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It was early 2011, David Flair, son of Ric Flair, decided he wanted to form his own wrestling company, of course he got the money from his father though. He promised to sign no big WWE level names. If he did they would have had to been in an Indy promotion at one time like CM Punk. He went over in his mind several times what he was going to call his company until finally deciding on...Ring of Fury. He signed talent from all over the world. The company has weekly shows but no Pay-Per-Views, but they do have DVD tapings which are the equivelant of Pay-Per-Views.

Head Office

Promoter/On-Screen Authority: David Flair
Backstage Interviewer: Mike Hogewood
Commentators: Dave Prazak & Joey Styles

Austin Aries
Bryan Danielson
CM Punk
Charlie Haas
Chris Hero
Claudio Castagnoli
Colt Cabana
El Generico
Jack Evans
Jay Briscoe
Jushin "Thunder" Liger
Mark Briscoe
Matt Sydal
Nicho el Millionario
Rhett Titus
Ricky Banderas
Roderick Strong
Samoa Joe
Shawn Daivari
Shelton Benjamin
Teddy Hart
Tyler Black

Tag Teams & Stables
The Second City Saints - CM Punk & Colt Cabana
The Briscoe Brothers - Mark & Jay Briscoe
The Hart Foundation 2.0 - Teddy Hart & Jack Evans
Pac & Roderick Strong
Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team - Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas


Ring of Fury World Champion: Chris Hero
Ring of Fury Pride Champion: Currently vacant
Ring of Fury Tag Team Champions: Currently vacant

DVD Tapings
January - Driven
February - World League Tournament
March - Rey de Reyes
April - Mayhem in Manhattan
May - Reborn
June - Canadian Collision
July - Summer Smash
August - Survival of the Greatest
September - Strive to Survive
October - Halloween Horror
November - Champions Align
December - Destruction in December​

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This looks promising, but I have to ask: WHERE IS DAVID GETTING THE MONEY?

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ROF Live on Versus
The ROF Arena
Indianapolis, Indiana

The show starts off with a video package highlighting some of the wrestlers on the roster. We cut inside the ROF Arena to Dave Prazak and Joey Styles who sit at a table with their announce equipment

Joey Styles: Hello everyone and welcome to the very first edition of ROF Live!

Dave Prazak: We are live from the ROF Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana! Tonight we have some big match ups!

Joey Styles: I'd say we do Dave. Coming up tonight we have the Ring of Fury Battle Royal

David Flair's music hits and he walks out from behind the curtain. He shakes hands with fans before getting into the ring and grabbing a microphone

David Flair: What's up Indianapolis! Listen it's great to be here tonight! Now since I formed this company just a few days ago I have to say that it's an honor to be standing in front of you right now especially with the all-star roster I have. Tonight you will see plenty of matches that will make you stand on your feet and cheer. It will make you want to come back for more! Now thanks for coming out and enjoy the show!

Before Flair can leave the ring, Austin Aries walks down and rolls in with a microphone in hand

Austin Aries: David, David, David. You say all these things. You talk about how you have an all-star roster. The only reason I signed with you is because you told me that I would get the World title on your first show.

David Flair: Wow now hold on Austin. I said nothing of the kind! You are making it up!

Austin Aries: David, you do nothing but lie. Is that right?

David Flair: Of course that's not right! I am not lying.

Austin Aries: You lied to me! You said I was getting the World title! Now you're saying that I'm not.

David Flair: Austin, I hired you to wrestle for me. Not to bitch me out on national television!

Austin Aries takes off his sunglasses and gets in David's face

David Flair: Go ahead. Hit me! Do it!

Aries just stares at him before turning around and leaving the ring

Joey Styles: Things are just heating up! Stay with us because when we come back from the break we will see Teddy Hart taking on Colt Cabana!


Match 1
Teddy Hart w/Jack Evans vs. Colt Cabana w/CM Punk

Hart and Cabana circle the ring before locking up. Cabana shoves him down to the mat but Hart kips up only to be hit with a clothesline taking him back down. Cabana picks him up and hits a snap suplex. He covers him. 1...2...Hart easily kicks out. Cabana picks him up once again and slaps him. The crowd boos. Cabana runs at him and hits a lariat. He covers him once again. 1...2...Hart kicks out once again.

Cabana stares out at Jack Evans before turning around and continuing the assault. Hart is getting to his feet. Cabana bounces off and Evans grabs his leg tripping him up. Cabana turns around and starts yelling at him. Hart grabs Cabana from behind and rolls him up. 1...2...3!

