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Mass spamming inbox and spamming forums. Goodbye smeghead.
That's the reason, but he's no great loss, he suddenly turned into a super retard.

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He's been spamming a lot. I warned him for his spam posts in wrestling multimedia, he then pm'd me and began whining that I haven't gotten everyone, despite the fact I warned over 150 other users the day he got warned. He PM'd me 10 times, filling up my account, he also kept posting bullshit he had been previously warned for, this alone was the final 5 points needed to ban him. He also ASKED me to ban him, even daring me. Him being a prick isn't doing himself any favours.

What other choice did I have?

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Jt0323 says:
all i can say is that its W-E lost....I Posted every day...I am not one of thoes lurkers...so it really does not matter...They need to stop picking on a guy who has 13 post per day and watch the guys who been there for a year with olny 3 post looking at the porn....
He wanted me to post that. I don't care if another guy got banned. It doesnt effect me really.

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Did he rejoin as jdt? that's a perma-ban offense. Before that he was just gone for 14 days. JDT's giving me stick for a warning now. I'm not sure if they're the same person...Might be worth a smod checking the IP.

I gave him 2 verbal warnings in replies to his pms before I banned him, to only get this reply.

Warn Me agian i dare u..
Followed by

Good i dont need this site...I am a Mod of 2 Vbulliton Fourms....so go ahead warn me....
When you break the rules and continue breaking them, what do you expect to happen? I had no choice.

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Haha, he is such a retard...

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No, the fact of the matter is you are.

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Stratusfied02 said:
He just IMed me apoligizing, for what I dont know lol?....so he has been banned?
I will put this in a nice way :D yes he has been banned. He is probably trying to IM you so he can find a way back in, like he is doing with Jsnake.

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I have been warned also for the first time ...OMG WTF!?!? I want answers damn it!!

No I am kidding, it is only 5..

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Wow this guy is really pathedic, he desperatly wanted a nude picture of me. It was quite sad actually.

