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Guys, I need some 80 (width) x 100 (height) topstory images for the purpose of the new Wrestling-Edge.com design. http://www.wrestling-edge.com/updatetsimages/batista.gif - http://www.wrestling-edge.com/updatetsimages/johncena.gif and http://www.wrestling-edge.com/updatetsimages/trishstratus.gif are the type of thing I am looking for. If you can't find any, just use the ones from the WWE profile sites.

Here are the ones I need:

** RAW **

Christy Hemme
Mohammad Hassan
Simon Dean
Gene Snitsky
Maria Kanellis


Amy Weber
Daniel Puder
Booker T (new look one, not the shaggy hair)
Big Show (new look - bald)
Carlito Cool
Joy Giovanni
Luther Reigns
Miss Jackie
Michelle McCool

New images for RAW, TNA, SmackDown! - Color code them by their brand colors.. add a logo or something, make them innovative and simple. http://www.wrestling-edge.com/updatetsimages/wwe.gif for example looks good.

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I think I can do this. Some of the wrestlers are so new that they don't even have their profile up on WWE.com, so I'll get them soon.

If these are what you want, I'll get the rest up later...
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