Winner: Teddy Hart

Hart quickly rolls out of the ring with Evans. Punk and Cabana are in the ring very pissed off.

Dave Prazak: Teddy Hart picks up a big win here tonight!

Joey Styles: Well he and Jack Evans may be one step closer to becoming the ROF Tag team champions!

Dave Prazak: We'll find out soon enough Joey. But right now let's go backstage to our broadcast colleague Mike Hogewood who is standing by.

Cameras cut backstage to Mike Hogewood

Mike Hogewood: Thanks guys. I am here with the man who faces Matt Sydal later on tonight his name is...Samoa Joe!

Samoa Joe walks into the picture with a white towel over his shoulders

Mike Hogewood: Joe, you just found out one day ago that you will be facing Matt Sydal here tonight. Have you had the chance to form a gameplan?

Samoa Joe: Unfortunately for Matt, I have had the chance to form a gameplan. And that gameplan is to beat him with in an inch of his life.

Mike Hogewood: You sound pretty confident, I've heard that Matt Sydal has had pretty extensive training since he stepped into an Indy ring.

Samoa Joe: I don't care if Matt Sydal has had extensive training. It doesn't matter to me. I will beat him and he will no longer be able to walk!


Match 2
Samoa Joe vs. Matt Sydal

Joe is first out. While he watches Sydal walk out he exits the ring. Both men exchange blows before Joe throws him back first into the steel steps. He lifts Sydal up and throws him into the ring. He puts him on the top rope and gets him in the position to hit the Muscle Buster. He nails it and covers him. 1...2...Sydal puts his foot on the bottom rope.

Joe picks him off the mat and rams him back first into the corner with his shoulder. Joe puts him onto the top rope and hits the Muscle Buster once again. 1...2...3

Winner: Samoa Joe

Joey Styles: What an impressive win by Samoa Joe!

Dave Prazak: Coming up next is our main event of the evening!

Joey Styles: We will see a Ring of Fury Battle Royal with the winner becoming the Ring of Fury World champion!

Dave Prazak: Now the Ring of Fury Battle Royal is different from other battle royals. All seventeen, was supposed to be eighteen but Austin Aries will not be competing will start the match.

Joey Styles: The only way to be eliminated is to go over the top rope. When it gets to the finals two it turns into a ladder match with the first person to pull the title down becoming the first ever Ring of Fury World Champion.


Match 3
Ring of Fury Battle Royal
Bryan Danielson vs. CM Punk vs. Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. El Generico vs. Jack Evans vs. Jay Briscoe vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger vs. Mark Briscoe vs. Nicho el Millionario vs. Pac vs. Rhett Titus vs. Ricky Banderas vs. Roderick Strong vs. Shawn Daivari vs. Tyler Black vs. Vampiro

The ring is crowded as the bell rings to begin the match. Everyone starts brawling. Vampiro grabs Daivari by the head and hurls him over the top rope.

ELIMINATED #1: Shawn Daivari by Vampiro

Vampiro tunrs around only to be dropkicked by Liger. Mark and Jay Briscoe double team Castagnoli. Danielson has Pac by the hair and attempts to throw him out. Titus attacks Danielson from behind. Banderas throws Nicho out.

ELIMINATION #2: Nicho el Millionario by Ricky Banderas

Mark and Jay turn around from beating on Castagnoli and are clotheslined by Hero. Hero starts pounding on both of them. Generico is on the top rope until Strong shoves him off.

ELIMINATION #3: El Generico by Roderick Strong

Hero and Castagnoli lift Mark Briscoe off the mat and throw him into the corner. They grab his legs and start to lift him out. Tyler Black attacks them from behind. They quickly overpower him and start beating on him. Danielson and Punk slug it out. Vampiro has Jay Briscoe by the back of the head and he hurls him over the top rope.

ELIMINATION #4: Jay Briscoe by Vampiro

Jushin Liger jumps on Vampiro's back and locks him in a head lock. Jack Evans and Pac have already gone over the top rope but they are slugging it out on the apron. Pac hits Evans with a bunch of European uppercuts. Ricky Banderas sees this and runs at them. They pull the rope down and he flies over.

ELIMINATION #5: Ricky Banderas by Jack Evans & Pac

Pac and Evans get back into the ring. Vampiro has Liger up for the Nail in the Coffin. He hits it. Roderick Strong attacks Vampiro from behind. Mark Briscoe is trying to fight back against Hero and Castagnoli. Tyler Black helps him and Superkicks Castagnoli out.

