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Scene opens With Jackson and Father Ryan walking towards the camera, on a sidewalk outside of an arena. A few cars driving by to the right of the camera, Retaliation banner can be seen hanging from the side of the arena. Jackson’s Deathmatch Championship draped over Father Ryan’s shoulder. Jackson uncharacteristically walking along side Father Ryan instead of behind him, his hood pulled back to reveal his face.

Father Ryan: A part of Jackson’s devotion to the Higher Power of this world is that he must selflessly help the vile heathens of this world, so that he can lead them to the light that they cannot find alone. Trust that this is a very large task for a pious man such as Jackson, to mingle among the filth that is the non-believers, such as the fans of EPW, and the violence it endorses, but don’t worry, for EPW puts a “do not try this at home” warning before their broadcast. They believe that this makes up for the violence that they promote, knowing that children will hurt themselves trying to be like their favorite wrestlers.

The camera zooms out from Jackson and Father Ryan as Jackson walks into a crowd of fans waiting in line to get into the arena for Retaliation. He can be heard from time to time telling the fans of his religious beliefs, and how he wants to bring them from damnation to the Higher Power.

Father Ryan: You see, it takes a highly devout person, to walk among such heathens fearlessly. A normal man would not have the will power or the intelligence to walk among such darkness and remain so pure. Jackson is the one pure disciple that has given his entire being to spread the message of the Higher Power unto this wretched world. He should be the only role Model that the fans of EPW look up to, for he is the only one that is worthy.

Jackson walks from the crowd of fans, stopping beside Father Ryan and taking the Deathmatch Championship from him as Father Ryan once again begins talking to the camera.

Father Ryan: Tonight, Jackson steps into the ring with the man that he relieved of the Deathmatch Championship a few short weeks ago. Deacon Cage, Jackson had hoped that by defeating you, by taking something that was so precious to you, that he would show you the light, that he could set you back onto the path of light. Instead, the defeat sent you spiraling further into darkness. You fell victim to your vices, because you are weak, because you are without the light. Deacon Cage, what must be done to show you the error of your ways? What must be done to set you on the path of righteousness?

Jackson and Father Ryan stands quietly for a few moments while fans play to the camera, or walk by trying to ignore that it is there, just as Jackson begins to speak up, Father Ryan cuts him off and begins speaking again.

Father Ryan: Dragon Oscuro, are you so ashamed of the wicked presence that you have become? So ashamed that you do not walk upon the path of light that you must hide who you are? Do you believe that the mask will protect you from becoming the evil that is around you? Tonight, Jackson will take away the need for the mask, for he will cleanse you for all the world to see, he will make you un-ashamed to show yourself to all of these people here tonight, and watching on their televisions instead of doing something productive with their life.

Father Ryan walks out of the view of the camera, Jackson remaining behind looking into the camera for a few moments before speaking up.

Jackson Williams: Retaliation for the righteous begins with the cleansing of the damned. Retaliation for the meek begins with the slaying of the impertinent. Retaliation for the light begins with cutting out the darkness. Retaliation for me begins with the destruction of my opponents. Retaliation ends where it begins, with me being champion.

The scene closes with Jackson walking past the camera as the picture fades, fans can be seen showing their dislike for Jackson and Father Ryan.
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