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I would like a Randy Orton Matching Banner and Avator please.


Picture :

Text - RKODestiny


Left Picture :

Centre Picture :

Right Picture :

Text : RKODestiny (somewhere on it)

Colour : Whatever seems best

Size : Normal Size

Rep to be added.

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RKODestiny said:
Thanks alot mate
No problem...but you see that pic from survivor series do you want all of the guys carrying orton to be in the pic aswell or just the outline of him?
RKODestiny said:
:topic: - but good result against City last saturday.
lol yea it was a good result. We playing well now, unbeaten in 4 games, 3 clean sheets in last 4 and scored more goals at home then everyone except arsenal and chelski. so things r going well....just got to stuff pompous and that dirty prick redknapp on saturday:D

whos ur team...North End?
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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