ELIMINATION #6: Claudio Castagnoli by Tyler Black

He turns around and Superkicks Mark before Superkicking Hero. CM Punk has Danielson up on his shoulders. He waits for a moment before hitting the Go To Sleep. Pac grabs Punk from behind and throws him out.

ELIMINATION #7: CM Punk by Pac

Tyler Black picks Mark Briscoe off the mat and goes to throw him out when Vampiro grabs him. Vampiro kicks him in the mid-section and throws him out. He grabs Mark's head and throws him out as well.

ELIMINATION #8: Tyler Black by Vampiro
ELIMINATION #9: Mark Briscoe by Vampiro

Vampiro turns around and sets his sights on Jushin Liger. He grabs him by the head and chucks him out.

ELIMINATION #10: Jushin "Thunder" Liger by Vampiro

Rhett Titus stands cornered by the remaining six wrestlers. Roderick Strong makes the first moves and kicks him in the mid-section. Pac grabs Titus and throws him over.

ELIMINATION #11: Rhett Titus by Pac

Everyone starts brawling. Jack Evans and Pac concentrate their attack on Vampiro. Danielson locks Hero in Cattle Mutilation. Evans and Pac almost have Vampiro over. Roderick Strong helps them and they finally get Vampiro out.

ELIMINATION #12: Vampiro by Jack Evans, Pac & Roderick Strong

The three turn their attention to Hero and Danielson. They begin stomping the two others. Strong turns on them and hurls Evans face first over the top rope onto the floor.

ELIMINATION #13: Jack Evans by Roderick Strong

Pac kicks Strong hard in the ribs. He smashes Strong's head off the turnbuckle a few times before throwing him out.

ELIMINATION #14: Roderick Strong by Pac

The final three stare each other down before looking up at the title belt hanging above them. They start going at each other. Hero unleashes a series of lefts and rights to both men. He grabs Pac by the head and attempts to throw him out. Danielson grabs Hero from behind and hits a German suplex on him. Pac tries to attack Danielson but gets thrown out for his efforts.

ELIMINATION #15: Pac by Bryan Danielson

Winners/Moving on to the Ladder Match: Bryan Danielson & Chris Hero

Dave Prazak: What a battle royal.

Joey Styles: What a match we are going to see right now!

Main Event
Ladder Match for the Ring of Fury World Championship
Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Hero

Both Danielson and Hero look up at the title belt. Danielson offers a handshake. It appears as if Hero is going to shake his hand until he kicks Danielson in the stomach. He grabs his head and hits it off the turnbuckle. He hits the Crash Landing before sliding out of the ring. He pulls a ladder out from underneath the ring and sldies it into the ring. He gets in after him and sets the ladder up and begins climbing. He is at the top when Danielson gets onto the turnbuckle and jumps off dropkicking the ladder and sending Hero flying to the outside of the ring.

The crowd chants Holy shit! Holy shit! Danielson pulls himself up with the ropes and grabs the ladder. He tries to set it up but it is bent so it won't stand. He rolls out of the ring and grabs another ladder. He gets in with it and sets it up. He begins climbing it. Hero is slowly getting to his feet on the outside. Danielson sees and jumps from the top of the ladder and lands on Hero. The crowd goes crazy.

Both Danielson and Hero are layed out outside the ring. Danielson is the first to start getting up. He pulls himself up with the ring apron. He rolls into the ring and begins a slow ascent to the top of the ladder. He is about halfway up when Hero rolls into the ring and begins climbing as well. They both reach the top and Hero hits danielson with a right hand. danielson comes back with a right hand of his own.

Hero grabs Danielson's head and smashes it off the top of the ladder. Danielson almost falls off but catches his balance. Hero smashes it again and Danielson falls backwards down to the mat. The crowd gasps. Hero reaches up and grabs the title. He unhooks it and holds it up for everyone to see.

Winner: Chris Hero

Joey Styles: OH MY GAWD! This match was an amazing one.

Dave Prazak: Well Chris Hero is the first ever Ring of Fury World champion!

Hero stands in the ring over Danielson. He bends down and slaps him across the face before holding the belt up again.

Joey Styles: See you next week right here on Versus!​

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ROF Live on Versus
The ROF Arena
Indianapolis, Indiana

The video package from last week begins the show this week as well before cutting to Dave Prazak and Joey Styles.

Dave Prazak: Hello everyone and welcome to the second edition of ROF Live on Versus!

