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On the stool sat an unhampered cup of lukewarm green tea. Unstirred –untouched and neglected despite it’s sweet aroma of assorted herbal ingredients packaged neatly in a biodegradable bag. Condensation from the ceramic cup left a ring just atop of the surface that it laid upon that would later dry up to become quite the eyesore. Somehow I felt that I could relate as the thoughts came flooding through my head.

Naomi Rose became that same sort of an eyesore on my dignity that left me astray in the twilight hours of my returning to Vancouver. I could hate her, it would be so easy to hold a grudge on everything she stands for but what good would that do? Naomi did right by her, can’t really blame her for that and like I said before, this isn’t the end of Dren.

Anyone who was ever great in life lay where I am right now. Okay, maybe not in some whitewashed room specifically for promo’s, beaten and battered after what many would call an extremely unorthodox match against “The Siren” Izumi. But mentally and spiritually I’m sure they’ve gone through the same trials and tribulations in regards to their own personal vendettas, and wore the same battle scars in which they obtained in wars against their own demons of the past.

Life is too short to worry about the intangibles of success. Whatever the measure, I enjoyed my first Edge Pro Wrestling event and was thrilled that management saw fit to bring me back for more. I missed Jamaica sure, Tobikan Judan and even Yoshiko, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that the universe was leading me down another path. Maybe it was fate for me to get caught and dragged through the mud by someone I thought I could trust, but that obviously wasn’t the case. In the end I think I’ll come out of this a better person. You know that – glass half full not half empty cliché that is so widely used. I would go so far as to say that maybe I’ve been baptized in the sweat and tears of professional wrestling and emerged reborn as an optimist. Optimism on the outlook of life is a concept that is definitely still kinda new to me believe it or not, but I like this feeling!

Regardless even now this feeling is just a mere resonance of what I felt in the middle of that squared circle day in and day out. Everyone cheering me on as if I were a gladiator fighting for his freedom in the middle of a Sicilian coliseum. Wrestling was a lot harder than I ever gave it credit for and even harder for some who wrestled as if he were a ninja.

The immediate chuckling lead to pain that assaulted my cursed small frame.

A monster’s ball match followed by a match with Izumi had really taken its toll on me. Internal bruising, cracked ribs, all out wear and tear on the body, none of it would surprise me at this particular juncture.

“Are you sure you’re ready to do this Dren? We can always come back later if you want?” The new EPW producer knew how to put a personal spin on professional business.
“Nah I’m good Joe but thanks anyways, I rather get what have to say off my chest if you know what I mean.” I replied

“No problem man, just looking out for you. Teleprompter is up and mics are hot in 3, 2, 1”

The produced lifted his thumb up as the red light shined from the Panasonic video camera.

I stared at the camera for I’m not sure how long. I had scripted out everything I had to say, stuff I had written earlier but now my mind drew a blank. I remember that I had wanted to go hard and disregard all the honor and merits that got me here. The words were right there on the teleprompter but my eyes wouldn’t focus in on them. Colton Howe had his hands in my pockets for way too long but now that it was time for me to make him pay up I was lost for words. The words on the teleprompter wasn’t from the heart – but these are…

You fancy yourself a monster Colton but I don’t remember letting you out from underneath my bed. That place where you dwelled in obscurity kinda of like your wrestling career yet at the same time attempted to send me shaking in converse sneakers.

When you look at what you’re saying and I mean really look at it, doesn’t it seem as if we heard it all before?
The whole I will end – I will destroy you – I will crush your hopes spill… etc…etc… so on and so forth.

You’ve remained eternally irrelevant despite yourself and so out of touch even when I tried extending an olive branch. Your own partner, ashamed and distraught after being associated with you donned a mask and changed his name just to leave behind the past that YOU tainted.

Yet for you it’s all a joke.

You make a mockery of your abundant failures. The whole “Yeah I lost, but I didn’t want that title anyways” routine.
I can already see the excuses formulating for your next anger induced tirade for post- Retaliation.
“I didn’t want to beat Dren anyways”

But real talk Colton Howe – you’re right. It’s not about winning championships and having gold around your waist because at the end of the day, the things you own end up owning you. It’s about going out there and proving you’re worth a damn. I’m not going out there to try and end someone’s career and pretend I’m some kind “monster” or “god” because I’m mortal, I’m human just like everyone else. Just like you I put my pants on one leg at a time and it would be foolish for me or anyone else to pretend otherwise.

Charles Darwin was really a man before his time. “In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment,” he said. Dare I say that when it comes to wrestling no truer words have ever been spoken without being taken out of context? At the end of the day isn’t that what it comes down to? Surviving? The basic and most important element to scientific formula of being mere human.

Science may have found a cure for most of the evils that ail people; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all – the apathy of human beings. And to be honest, I don’t know why you hate me. Yes, I saw your promo about how you want to crush my hopes and dreams and reduce me to a shell of what I once was as if I were some kind of cancerous tumor that needed to be cut out. I don’t see why you can’t accomplish your dreams without attempting to dismember mine.

Even with your mal intentions I still hold no ill will towards Colton Howe and I shall prove it to you.

Seeing how I am a man of my word, when it’s all said and done, after the ref slaps his hand on the mat for a third and final count. The same mat in which thankless pints of blood is spilled and tiny intricate beads sweat dilutes into the cotton fabric to forever be forgotten. I’m going to wait for you to stand up. I’m going to wait for realization to come back flooding in like the tsunami of hatred words you spewed at me. Once you’ve finally arisen, humbled and adorned just like I have been many times in the past, I will shake your hand. I will shake your hands and forgive you for all the times that you’ve jumped me from behind without just cause or reason. I will forgive you for wanting to be that monster hidden away in my closet or quietly stalking from underneath my bed. I will forgive you for all that villainous slander you spewed about me. All of it will be abolished and made vague memories of the past.

Why would I do this you ask?

Because let’s face it. That’s just who I am and life… life is so much more than this and you’ll never see any of it if you’re blinded by hate.

Thank you Colton Howe,

Thank you EPW,

Thank you world,

and Jah Bless!

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The improvement in your writing has been great to see, Dren is a fun character and it always reflects in your writing even when it's serious subject matter you're handling. I did feel your description got a bit too wordy at times but still a very good effort- keep up the good work :)
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