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Since i prefer both of your work to LK and mickf03's (no offense :)), i was wonderin if you could make me a Kane banner, cus my Banners are shite at the mo, and i need a new lease of life. Anyh00, heres tha details.....

Size: Not Bothered, just not too wide that it stretches the page.
Colours: Reddy, Oraney, Yellowy, fire based colours.
Pictures: Any PSD's of Kane without his mask, or with it, but not with and without on the same banner, one or the other. Any PSD's, not bothered.
Text: "The Monster from Hell" in the bottom left, any font that fits. Also have "Red Cold" just above the "Monster from Hell" text.

Ya, thats about it, if you can do it, it would be much appreciated.:agree:
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