Joey Styles: Last week Chris Hero defeated Bryan Danielson in a Ladder match to become the first ever Ring of Fury World Champion!

Dave Prazak: Last week we also saw Samoa Joe almost end Matt Sydal's career. But tonight Sydal is back and raring to go as he takes on Nicho el Millionario!

Joey Styles: I can't wait until that match Dave.

Chris Hero's theme hits and he walks out with the Ring of Fury World title around his waist. He climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Dave Prazak: What does he want?

Chris Hero: Last week, I defeated the Internet's favorite guy Bryan Danielson. Now I've been asked for the past week about my tag team partner Claudio Castagnoli and what is going to happen to The Kings of Wrestling. Well I'd like to invite my tag team partner Claudio Castagnoli out here right now!

Claudio Castagnoli walks out from behind the curtain smiling at Hero. He rolls into the ring and shakes hands with Hero.

Chris Hero: Claudio, I like you and all. I really do want to be your tag partner but...

He takes the title from around his waist and slings it over his shoulder

Chris Hero: I don't know. Do you want to stay tag partners?

Claudio shakes his head yes and goes to grab the mike. Hero kicks him in the mid-section. The crowd gasps. Hero lifts Castagnoli up and slams him down with a Powerbomb.

Joey Styles: I can't believe it! Chris Hero just turned on his tag team partner!

Dave Prazak: This is history and it has been made!

Joey Styles: Well we will be right back with our first match of the evening.


Dave Prazak: Welcome back to Ring of Fury! Our first match this evening pits Tyler Black against El Generico!

Match 1
Tyler Black vs. El Generico

Both men look to put on a great match to open the show. They lock up. Black backs Generico into the corner and hits him with a forearm shot to Generico's face. He throws him down to the mat before climbing to the middle rope. He jumps off and Generico rolls out of the way and Black lands on the mat. Generico jumps to his feet and lifts Black up. He throws him hard into the turnbuckle. He backs up before nailing him with the Ole Kick.

Black falls face first onto the mat. Generico rolls him over and hits a standing moonsault. 1...2...Black gets his shoulder off the mat. Generico stands up and pulls Black up by his hair. He lifts him up near the corner in a suplex position. He proceeds to hit the Brainbustaaaaahhhhh!!!!! He covers Black. 1...2....3

Winner: El Generico

Joey Styles: El Generico picks up an impressive win against El Generico here tonight.

Dave Prazak: Joey, you know how last week Teddy Hart beat Colt Cabana?

Joey Styles: Yes.

Dave Prazak: Well at our first DVD taping Driven it will be Teddy Hart and Jack Evans versus CM Punk and Colt Cabana for the Ring of Fury Tag team championships!

Cameras cut backstage to Pac standing in the hallway. Roderick Strong approaches him.

Pac: What do you want?

Roderick Strong: Remember when we used to tag together. We won some belts and a tournament.

Pac: Are you asking me to team with you?

Roderick Strong: Yes. We can win the tag titles! Next month is the World League tournament and we can win it.

Pac: I eliminated you last week.

Roderick Strong: That doesn't matter because you didn't win and it was for the World title you know.

Pac: Well you know what.

Roderick Strong: What?

Pac: You got yourself a tag team partner!

Pac and Strong shake hands


Joey Styles: Just before the break you saw the reformation of Roderick Strong and Pac's tag team!

Dave Prazak: Coming up next we have Matt Sydal taking on Nicho el Millionar-

Cameras cut to a dark room in the back. A red light turns on and Ricky Banderas appears.

Ricky Banderas: Later on tonight...I will be facing my number one nemesis Vampiro...One of us will be getting a shot at the World title...I know...that it will be...me! Some people say that Vampiro...is better than me...that is not true. Vampiro...you better watch out...for the fire...

A ball of fire is thrown at the camera and we cut back to the arena.

Match 2
Matt Sydal vs. Nicho el Millionario

Sydal climbs to the top rope before the referee rings the bell. As soon as the bell rings Sydal hits a cross body. He immediately tries for the win. 1...2...Nicho kicks out. Sydal jumps up and climbs to the top rope once again. Nicho quickly gets to his feet and knocks Sydal off the top. Nicho picks him up and hits a Snap suplex. Sydal is layed out and Nicho climbs to the top rope. He jumps off and hits a diing guillotine leg drop. 1...2...Sydal manages to get his shoulder off the mat.

