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Backstory: In June, 2012 Flair parts ways with TNA, sighting creative differences as the reason for his resignation. After a rough week of drinking and gambling with Balls Mahoney in Atlantic City, Flair is on the verge of Bankruptcy and he is forced to put together a Wrestling promotion as a last resort effort to save himself from certain financial doom. Eric Bischoff then decides to leave TNA to help Flair get a TV deal and re-live his dream of running a Wrestling promotion.

Bischoff get's a meeting with Ted Turner, Bischoff and Flair pitch the idea of having a wrestling promotion that is completely uncensored and is meant for the 18-35 year old male demographic. After the meeting with Turner, Flair get's cleared for a 1 hour time block every Monday at Midnight on TNT. Turner will allow the program to air completely uncensored due to the late time spot. In addition to the TV deal, Flair also received a 45 Million Dollar budget for the first year of production. This isn't all that much considering Flair must pay wrestlers, cover travel/hotel fees, venue cost, pyro, staff ect. Can Flair and his band of misfits bring a new flavor of entertainment to the Wrestling world? Stay tuned!


Ric Flair (Owner)
2 Cold Scorpio
Batista (Television Champion)
Baron Von Raschke (Manager)
Kurrgan "The Interrogator"
The Ultimate Warrior
Ron Simmons
New Jack
The Hurricane
Dusty Rhodes (Manager)
Eric Bischoff (GM/Co-Owner)
Balls Mahoney
Vic Grimes
Zach Gowen
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Renee Dupree
Rob Conway
Iron Sheik (Manager)
"Dancing" Stevie Richards
Gypsey Joe
The Blue Meanie
Pitbull Gary Wolfe
Bill Alfonso(Manager)
Joey Styles (Announcer)
Missy Hyatt


The Shit Twins: Steve and Larson (Tag Team Champions)

The Kings of Swing: "Dancing" Stevie Richards, the Blue Meanie, and Baron Von Raschke

The Dusty Balls: Balls Mahoney and Dusty Rhodes

The Ultimate Retards
: The Ultimate Warrior and Eugene

Sabu & Fonzie: Sabu and Bill Alfonso

The Gangstas
: New Jack and Mustafa

The French Assholes
: Rene Dupree and Rob Conway


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Joey Styles: Welcome to Ric Flair Presents: Professional Wrestling! I'm the one man commentary team Joey Styles!


*Flair's Theme Hits*

Joey Styles: OHH MYY GAAHHDD!!! It's The Nature Boy!!!

*Flair Struts down to the Ring*

*Missy Hyatt hands Flair a microphone from ringside*

Ric Flair: Woo!

*crowd Woo's back at Flair for minutes on end, It's 1$ beer Night*

Ric Flair: Shut the fuck up we only have an hour and this is live!

*Crowd continues to Woo at Flair obnoxiously loud*

Ric Flair: You think I'm fucking kidding, kill the lights Fonzie!

*All the lights remain on*

Ric Flair: I said turn the lights off damn it!

*The Arena goes dark*

*The crowd begins to leave the Arena while chanting "refund"*

Ric Flair: Come back!!! Someone turn the fucking lights back on!

*The lights go back on, 1/3 of the original audience is left*

*Flair throws the mic and storms out of the ring*

*** Commercial Break ***

Match #1

New Jack vs Eugene

*New Jack's Theme plays throughout his whole match*
*Yes, you NEED to listen to it while you read the match*

Eugene no-sells New Jack's first couple of punches. What Eugene doesn't know is New Jack has been on a cocaine binge with Sabu for the past week. Eugene goes for an elbow and actually nails New Jack right in the nose. New Jack proceeds to shoot on Eugene and punches Eugene in the temple, effectively KO'ing him in real life. New Jack pulls a doctor's scalpel out of his Timberland boots and begins stabbing Eugene in the torso and face. The white ring mat begins flooding with small puddles of Eugene's blood.

The referee puts up the "X" sign with his arms signifying the match is no longer kayfabe. New Jack proceeds to grab an aluminum baseball bat from under the ring and wrap it in barbed wire, New Jack then begins mercilessly smashing the bat into Euegene's skull. Once security approaches the ring, New Jack runs back up the ramp yelling "He called me *****!"

*** Commercial Break ***

*Joey Styles backstage Interview*

Joey Styles: My guest at this time is "Dancing" Stevie Richards, I understand you have something you wanna tell us Stevie?

Stevie Richards: That's right Joey! I just wanna let Ric know that his main whore Sunny was up to something very interesting today when I arrived at the arena..

Joey Styles: C'mon Stevie let's not insult our Boss..

Stevie Richards: *Interrupting* Shut the fuck up Joey or I'm gonna have to Stevie Kick you.. As I was saying that filthy whore Sunny was blowing one of the wrestlers in the boiler room for pain killers! What a dirty whore..

