough that you could make a good argument for either side to win.

I'm really looking forward to this because it is a rarity to see a WWE card where the results can't be figured out a week before it happens. I'm not going to check the smart money when it comes out so I can be genuinely surprised.

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Why not? Jericho is a jobber to the stars. Has been since the Ambrose feud. He hasn't beaten anyone of note in months. They kept him strong when he first returned but he's since went back to being fodder for the top babyfaces.

It's been a case of going through Jericho to get the gold, which this year we've seen both of Jericho's feuds (those who have beaten him) go on to receive the WWE World Championship. Though the only PPV he won his match, was WrestleMania 32 against AJ Styles.
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