Nicho have a very angry look on his face. He picks Sydal up and throws him over the top rope into the barricade. Sydal holds his shoulder. Nicho gets out of the ring and picks Sydal up. Nicho hits a forearm shot to Sydal's face. Sydal is pretty much dead weight right now. Nicho kicks Sydal in the mid-section and throws him shoulder first into the steel steps. Sydal screams in pain as Nicho grabs a steel chair. He folds it up and smashes Sydal in the shoulder with it.

Sydal is pretty much on the ground crying. Nicho hits him over and over again with the chair. Nicho picks Sydal up and throws him back into the ring. He rolls in to and hits the Psycho Stunner. 1...2...3

Winner: Nicho el Millionario

Dave Prazak: What an attack by Nicho.

Joey Styles: I hope he's proud of what he's done. Matt is being carted off on a stretcher!


Samoa Joe's music hits and he walks out wearing a t-shirt and jeans. He rolls into the ring.

Samoa Joe: What Nicho el Millionario just did was disgusting. Last week all I did was beat Matt Sydal. I didn't injure him!

The crowd cheers in agreement

Samoa Joe: I actually do feel bad for Matt. He didn't deser-

Joe is interupted by Shawn Daivari's music. He walks down to the ring and gets in.

Samoa Joe: What the hell do you want!

Shawn Daivari: Joe, why the hell are you standing up for Matt Sydal? Last week you said you were going to beat him with in an inch of his life! Now this week he got injured so you're all defending him and saying that Nicho el Millionario is disgusting!

Samoa Joe: Daivari, I don't like you. In fact I don't think anyone here likes you! So as of right now I am challenging you to a match at Driven!

Shawn Daivari: You are on!

Joe smirks with satisfaction and goes to leave the ring. Daivari attacks him from behind. Daivari begins pounding on his back. Joe turns around and knees him in the ribs. He goes behind Daivari and locks in The Clutch. Daivari taps out immediately and Joe keeps it in until he passes out. Joe let's go and heads to the back


Joey Styles: Well it is time for our main event of the evening!

Dave Prazak: Vampiro taking on Ricky Banderas with the winner facing Chris Hero at Driven for the World title!

Joey Styles: Should be a good match considering it is a No Holds Barred match!

Main Event
#1 Contendership to the ROF World Championship
No Holds Barred
Vampiro vs. Ricky Banderas

Both men are in the ring and are staring each other down. Banderas charges him and tackles him to the mat and starts pounding on him. Banderas rips off the turnbuckle pad and smashes Vampiro's face off the exposed metal. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair and throws it in. He also gets a table, a ladder and some trash cans. He rolls back in and sets the table up. Vampiro attacks him from behind. Vampiro grabs the steel chair and whacks Banderas in the back with it. He then puts him on the table and sets the ladder up.

He begins to climb the ladder. The crowd are chanting and screaming. Vampiro jumps off and puts Banderas through the table with an elbow. The crowd chants Holy shit! Vampiro pulls himself up with the ropes only to drop down and cover Banderas. 1...2...Banderas gets his shoulder up.

Vampiro grabs a trash can lid and smacks Banderas in the face with it. Vampiro lifts him up and gets him in the position. He nails the Nail in the Coffin on top of a trash can. 1...2...3

Winner: Vampiro

Dave Prazak: What a win for Vampiro!

Joey Styles: Hold on Dave I'm hearing that there is a commotion backstage.

Cameras cut backstage where Austin Aries kicks David Flair's office door open. Flair looks up from what he's doing. Austin grabs Flair's laptop and snaps it over his knee.

David Flair: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Austin Aries: Give me a shot at the title!

David Flair: You want a shot?!?!? You really want a shot? No you are not getting a shot at the title! At Driven, you will face me in a match! If I win you get fired but if you win you'll get a shot at the title!

Aries and Flair stare at each other as the show fades to black.

STILL learning kayfabe
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Opening Promo: Nice heat with Austin Aries and David Flair. I can see David screwing Austian matches. Can wait to see the aftermath of that.

Teddy Hart w/Jack Evans vs Colt Cabana w/ CM Punk:
Classic springboard mistake. Never try a springboard move on your opponnents manager side. Some heat between Punk and Cabana...

Interveiw and Samoa Joe vs Matt Sydal

He sounded confident. He erased out Matt. The only reason he didnt win the first pin is because of the rope break. This look like it can put Samoa Joe over if used correctly.

Battle Royal

I didnt read the commentary before it so when it turned into a ladder match, then I read the commentary. I thought Austin would interfere because if he couldnt get it nobody couldnt. Great End

BTW This is all for the first show.
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