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September 9th, 2011- Recovery Day One: So far so good.

Today I awoke.... I awoke... Awoke...something that I thought after last night I would never do again. When I opened my eyes and let the sunlight warm my face, a tear slide down my cheek. TODAY... Today my friends is the beginning of the rest of my life. Day in and day out I've lived but have I truly LIVED?

For years I've dealt with nagging injury after injury. I've broken every bone in my body and re-broken them before they had a chance to heal. I've done more damage to my human body than the aids virus or cancer could ever dream of. I star down at my left elbow now clinching at the remembrance of the injury, running my fingers down my elbow I feel the protrusions of a wrongly healed bone. I could point out many more instances where but then what would I have for the book? Lol.

I even gave my sight to this business and when I lost my sight I figured that would be the end... that my career, no, my life was over. Doctors told me my face, that could be fixed but my eye sight... I would never regain that. Broken bones are an everyday occurrence in this business but blindness? That would surely end a career. I remember that pain as if my heart were removed and I were staring back at it waiting for my brain to receive the message but it never came. Some how I continued to breath, I continued to think, I continued to feel but surely without my heart I was dead right? Unfortunately, I carried on with every day wanting to die and believe me I tried. Oh boy did I try...

Then I meet a man who changed my life forever. A man who some how managed to return my heart to my chest and revive what was left of a broken shell. It was difficult at first, hell some days I wished I had succeeded but every day the blood in my veins pulsed faster and faster reminding me of that sweet adrenaline rush that I had buried so deep within my memories that it was never expected to return. And it had.

That's was it... the fire was not only ignited but it burned the f*cking house down. Pardon my french but the feeling is unreal and anyone who has had a shot at regaining something they held so dearly would understand the sentiment.

I could no longer see the faces but that didn't matter because I could feel it in my heart. My chest pounded harder than it had ever before on my first night back... It was like a drug that no one could ever replace...

That was the beginning of the end... because as long as I was high on that drug nothing else would stop me from taking in as many hit as my body could handle. But soon my body began to give in to the pain leaving me devoid of the pleasures. That's when the drug in my life was replaced with a little vile that would lead to my attempted suicide

Trioxin-diacolade... street name Trixxi. One needle and I was hooked... Trixxi was the lady in my life and nothing not even own intelligence nor the man who I had to thank for my return could take her from me. Soon I began to alienate every last person in my life. And it didn't matter because at the end of the day, me and my lady would end up on top of the world.

To Be continued....

My story is an interesting one and it is one that needs to be told...It is one that will be told for all the world to see.
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