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Which way is better?

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Replying to threads (Poll)

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Since too many people talk in this forum or revive old threads, I figured I'd just fix it right now.

From now on, unless you create a thread, you cannot reply to any other threads. (You can only reply to threads you create) You may ask why or whatever. Well, any mods or admins can reply to any messages. So if you have a problem after they answer your question you can reply back and there is no interference between you and other posters. I feel this way will serve this forum justice. We need more order in this forum.

So, bottom line is you can only reply to threads you create. (Try to reply to others if you like...you can't.)
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Lets say regular member Bob started a thread.So then only Bob and Staff members can reply to that thread?I think anyone should be able to reply to any thread.

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The result is always going to be conversation. This way, if ONE person asks a question, they get their answer. Others also get the answer. But really, people revive threads and talk....look at the posts. Maybe I'll post links.

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Wait. I see two people (Snapper and another disclosed person, which I know) have voted for reply to anything. Well, let me post some links of examples of what happens.

http://www.weforums.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=12609 (Revived topic by someone (not I'm tha real IT, the person deleted their post))

http://www.weforums.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=12655 (Turned into somewhat of a chat about AIM and then a banner at the very end)

These are two prime examples. I am not going to search through the forums to find them all. I know they're there because I was thinking to myself this was a Suggestion/Help forum. Thus, we don't need any unnecessary posts. If this doesn't work well maybe I'll change it back.

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Because that requires more work.

Also the fact that new members do this so often. Look around. A lot of new members revive dead topics not knowing because they cannot tell time/dates on vBs. Hacks just prevent this from occuring. I saw the hack and I believe Shawn will get it.
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