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Ric Flair still on Impactwrestling.com Roster page - oversight?

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TNA has always done a great job keeping their website up to date. With Ric Flair's recent high profile exit from TNA, you'd think they would remove him right away.

The rest of the roster looks up to date (Chavo and King Mo included). The champions roll call on top is up to date for sure.

Any thoughts why Ric Flair is still included?
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I have no idea, maybe they are hopeful of a comeback or something? or maybe its laziness on the people behind the website? could be a range of reasons, they also haven't removed Matt Morgan either and his contract has come to an end. Also they removed Velvet Sky for a little while then decided to put her back up again on the roster page..
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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