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Request Thread Idea

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I was looking through the women's forum request thread for ideas on what to post and here I find dozens of requests made by people with one and two requests. Some very undeserving people to say the least. How about we impose a 100 posts and over rule so they can't make request unless they have that many posts?
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Okay, that was vague.

I'll assume you mean: Request Forum, the sub-forum for Wrestling Multimedia.

That is what you mean, right?

Chances are, if someone requests something, others will also download the file. Some people just don't care enough to ask for the match, but will download it anyway.

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He's editted his post, he means the Wow Forum.

I've noticed that most requests are made by people with less than 10 posts. Who cares. I never look at the request thread and I don't think many other people do either.
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