*Ric Flair comes on screen and starts choking Stevie, Homer Simpson style*

Joey Styles: OHHH MYYY GAHHDD!!! Who was Sunny blowing for pain killers is the question on all of our minds! Was it Batista? I bet it was Batista, that slimy prick! That could've been me receiving oral sex in exchange for prescription drugs!

*** Commercial Break ***

Main Event
Ric Flair vs Gypsy Joe

Good lord, this match is an embarrassment. These 2 guys look like they were around when Jesus and Moses were tag teaming! You think Gypsy Joe looks old in that picture, that was from 1974 motherfucker! Styles buries Gypsy Joe on commentary hinting at the fact that he might legitimately be retarded. Flair makes quick work of this old bag of shit and submits him with his trusty Figure-4-Leg Lock.

*Flair calls for a microphone*

Ric Flair: Sunny, is it true?

*Crowd chants "She's a Whore"*

Ric Flair: Was it Batista? I've heard about it Sunny! You think I don't know about Batista's Huge...

*Sunny's Music Hits*

: Ric.. I'm so sorry

*Flair begins to break down and cry in the ring*

Sunny: But Ric.. It wasn't Batista

Ric Flair: *weeping* Then who.. wa.. wa.. was it?

Sunny: It was.... Gypsy Joe, I gave him a blow job for some pain killers, I needed them Ric!

Ric Flair: You Son of a bitch!

*Flair begins assaulting Gypsy Joe*

*Show fades out with sunny trying to protect Gypsy Joe from Flair*


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Off to a great start, buddy! This is absolutely golden. Joey Styles' shouting "OH MY GOD" at Flair's entrance, his opening promo, Ric vs Gypsy Joe and New Jack shooting while on crack. It's perfect.

Looking forward to The Ultimate Warrior's debut :)

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* Meeting with Ted Turner to discuss TV Debut *

Ted Turner: Ric, Eric... What the fuck was that!?

Ric Flair: It was Ric Flair presents: profess..

Ted Turner: *interrupting* That was the biggest pile of shit my network has ever aired! That WAS NOT Wrastlin'! We worked together to make WCW a massive success, I trusted you guys! You said this show would be a high brow adult product. The police are holding that black feller for assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder, you morons aired an attempted murder live on my station!

Eric Bischoff: Listen, Ted.. we understand your concerns but in episode 2..

Ted Turner: *interrupting* EPISODE 2!? You dip shits will never air another second of that crap on on any of my stations! I have 14 law suits on my hands now over airing an attempted murder! Get the fuck out of my office now, the both of you!

*Flair and Bischoff exit Turner's Office*

*They walk down the hallway quietly until..*

Eric Bischoff: It's ok Ric, We can still...

*Flair's face get's blood red*

Ric Flair:...... *yelling* WE!? There is no WE! You fucked me in WCW and your fucking me again now!

*Everyone in Turner's office is staring at Flair and Bischoff*

Eric Bischoff
: *yelling* I fucked YOU!? You never drew a dime in WCW! Your trying to pin this on me Flair!?

Ric Flair:....*yelling* ERIC BISCHOFF, you are a no-good, SON OF A BITCH!!!

*Flair lunges at Bischoff, both men fall to the ground*

*Flair mounts Bischoff and begins teeing off on his face*

*Flair proceeds to put Bischoff in a Figure 4 and Bischoff screams in agony*

*Bischoff's nose looks broken, Flair's fists are covered in his blood*

Ric Flair: *As Police drags him away* WOOOO!!!!!!!

TMZ.com said:

(Picture taken by Turner employee, blood can be seen on flair's fist)

Wrestling legend Ric Flair was booked on assault and battery charges after beating his former business partner Eric Bischoff to a bloody pulp in the Turner Broadcasting Headquarters Tuesday night. Flair was seen yelling his signature catch phrase "Woo", as Atlanta Police removed him from the building.

This incident comes in wake of the brutal stabbing that unexpectedly aired on Flair's Wrestling program Monday Night. That incident has also prompted an arrest by local law enforcement officials. If Bischoff presses charges, Flair could potentially face up to 10 years in prison.


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The Greatest BTB of All Time.. even though you stole my formatting for the most part lol.

I find it thoroughly entertaining because it has a lot of wrestling humor and you can see all the scenes happening so vividly. lol @ the New Jack Shoot, Stevie Richards promo, and Flair/Bischoff fight, but above all, Joey Styles everytime he talks just lmao. The campy feel to it is just perfect. The way Flair is used is just absolutely hilarious too.. but yeah all the characters act/speak as they should (in the way you portray them at least). It's like all the character's personalities are on steroids, great stuff, keep it up.

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I have to commend you on the booking, done to perfection. Some interesting match ups still to come too from looking at your roster.

Only criticism I have is Ric Flairs ability to 'lunge'. This is unlikely!

