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Ring of Jericho : Final Battle *The Ocho Edition* Discussion Thread

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Likely to be featuring Ring of Jericho Champions such as "The Ocho" Chris Jericho, Samoa Joe, Daniel Garcia, 7 Star FTR, Mercedes Martinez and Dalton Castle & The Boys.
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Latest ticket update. A month ago they were at 1,500 so there's been considerable movement. We'll see if the Briscoes vs. FTR creates a late surge.

Supercard of Honor drew ca. 2,000 and Death Before Dishonor drew ca. 3,500.

AEW: Ring of Honor Presents Final Battle
SAT DEC 10, 2022 – 2:00 PM
College Park Center, Arlington TX

Available Tickets => 1,297
Current Setup/Capacity => 3,524
Tickets Distributed => 2,227

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Kingdom over Top Flight with help from Maria on the outside
Willow over Adora. Nightengale is signed and getting a push.
2.0 over Shinobi - probably mostly a comedy match here I think. JAS affiliated team not losing.
Cobb over Dorada - This has me really interested. I could see Dorada winning if he is signed to work RoH.

Rush/Dralistico over Fox and Christian
Shane Taylor Productions over Swerve in our Glory when Lee turns on Strickland, joining former indie partners in new trios faction.

Cage/Gates of Agony NEED to go over here and win the titles. Castle is limited by past injuries and The Boys are so nondescript. Embassy brutes can carry the RoH Trios titles, while AEW Trios help by flippy wrestlers. Good contract for match types. I might even squash out the champs here to give Embassy hype win.

Garcia retains. Tired of this match-up. Uninspired booking here.

Athena wins. She is getting hot right now and better flagbearer for the brand. Also get title off of one Mercedes if a bigger star with same name is coming into AEW.

Joe wins. I wouldn't mind Juice here honestly. But Joe is losing to Wardlow eventually for the passing of torch moment feud I think.

Dem Boys finally get a win. I think FTR might be jobbing out on their way out. Also get titles off them before they lose in NJPW Tokyo Dome in early new year.

Jericho retains. CC forced to join JAS.
61 - 80 of 327 Posts