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~Rhodes vs Christian vs Del Rio~ Possible FOTY

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I really think this could be the feud of the year if given a chance.

I think all three of their characters would set up perfect for a three way feud that revolved around, wait for it..... THE BELT. Something that I think most championship feuds lack.

Cody could become vainly obsessed with getting the belt in order to make up for his grotesque face disfigurement.

Del Rio could become more and more hostile and brutal because he grew up as a wealthy individual and sees the gold as being rightfully his, therefore he would do anything to obtain it.

Christian's pursuit of the belt really writes itself honestly. He's never won the ultimate prize and would do anything to hold it, especially in honor of his best friend who was forced to retire before his time.

This feud could last all summer easily with a big payoff match coming at SS.
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I like it. They need to do something with Cody, the Rey Mysterio feud is dead and he can stand a push with his "grotesque" appearance. I think it's more likely that we'll be seeing Christian -- ADR.
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