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CNN.com said:

(Photo Courtesy of WWE)

Nick Dinsmore, known to wrestling fans across the world as the fun-loving, mentally handicapped character Eugene, remains in critical condition tonight at St. John's Memorial Hospital. Dinsmore was unknowingly attacked by fellow wrestler Jerome Young AKA "New Jack", during what was supposed to be a typical wrestling match Monday Night. Young stabbed Dinsmore a reported "17 times" and also struck him in the head with an aluminum baseball bat, none of which was supposed to be part of the show.

When asked why he stabbed and assaulted Dinsmore, New Jack said: "He elbowed me in the nose and called me a ni**er". Dinsmore was not regarded as a racist by his close friends and many of his friends proceeded to say: "Nick wouldn't say that, that just isn't him". Many people suspect narcotics provoked the attack, given Young's history with substance abuse. When asked if he regretted his actions after learning about Dinsmore's condition, New Jack said: "No, I would stab his inbred racist a** again. I actually hope he dies". New Jack's bail is set at a whopping 1 million dollars.


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Georgia State Penitentiary

Prison Guard: Ready for your Conjugal visit Mr. Young?

*Guard begins laughing*

New Jack: Yeah, what the fuck ever.

*New Jack is led to the private Conjugal visit rooms by the guard*

*New Jack enters the room, Michael Cole is sitting on the edge of the bed*

Michael Cole: I'm sorry we have to have this discussion under these circumstances.

*The guards can be heard cracking jokes outside the room*

New Jack: Why did you have to say it was a god damn Conjugal visit? Now they all think I'm gay, this is fucked up, man..

Michael Cole: *Interrupting* I already told you, the guards screen all the regular visits. This was the only way I could tell you this information!

New Jack: You couldn't just send me a letter? You had to arrange a fake "gay-sex visit", just so you could tell me why I haven't gotten bailed out?

Michael Cole: umm..uhh..... Oh yeah...... a letter.. Well I guess... I didn't think of that..

*New Jack facepalms*

Michael Cole: Anyway.. I got a message from the Anonymous RAW General Manager, and he said he can't pay your bail until..

New Jack: *Interrupting* Who the Fuck is the Anonymous RAW General Manager?

Michael Cole: Don't you watch WWE? The Anonymous Raw General Manager used to send me messages during RAW, then we scrapped the angle and never mentioned it again.

New Jack: So who the fuck is he..

Michael Cole: I can't tell you that, then he or she wouldn't be anonymous anymore

New Jack: So why won't he pay my bail like we agreed to in the plan!?

Michael Cole: Do you really have to ask? It's because you didn't kill Eugene like you agreed to!

New Jack: C'mon Cole! I stabbed him in the fucking face, I bashed his skull in with a bat. I guessed that he was already dead after that!

Michael Cole
: I told you, you can't guess! We're not paying you a million dollars to half-kill him! Linda McMahon is running for Senate again in 2012. If Eugene is alive to publish his tell-all book, everyone will know about their affair! I'm going to the hospital tomorrow on behalf of the WWE to give our "best wishes" to Eugene. Since you only half-killed him, you only get half the money. I, Michael Cole, will get the rest of your payout from the boss if I can kill Eugene tomorrow! I will not fail like you did! Instead of using brute force, I'm going to kill Eugene with smarts. With Ricin!

New Jack: Half the money!? C'mon I at least 3/4 killed him! How the fuck you gonna kill him with rice anyway?

Michael Cole: Not Rice! Ricin! It's a poisonous bean root from Sub-Saharan Africa that can kill a human being in mere days. The best part is it doesn't show up on autopsies. It will look like Eugene simply died of natural causes!

New Jack
: That's some deep shit, Cole. You sure that's even gonna work?..

Michael Cole: Of course I'm sure! I saw it on Burn Notice.. or was it Breaking Bad? ah fuck it.. it's gonna work!

*Guard knocks loudly on the door*

Prison Guard: Wrap it up ****! Conjugal visiting time is over!

Michael Cole
: I'll be back the same time next week. Remember... you can't tell ANYONE about Eugene and Linda's affair!

*New Jack nods*

*Cole gets up and exits the Conjugal visit room*

*Cole talking to the guards as he leaves the Jail*

Michael Cole: We had GAY SEX in there! yup we were so busy doing gay stuff we didn't even have time to talk about anything, oh well!


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RicFlairPresents said:
Michael Cole: Not Rice! Ricin! It's a poisonous bean root from Sub-Saharan Africa that can kill a human being in mere days. The best part is it doesn't show up on autopsies. It will look like Eugene simply died of natural causes!

New Jack: That's some deep shit, Cole. You sure that's even gonna work?..

Michael Cole: Of course I'm sure! I saw it on Burn Notice.. or was it Breaking Bad? ah fuck it.. it's gonna work!


