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Road dogg at HOF

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via Scott Armstrongs twitter, Road Dogg will be inducting Bhis dad at wrestlemania.........

wonder what the chances of a bit of "Oh you didnt Know" action are
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I bet this results in him going back to the E as a road agent.

I know he HATES Triple H with a passion and has stated many times that eventhough the door has always been open for a return that he would NEVER go back, but I could see him burying the hatchet and signing on at a backstage capacity.

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Hes the attitude era equivalent of R Truth.
And this isnt even about him. Its about Bob Armstrong.
Yes, Actually they teamed up when Truth was K-Kwik back in 2000, they did that "GET ROWDY" song which is tons better than anything R-Truth does today.

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Road Dogg should be the one being inducted. The Outlaws were probably the best tag-team of all-time.
I wouldn't say they were the best, but I do think they are deserving when Koko B. Ware is in. I kind of doubt it will happen though. I'm surprised he's even inducting his father given the heat he has/had with Triple H. Maybe they smoothed it over idk, but he did talk a whole lot of shit about him at one point.
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