nyy0323: is there any thing i can do to see those pictures? Ill tell u every thing about me
xStratusx02: why so desperate?
nyy0323: cause that pic is one of the hottest i ever seen...
nyy0323: My name is Joe Colton and i am 23 i live in Broklyn NY, i am single and had 2 girl friends in the past year...one i was very serious but she cheated on me...
nyy0323: I am a health teacher
nyy0323: My Brother is in Iraq and should be coming back soon...
xStratusx02: interesting stuff, but no pic
nyy0323: is there any way ull show me?
xStratusx02: probably not, dont know what it would take
nyy0323: ill do any thing
nyy0323: ill give u my password to aol
xStratusx02: you would go that far?
nyy0323: idk
nyy0323: i really want to see that pic
nyy0323: i cant get it out of my mind
xStratusx02: use your imagination it is the best thing for you
nyy0323: can i just see the top atleast
xStratusx02: xStratusx02: use your imagination it is the best thing for you
nyy0323: i cant casue i cant get the paint odd it
xStratusx02: there isnt anything special anyways
xStratusx02: just nipples
nyy0323: yea thats the best part...
xStratusx02: I know lol
xStratusx02: :)
nyy0323: lol
xStratusx02: I love nipples
nyy0323: me too thats y i want to see urs
xStratusx02: sucking on them is nice
nyy0323: That makes me want to see it more
xStratusx02: I wasnt talking about my nipples I was talking about sucking on other girls nipples lol
nyy0323: u a lesbo?
xStratusx02: NO!
nyy0323: lol
xStratusx02: Bi-sexual
nyy0323: cooll
xStratusx02: I guess
xStratusx02: I just like girls for some reason
nyy0323: me too
nyy0323: i would die a happy man seeing ur pic
xStratusx02: N
xStratusx02: O
xStratusx02: !
nyy0323: Come one...
nyy0323: ill do any thing
nyy0323: i mean ANYTHING
xStratusx02: Have sex with a man
nyy0323: fine
xStratusx02: and take a picture
xStratusx02: and show me
nyy0323: deal but i cant do it know know one is here
xStratusx02: too bad
xStratusx02: wait you would actually have sex with a guy to seem my picture?!?!
nyy0323: Hell Yea
xStratusx02: thats wrong
xStratusx02: lol
xStratusx02: sorry but you are too desperate
nyy0323: come on...
nyy0323: that should be a complament...to u
xStratusx02: I know but not for you
nyy0323: lol
nyy0323: can i plz get u pic...
xStratusx02: do what I said and I will
xStratusx02: untill then no
nyy0323: give me any thing else and ill do
xStratusx02: nope
nyy0323: come on....y not...im not goona do any thing
xStratusx02: do what I said before, show me the pic of you doing it and I will send you the pic...ok?
nyy0323: how bout u send first sine i asked first
xStratusx02: nooo lol, you think I am that stupid?
nyy0323: plz...wut else u want
nyy0323: ill give u Gnail..(its a goole email that olny ppl taht can get it is if u are invited)
nyy0323: Gmail*
xStratusx02: no I dont want that
nyy0323: wut u want
xStratusx02: I already said
nyy0323: be reasonablr
xStratusx02: if you really want the pic you have to go to extreme lengths
nyy0323: some thing that i can do now...
xStratusx02: well give me good suggestions and I will think about it
nyy0323: ill let u be an admin on my fourm
xStratusx02: :-\
xStratusx02: no
nyy0323: That means u control the fourm
xStratusx02: more suggestions
xStratusx02: i know what it means
nyy0323: ill give u trish emal i think it is it
xStratusx02: what?
nyy0323: i went to a RAW PPV and i went backstage and i met Randy Orton i got his AOL name and i talked to trish and got his and Shawn Michals email
xStratusx02: no you didny
xStratusx02: I am not that gullible
nyy0323: yea i did i am dead serious
nyy0323: here ill show u HBK's he emailed me i show u a pioc of the email
xStratusx02: right
xStratusx02: go ahead
http://img69.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img69&image=hbk9qb.png here u go...His real name is michal Hicborn or some thing like that u can even check on the internet
nyy0323: now u believe me
nyy0323: u send me the pics and ill give u Randy Orton IM
xStratusx02: you would have to get me that first
nyy0323: k
nyy0323: RKO4182
nyy0323: some time his brother is on
nyy0323: but alot of times he is on
nyy0323: except for monday
nyy0323: u belive me?
xStratusx02: LOLOL
xStratusx02: no
xStratusx02: not at all
xStratusx02: pathedic attempt
nyy0323: i showed u prof
xStratusx02: that was not proof
nyy0323: Shawn Michals? that was proff
xStratusx02: it was a damn comment board, and I am not stupid the Orton screen name is you it is similair to your W-E username, and I am sure Randy Orton doesnt have an "RKO" sn, or shares one with his brother
xStratusx02: no pictures
xStratusx02: quit trying
nyy0323: thats how Gmail works its an email
nyy0323: u want a petter picture?
xStratusx02: no pictures
xStratusx02: no
xStratusx02: stop trying
xStratusx02: I am not sending you nude pictures of me
nyy0323: ill show u a pic of the gmail set up
xStratusx02: NO
xStratusx02: omg, stop trying lol
xStratusx02: your not getting the picture of me
nyy0323: its really hbk
xStratusx02: ok
xStratusx02: I dont even like HBK
xStratusx02: no pictures dont you understand, you arent getting any?
nyy0323: w/e...i keept my end of the bargin... Trish Stratus is
[email protected]...
nyy0323: u can believe me or not..
xStratusx02: ok, I apreciate your desire to get them and how you think I am hot but I am not sending the fully nude picture ok?
nyy0323: yea what ever...
nyy0323: i g2g
nyy0323: thaks for nuttin
xStratusx02: ok bye
nyy0323: ;-)
nyy0323: How bout this if u email HBK and he respons then will u give me the pics?
nyy0323 is away at 6:41:22 PM.
xStratusx02: no

Dont you think he was a bit desperate?

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since you (Stratusfied02) are under 18 wouldn't a naked pic of you be considered child pornography ?
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