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St. John's University Hospital: Atlanta, Georgia

*Ric Flair enters Eric Bischoff's Hospital Room*

*Bischoff is in stable condition but his face is swollen and covered in bandages*

Flair: Knock, knock. How you holdin' up pal?

*Flair has a bunch of "Get Well Soon", Balloons with him*

Bischoff: Nurse!

Flair: C'mon Bischoff hear me out, we just made millions!

*Nurse enters the room*

Nurse: Is everything ok in here, Mr. Bischoff?

Bischoff: Yeah..

*Nurse exits the room and closes the door*

Bischoff: You said millions? Did I hear that correctly or did you punch me in the head a few too many times?

Flair: Listen... There's no millions, I was just buying time. But I did wanna tell you..


*Bischoff's heart rate monitor begins beeping rapidly*

Bischoff: *Trying to calm down* Just get the hell out of here Ric..

Flair: Ah C'mon Eric, I just came here to apologize and let you know how sorry I am! We can let bygones be bygones right?

Bischoff: Let me guess. Your lawyer told you to come visit me, so you could kiss my ass and give me a half-assed apology to look better for the judge!

Flair: How the hell did you kno... *stops** Just drop the charges Bischoff! I'll do anything you want, ANYTHING!

Bischoff:...Your pathetic Flair. Look what you did to me *points at his face*. There's nothing you could do to make me drop the charges, now get the hell out!

Flair: There's nothing in the whole world that you want!? C'mon Eric name it, anything! What is your inner most desire!?

Bischoff: My inner most desire? My inner most desire died when I let YOU call the shots after I worked my ass off to get us a TV deal! All I've ever wanted to do since I was a boy was own my VERY OWN Wrestling Federation. I had that with WCW! I could make whatever idea I had come to life in front of my very eyes! I'll never have that feeling again because of you.. You ruined my life Ric Flair! I don't have a job now! If Ted Turner didn't feel so bad about what happened, YOU would be paying for my hospital bills right now!

You want me to drop the charges? Get me a TV deal! Wait.. I almost forgot, not a single network will even have a meeting with you after you aired and attempted murder on live television! If that wasn't enough, Turner has shit talked you back into the stone age in front of the other network executives! The way I see it, I hope you have a firm grip of the soap, Flair.

Flair: Say no more! I'll get you on TV! You just wait and see buddy! The Nature Boy is making people's dreams come true today, WOOOO!!!

*Flair happily leaves the balloons next to the bed*

*Flair exits the room*


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St. John's University Hospital: Atlanta, Georgia

*Michael Cole is sitting in a chair next to Eugene's Hospital bed*

*Eugene is in a coma*

*Cole's cell phone rings*

Vince McMahon: I called back as soon as I could! What's going on over there?

Cole: I was just about to follow through with the plan... but something very odd happened, Sir...

Vince McMahon: Well what happened damn it!

Cole: Well.. when I was in the hallway of the hospital... and I saw Ric Flair.. I tried to walk away, but he saw me. Then he came up to me and said "Hey, nerd! Tell Vinnie Mac to give me some air time if he knows what's good for him!".

Vince McMahon: *interrupting* C'mon Cole! You know how Flair is, He was just giving you a hard time! Plus I'm sure he was just visiting Eugene, the "incident" did happen in HIS promotion, under HIS supervision. He's entitled to check on his talent!

Cole: That's the thing... I've been in Eugene's room all day.. Flair never came in.

Vince McMahon: He never came in? So if he wasn't visiting Euge.. *stops* No.. It all makes sense now!

Cole: What makes sense, Sir?

Vince McMahon: You fool! Don't you see what has happened? Flair beat the shit out of Bischoff thinking that he put New Jack up to killing Eugene. Now that Flair knows Bischoff is innocent, he's trying to track down the real people responsible to save his reputation! He must've followed you to the jail and now to the hospital! He's on to us damn it! We've been compromised! You can't kill Eugene today, Flair might already know too much!

You need to go find Flair NOW, Cole! Give him whatever he wants, I'll be ruined if he goes to the media with this!

Cole: *interrupting* Sir.... *begins to cry*

Vince McMahon: Are you... are you crying, Cole?

Cole: I just don't want you to be mad at me........ I'm trying my best!


Cole: Mr. McMahon are you there? Did you hang up? Hello?



*Still silence*

Cole:..... Sometimes I watch the Katie Vick scene and touch myself....?

Vince McMahon: That's fucking sick, Cole!

Cole: Oh my... Mr. McMahon... I thought you already hung up!

Vince McMahon: Ah relax, I'm just giving you a hard time! I created that angle for the sole purpose of touching myself to it later! Just make sure you find Flair! Remember WHATEVER he wants! The whole company and my name is on the line damn it!

Cole: Yes, Sir. I'm on It!

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