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His drug/personal/backstage problems would prevent him from working a full schedule, thus making him a part-timer.

He and HHH have a falling out for Shawn "dropping the ball". Shawn disappears for a couple of weeks after "quitting" while HHH forms the new DX. Shawn returns during the Austin-Vince match to join up with Vince.

Unforgiven '98: beats Austin by DQ

Over the Edge '98: loses to Austin in a No-DQ match

Starts talking shit about Mike Tyson, cutting strictly promos up until Summerslam.

Summerslam '98: faces Mike Tyson

Gets knocked the fuck out by Iron Mike again, disappears again. Is named Commissioner and Vince expects him to be the "Corporate Commissioner" but swerves and rejoins DX. Then he costs X-Pac the WWF Title vs. The Rock.

Rock Bottom '98: beats X-Pac

Eventually, HBK has had enough of Vince and the Corporation and rejoins DX again, but this time for real. DX is fighting The Corporation, while Shawn counters Vinnie Mac's attempts to screw over Austin. He and HHH fall again, this time they agree to a match at Mania to see who is the better man.

Wrestlemania 15: loses to HHH after The Corporation helps HHH

During a back and forth match, The Corporation come down to attack both men, it seems. While Shawn has his back turned, HHH hits low blow or a chair shot, followed by a Pedigree for the win. HHH and The Corporation beat Shawn into a bloody mess after the match.

I guess he could face The Rock in '99 or '00, but nonetheless Shawn will be a part-timer.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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