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right now...at this moment....at this very moment, 10 things mcguilcutty is doing

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Well Raw has indeed lost a future 10 time world champ in Michael Mcguilcutty. The world is in wonder of what he is doing right now. Every morning i wake up and on my way to work i clear out all other thoughts....cause i wonder....at this very moment, what is big mike doing.
10 things mcguilcutty could be doing at this VERY MOMENT

10. at this very moment McGuilcutty is forming genesis, so far he brainwashed...err i mean convinced: norman smiley and charlie hass....meanwhile stone cold has not responded to the 200 texts.

9. at this moment Mike McGuilcutty is emailing Shaemus advice about how to reverse a burial

8. At this moment...this just in...via text "f%ck off McGuilcutty"-stone cold

7. At this moment...this very moment McGuilcutty is on the phone with Vince discussing that he should make a shock return at wrestlemania and confront the rock. The show can end with 3 McGuilcutters: on cena, on rock, on miz.

6. At this moment...this very moment...vince tells McGuilcutty its an awesome idea and it will get buyrates up...if Mcguilcutty is teased for mania. Vince tells McGuilcutty...that hes gonna book it for wrestlemania 25.

5. At this very moment...Mike Mcguilcutty has butterflies in his stomach....hes going to main event wrestlemania 25. He's pumped up and is going through and watching his wrestlemania dvds. He pops in his favorite: Wrestlemania 25.

4. At this very moment...this very moment Mike still dosent realize that vince pulled the wool over his eyes

3. At this very moment McGuilcutty is 5 Michelob ultras deep practicing McGuilcutters on a large stuffed panda he won at a carnival. To make things complete he takes his last wwe paycheck (10.00) and goes to shirt shack to have a shirt made that says: McGuilcutty brings it.

2. At this very moment its a party as norman smiley and charlie Hass are over at the McGuilcuttys with a keg as they cheer on McGuilcutty wrestling his panda in a 3 stages of hell match. Score so far McGuilcutty 1 Panda 1

1. At this Moment this very moment....this moment...at this moment McGuilcutty is hammered and wants norman smiley to act like the rock and take a McGuilcutter. Meanwhile a special ed field trip is taking place: one of the kids steps on the shortbus with a t-shirt that says on the front: McGuilcutty brings it. The first kids that see the shirt and start to heckle him...that is until they see the back of the shirt. The back of the shirt says: NOT!!! The kids on the bus chant "McGuilcutty Sux" the whole way.

0. At this moment...this very moment...unknowingly to McGuilcutty as he gets norman all oiled up and gets a pair of sun glasses---he is recieving more heat from a short bus then he ever received on RAW

just having fun. Kinda tired probably could of came up with even better list. Not a hater of big Mike btw
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10. Knows his father is rolling over in his grave
9. Getting a few drinks with fellow buryee Husky Harris
8. Knows he will never be Perfect.
7. Is facepalming at this very moment.
6 working part time at Walmart like most of TNA wrestlers
5. Praying for Vince to give a call
4. Beating his monkey wih the extra free time he has
3. Pan Handling for extra cash
2. See #9
1. Thinking " Should I take some roids so Vince will be proud of me"?

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Meh. Nice idea, but it wasn't funny.

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10. Knows his father is rolling over in his grave
This may be one of the most fucked up things I've read in ANYTHING recently. Just wrong and about as funny as Santino is with the Cobra and just as embarassing too.

:gun: Lou76

Also, which wrestler exactly is working at Walmart? and I want a source as well as proof on the "rolling over in his grave" comment. Fucking idiot!

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10 thiings andromeda_1979 is doing right this very moment

10) eatinga hot pocket
9) dreaming about lossing his virginity
8) popping a zit
7) ironing his blockbuster video work polo
6) getting ready to take his grandma out to a movie
5) reorganizing his pokemon card collection
4) wondering if a woman's breast really feels like a bag of sand
3) tucking his tapout t-shirt into his jean shorts
2) picking his nose with a cutip
1) deciding how to break the news to his mom, that he is ready to move from his room, to her basement

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at this very moment Vince rings mike mcguilicutty back and teases him further that he's going to face Shawn Michaels in a First Blood Retirement Match at Wrestlemania 24 in Detroit and then Headline Wrestlemania 23 in Orlando Florida Against Chris Jericho for The Undisputed Championship
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