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Hurry up Stevie! You'll be late!

Stacee, Stevie's partner, seems to be in a hurry. She has scheduled for the two of them to sit in on a class about self respect through God. Why, you may ask? I have no clue. But all I know is that it's bound to piss Stevie off.

Why do we have to go to this stupid class anyways? We both know that I know more about god than anybody else on this green Earth.

It's good to hear other people's points of view.

I'd rather be late...

I guess Stacee wants him to learn what other people think of God. Like I said, I know it's just bound to piss him off. We see our friends head off to Stevie's car, an old Toyota Camry, and drive off to the restaurant where this meeting will be held.

We're going to a meeting about God...in the Old Country Buffet...

Relax, tons of people have meetings here.

Yeah, elderly and their physicians.

Oh, stop.

They get out of the car, and are slowly making their way to the front door, Stevie hesitant the whole way. They arrive at the door, and Stevie stops.

What now?

I don't want to go in.

You have to.

And why's that?

She gives him a stern stare and pops her hip, as if she's about to blow up.

Because you're doing it for me.

He stares at her blankly for a moment, until he decides that she is important enough to him for him to go. They go inside, and sit in the back room. The seats are nearly empty, barring a few elderly couples, and one couple that looks about 45.

I told you.

Stop it, we're in public!

If I could have your attention, I'd like to get the meeting under way. Everybody who's here, please sign this sheet of paper. If you decide you don't want to, I guess you'll be paying for your own meal.

The sheet of paper comes around on a clipboard. As it gets to Stevie, he passes it straight to Stacee, without even looking at it.

Did you plan on paying for your food?

I don't take favors from other "believers".

She signs the paper in a huff, and brings it up front to the man leading the seminar. He counts the names and then the heads in the room. One more person than there are names.

Who didn't sign it?

Stevie quickly jumps out of his seat and raises his arm.

I didn't, sir. You see, I refuse to take favors from people who think they know God.

Excuse me?

What can you tell me about God? Can you tell me why he led you to create this seminar? I know why he did. To embarrass you. You're standing there with your little tablet of paper. I can tell by the way you were looking down at it that it's a guideline so you know what to say. You don't know God. I know God. I know he sent me to this city to restore it to glory. I know he sent me to EPW to cleanse it.

Hold on, EPW? You're a pro wrestler?

So you're saying that you think you know God but you don't recognize his highest prophet? Stevie Wicked.

He extends his hand to shake the man's.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Wish I could say the same to you. But you know as well as I do that this whole seminar is a bluff. You're trying to impress someone. But me. I know God. He sent me to EPW to cleanse it, and he's sending me to Retaliation to defeat Owen James and Tim Feeley. I will defeat them at Retaliation, and make my way to the top of EPW. I will make my way to where Willie Williams and Lucy Campbell are. I know I'm supposed to be a world champion. He tells me every day when I wake up. And this time next year, I will be fighting for a title. I promise you that, and I promise you that this seminar is a sin, and is over.

Stevie grabs Stacee, who is now standing, by her wrist. He pulls her out of the door and they leave the restaurant, hungry and, for Stevie, angry.
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